Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Texas Congress to Consider Celebration of Re-Independence!!! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!

Help TNM get more bills filed and passed. 23% to goal and only 2 days left until bill deadline!
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Thank you, thank you to all of our generous donors. TNM is now 23% to our goal with JUST TWO DAYS LEFT until the Texas Congress bill filing deadline! Even better news is that we now have 3 bills we are supporting filed!!!

The Independence Day bill is filed as HB 1150 to allow the sale of fireworks for Texas Independence celebrations. The Bowie knife bill HB 92 removes the restriction on carrying Bowie knives (an iconic knife made famous by a Texas Hero). Texas gold bullion depository bill is also filed HB 483 which would allow for the creation of a gold depository in Texas allowing gold stored in federal reserve banks and owned by the State of Texas to be brought back home. Celebrate this good news with us this week as we also celebrate Texas Independence!

The work is far from over for the Texas Nationalist Movement and we still need your help to apply pressure to file the referendum of Texas Independence bill as well as getting the bills we have filed scheduled for committee hearing, the next step in the legislative process. Please contribute your support today. Time is CRITICAL on filing the referendum bill and every dollar helps. Contribute $3 today to make your voice heard in Congress!
ONLY $3 to be a Spark for Texas!