Wednesday, 24 December 2014

We make this dedication to.....

     As we move towards the next session of the United States Congress, El Gringo Viejo requests, fervently of Mssrs. Boehner and McConnell that they set out a simple agenda, worthy of all men to be received and approved. 
 A balanced budget for the coming fiscal year.  Go back and
do it over again.  Remember 1 + 1 = 2
3 - 2 = 1
Complete and total rescission, abolition, and repeal of the
Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative

Immediate approbation of the Keystone Project

Movement through, over, under, or around the White
House and the Department of Justice to resolve the
Fast and Furious and Lois Lerner Corruption and
Criminal activities with charges and conviction.
If Scooty Libby has to do time, while innocent
these slime should do time when guilty.  Why
does Hope and Change mean ugly is beauty,
new is old, black is white, nothing is
 everything, wet is dry?

Stand and fight or we shall know that you are with and
among them. We shall know that you are a National
Socialist the same as Pocahontas and (Sir Edmund)
Hillary.   There is no difference and there is no
health in you.  No more, "We need to keep our
powder dry for the budget fight.  Or, We need
to draw the line next month on the judicial
nominations.  If we fight this, the press
will kill us.  We need to hold off until
next time when the timing will be
better."  No mas, no mas.

Enforce existing immigration laws.  They are not broken.  They
are simply not enforced in a straightforward manner.  Also, in
terms of reaching out to "minorities", just shut up.  Our door
has always been open.  Please notice the kinds of people of
Black African Ancestry we have in our party, and the kind
they have in their.  Observe the various types of Latins we
have in our party and what they have in their.  Their
Black Africans and "Hispanics"  are accessories
 to the crime of re-establishing plantation
slavery.  Ours are Americans, and
dedicated to the concept of
Free Enterprise and

There is a bit more.   But you bums will not even do this most
minimum amount of reasonable legislation.  No testosterone,
 no gain.  Are you just a slightly paler shade of commie red,
or have you ever heard of putting the Republic ahead of
your re-election certainty?  You have your grandchildren
safely positioned because you are bleeding our children
and grandchildren just as certainly as if you were 100%
Draculene Monsters.

If not, then this is my song I dedicate to all you two-faced
Haley Barbour varmints.


El Gringo Viejo