Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Interesting Notes - Popular Will


       This is just a brief note about a couple of radio audience polls that have been conducted on our local rightwing crazy talk and news and information station down here on the Frontier.   The Station, for those who might be interested, is KURV - 710 AM located in the McAllen - Edinburg - Mission complex of Hidalgo County of Texas.   We were one of the four back in 1988 who decided to drop 1,500 USD on the sponsorship of a visit and show called "Rush to Excellence".   It was a one man show that was somewhat reminiscent of a combination of Will Rogers, Jackie Gleason, and Clem Kadiidlehopper (Red Skelton).  The rest, of course, is history.

      In any regard, this station has a weekday audience poll (not pretending to be scientific) that measures the attitude of the audience.   That audience is about 70 per cent Latin, and about 90 per cent centre-right to really hard-core, such as your friendly Gringo Viejo curmudgeon.

      Yesterday's poll pertained to the question, "Would you support the idea of Texas becoming a separate Nation?"   The response?  72% yes   -     28% no

      To-day's question is "Would you attend Netanyahu's speech to-day if you were to be a member of Congress?"       The response?     97% yes  -     03% no

      If the OROGs will tolerate our analysis for a bit, these voters are, for sure, tending to be disposed to answer in this manner.  We are, frankly, a bit surprised at the high percentage of positive response concerning withdrawal from the American union.  My estimate was that the response would be in the neighbourhood of 38 per cent.   Recent polling across the entirety of the Republic of Texas has continued to show a steady, slow increase of those seriously responding in favour of what I choose to call, "...an amicable withdrawal".

     The hysterical, bigoted, Jew-hating refusal to take a seat on the floor of the Congress to hear a well-argued point of view from one of the Planet's wisest Statesmen speaks volumes about the quality of elected and appointed officials that compose the Democratic National Socialist Workers' Party.   It is very apparent that they would prefer to allow the Rulers of Persia,  a gaggle of seriously psychotic Bozos, to finish the job the earlier Democratic National Socialist Workers' Party almost completed.  The thing I would like to ask the new, improved DNSWP members is, "How are you going to give Palestine back to the Palestinians when it will be too radioactive to re-occupy occupied Phillistinia?"
     Furthermore, we ask, "Where will the 'Palestinians' be able to put their open sewers and tons of filth and garbage?  Where will they be able to relieve themselves against 'other peoples' house walls?  Where will they be able to graffiti every available surface with profane, obscene, hate-filled epithets and slogans against the Hebes and other Palestinian factions that wore their beards too short or too long?  How long will it take for them to re-establish their three mafias, Muslim Brotherhood,  Hamas, and Hezbollah, to murder 'Palestinians' of their lives and extort them of their wealth?
     When the Jews of Israel, Europe, and the United States are immolated and microwaved into oblivion, and the Wizards of Teheran can then take their scimitars out after small bunches of Jews hiding in the mountains or in the backwaters of the Amazon,  then perhaps the ''Palestinian" mothers can try to start loving their children at least as much as they hated the now dead Jew children.
     What a disgusting bunch of people.  I recant, lament, and confess that at one time I hoped that there was health in them and that equitable solutions could be found for those forgotten masses.  But, truly, how can one assist those who could and would not self-assist.
    For the Egyptian, yes....and various other groups here and about among the Arabs...but groups that cannot believe without killing those who do not believe in like manner, I am tired beyond tolerance or any understanding or any forgiveness.

     We must forever remember that the "Palestinians" were given something and they turned it into nothing.   The Jews were given, and and sometimes even purchased, nothing, and they turned it into something.
El Gringo Viejo