Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Contemplations: Bull-cows and girly-men, clocks that run backwards, and the plate ran off with the spoon.



High diddle diddle,
The Cat and the Fiddle,
The Cow jump'd over the Moon,
The little dog laugh'd to see such Craft,
And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

    Bull-cows and girly-men.  We have dwell't far too long in the morass.  The strange reductions that come from the stinking cauldron after all the fluid is gone and only the rot remains to reveal the labours of a civilisation ruled by bull-cows and girly-men.   During these moments it appears that the reawakening occurs more on the Left than the Right, when various Rip van Winkles stir from their slumber and see Helen Thomas waddling to the lectern that Helen sees to be a pulpit-cum-tabernacle and they listen to her say wizened things such as ".....Ah ain't no ways taihred."
   The young people (those under the age of 90) shriek in revulsion and think they are having an ecstasy-marijuana-alcohol induced delayed throwback to a better time and flee from the messenger of Death.

A surreptitious photo taken of Po ca hon tas
 ('naughty girl' in English)....whose real name
 was Ma ko at ah....during her swearing-in as
United States Senator for Mass ah Choo setts.
(which in English means Small Land - Many
 Foolish Palefaces) 
     The fact is that the leftist...even the most is dive-bombing (Sir Edmund) Hillary, relentlessly, after having just found out that she is a serial murderous, mendacious, marxist hag who regards all other humans as lower life forms.
     Of course, they have known it all along, but something better has come along, and she is a better bet because she is just as much a Marxist but she is a lot younger (17 months) and prettier (not a witch ugly hag) because several mirrors she has used over the years did not break.   And, of course, she has more legislative experience than (Sir Edmund) Hillary, having been entertained at the Court of HRH James I and received there essentially as the princess she is.  She was also a baptised Anglican, whereas (Sir Edmund) Hillary was expelled from the only church she has known since being kicked off the Senatorial Watergate committee in 1973, that being the Holy Tabernacle of Mother Margaret Sanger.

      Where good ole' HDR22@Twitter goes wrong....(who does bear a strong resemblance to Helen Thomas) that she has a problem that is due (but not limited) to:

1.         Vince Foster's office invasion by Maggie and Bernie immediately after Vince was found in Fort Marcy Park well into stage II rigor.

2.          Corkscrewing into the Bosnia.

3.         Worrying about her daughter trapped below the burning Twin Towers.

4.         Making 100,000 USD profit on a 1,000 investment in cattle futures in less than 10 studying articles in the Wall Street Journal.  (Statement declared ''inoperative" by Bernie and staff shortly afterwards)

5.          Repeatedly lying to a Washington, D.C. grand jury, and failing to "remember" points about her involvement in felony fraud at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock.  Forewoman said they were ready to indict, but the prosecutor suddenly dropped the proceeding.

6.           Direct involvement along with Janet Reno in the planning and execution of the assault on the idiotic Mount Carmel religious cluster of David Koresh (real name Vernon Howell) where finally 42 children were immolated by overreaction by the central government police and military on the scene.

7.          Benefitting very directly from the crash of an Air Force passenger plane in Bosnia, during a landing in perfect weather conditions, killing all on board except the stewardess, who escaped without injury, almost miraculously.  She died later in a hospital, later that same day.  Ron Brown, Secretary of the Department of Commerce died in the crash.  He was to give a deposition in a criminal proceeding, while trying to prepare a plea deal by "singing" on the Clintons after his return to Washington, D.C. three days later.
      One can remember how Web Hubbell, number 3 man in the Department of Justice, lamented when his near hysterical wife called and said that he would have to take another term for "them" or something terrible could happen.  She indicated that she had just come from conferring with "them" and they were most emphatic.   Web Hubbell, Hillary's fellow partner at the Rose Law firm, declared to his wife, "Well, I guess I'll just have to roll over one more time for them."  And he did.
     Ron Brown's lady friend, and a major Democrat fund-bundler, also withdrew her willingness to testify on the record after the plane crash, after first agreeing to go on the record for a reduced charge to a misdemeanour count.

(8)         The framing of the employees of the White House Travel Office, under orders from (Sir Edmund) Hillary, by the FBI so as to remove them to make way for (Sir Edmund) Hillary's friends and relatives to take said positions.   It took them less than a year to drive the office into a shambles.

(9)         The holding of well over 1,000 FBI personal raw data files, that were all rifled and in disarray after being "lost somewhere in the White House" for several months.   The mere holding of one personal raw data file by Nixon staffer Charles Colson, unopened , resulted in his imprisonment for 3 years.  But quickly we remember that Sandy Berger, heroic Clinton staffer, literally stuffed his underwear, pants, and socks with ORGINAL DOCUMENTS FROM THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES,  in order to destroy them and keep ''hot evidence"  from surfacing about lies that Billy Jeff Blythe told under oath to the 9 - 1 - 1 Commission.   (the Bush Administration deferred prosecution of poor Sandy, and suggested that he had suffered enough just by being caught lying about having stolen and destroyed the documents)

     And on, and on.   The thing is that there are a lot of people who would like to have a piece of (Sir Edmund) Hillary's hide.  The Benghazi matter is so gross and corrupt that it defies description.  New scuttlebutt indicates not only gross mendacity and arrogance on the part of (Sir Edmund) Hillary (and Barry Soetoro & Company) but also complicity in a process that even Muammar Khadafy advised the State Department was crazy. 

    These matters listed above are just a distillation of very, very few points of Hillary Clinton's despicable, dishonest, and massive record of dishonesty and corruption.   It is for this reason that people are bringing the wood chipper up to Hillary's back door.   When she is gone there will be few tears, even among her posse.  Sorry Huma, but what you thought you hitched your star to was really a broken down garbage wagon.

El Gringo Viejo