Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Quick Impressions taken by a Dilettante en Sociologia


      This entire matter of the northeastern political and cultural elites play-acting over the matter of police killing black men brings one to the point of simultaneous tears  and belly-laughter.

     In the Staten Island case, a very large man was wrestled to the ground so as to be arrested for the high crime of selling cigarettes, one by one, that had no New York State tax sticker.  These are cigarettes that are brought into the grand and august presence of the Statue of Liberty from the backwards recesses of America known as the Old Confederacy.
     The only thing dumber than arresting a man for a misdemeanour and trying to detain him by force.    The famous "choke hold", as it was called, was not a choke hold.  After considerable effort, several officers managed to subdue the arrestee through various pressures, including a "head lock".   Considering the size of the man, and his relative innocuousness, it would have been much better to give a brief lecture and/or write a ticket that would have involved a relatively minor fine.
     Like a lot of "big" people who seem to be just overweight, this individual had more muscle than lard.  He also made a mistake the same as had the officers.  He disdained the officers' authority and, essentially, resisted arrest.  One can ask, "Why?"   What is to be gained?  Perhaps the arrestee knew that the officers knew that he had information about another much more serious crime and they wanted to shake him down for that information.
Perhaps the arrestee knew that the information could be traced back to only one informant....he, himself....and he wanted to avoid the reprisal of some really serious street thug.

      The man essentially began an irrecoverable descent into asphyxia that began with his weight causing pulmonary shutdown.  Not knowing the full extent of any pathology, it is very probable that, due to his size, he went into cardiac arrest, considering that some of his last utterances were, "I can't breathe."   He was assisted immediately.  Everyone felt miserable. But it goes all the way back, yea! even unto Rodney King (R.I.P).   We can pass by Treyvon and the Gentle Giant and review Mr. King's magnificent and inspiring life-lessons.
     For instance, in the case of Rodney King, on that fateful night, there were two Negroes detained.   The driver of the Hyundai Excel, chased at speeds up to 105 mph for 40 minutes....Mr. King....and another younger man who apparently still suffers from "eyes-the-size-of-plates" syndrome.   Five officers were involved in trying to subdue the estimable Mr. King....four males, and one female.   All were white, including one of Latin origin.   Mr. King was very large, approximating 300 pounds, and standing 6' 5".   He was actively resisting any and all efforts by the officers to subdue him.   During the episode he was laughing and making sexual statements and gestures toward the female officer.   He was beaten with night-sticks (batons), sat upon, held in judo and wrestling holds, cuffed at the ankles, and subjected to other measures before finally being brought to a manageable state.
     One of the two Negroes had no problem with the police that night.   There was Mr. King, and there was his associate that evening.   Mr. King did not follow the lawfully stated orders of a policeman.   His associate did what the police to him to do at that time and at that place.   One behaved as a rabid gorilla might, and one behaved as an honest and straightforward citizen might.   One had the stuffing beat out of him, the other had nary a blow or apparently a cross word.

     The race hustlers, poverty pimps, parasites, and demagogues rained out of the sky in Noahnic proportions.  They had to fly them in in C-5As until LAX ran out of tarmac and could park no more.   The C-5As began landing in San Diego and Ontario, and even at the parking lot at Disneyland.   Maxine Water even demanded!!!   demanded!!! a 100 dollar allotment to all the people in the United States Census Bureau tract that was most damaged by the rioters after the innocent verdict was turned out by the jury in the matter of Mr. King's abusers.  And the United States Congress enacted such an absurd bill post-haste.   George Bush the First even sent in the Department of Justice to provide double-jeapordy process against the officers by filing on them for civil-rights violations after the trial.

     Mr. King redeemed himself by living a virtuous and positive life for the next several years, with only five or six criminal issues, including DWIs involving both alcohol and drugs.   He is admired by the civil right community for being able to  remain completely stoned and/or drunk the vast majority of the time until finally croaking in 2012.   He was found at the bottom of his swimming pool.   To wit:
      The Rialto Police Department began a standard drowning investigation and stated there did not appear to be any foul play. On August 23, 2012, King's autopsy results were released, stating he died of accidental drowning, and alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and PCP found in his system were contributing factors. "The effects of the drugs and alcohol, combined with the subject's heart condition, probably precipitated a cardiac arrhythmia and the subject, thus incapacitated, was unable to save himself and drowned".
     Mr. King's main squeeze, a fiance' a Miss Kelly, the one who found the body at the bottom of the pool at 05:30 in the morning, had also served on the jury that awarded King over 3,000,000 USD due to his physical and emotional suffering at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department.  (?)

     In the ensuing rioting that took place after the State trial of criminal charges against the officer that resulted in almost total overall acquittal of all the serious charges, about 60 people were killed, and damages exceeded five billion dollars.   Because of the lack of guts and the stupidity of Police Chief Gates, radical and degenerate elements of the local community essentially destroyed large swaths of the City of Angels.   Order was finally restored only after large deployments of the National Guard and elements of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division.  Gates had left the business owners to fend for themselves in terms of defending their businesses.

     And when it was all over the rioters were forgiven by the leftist press because their rage was "understandable".  The Republicans were blamed as well, and told by the press and the Democrats that if they did not do outreach to the "black community" there would be no Republican Party within a very few years.



NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi
Al Sharpton, 58, and Aisha McShaw (right),
 35, seen at the Essence Festival on
July 7 in New Orleans have been
 an item for months.
The more things change, the more
they stay the same.
     We vote for"hope and change" and nothing changes and all becomes hopeless.  We vote for change and hope, and there is no hope and things remain changeless.   And, here we are again.   The race hustlers and poverty pimps...the same ones, incredibly enough, come out of the woodwork to practice their shakedowns and extortion.   Their hypocrisy is worn like a badge of honour.   Love babies, paid for by foundation contributions, civil suit judgements left unaddressed as if they were written on blocks of ice in the Sahara.....it is an abandoned junk-yard....an impromptu unattended garbage dump.....hideous posturing and threats, blamelessness, undeserved arrogance, and sense of entitlement and importance.
     The above picture shows a nun who is a member of Sharpton's religious organisation.   She has been counselling and guiding Sharpton in recent years with religious orientation and moral position matters.   She recently advised the old goat (who looks like the result of a marriage of a zombie and a water buffalo) that it would be good to develop social assistance programmes that would give free money to girls to have a lot of babies with no fathers.  That way, she told him, "We can take money from the people stupid enough to work and/or invest their money, by taxing them.  Then we can give the money to the girls with the babies.  Then after a bit, their children can run amok and become of bunch of criminal, self-indulgent sub-humans with a sense of entitlement so strong that they feel like they can steal or take anything they wish, like cigars from Koreans.  They could beat up or kill anyone without a twinge of the conscience they don't have.  It would be like 'The Uncle Omar and Auntie Zietuni Show', where they preside over the neighbourhood where 40% of the males are in prison for serious felonies, usually associated with turf and drug sales, and where black males kill other black males at the rate of 10,000 per year.  And we can blame it on.....let's see....we can blame it on....I know, 'White Privilege'.   Don't you just love my ideas, Sharpypoo?"

     She pointed out to Sharpton that, with luck, these children born into a life of total dependence upon the public coffer's generosity will live in the knowledge of their uselessness and lack of worth, and they will blame it on the same people who gave them their public assistance.  Such is always the result of publicly financed "help".  It will guarantee racial hatred, demagoguery, and politicians "helping" the "children", the "poor", and the "minorities" forever.  A veritable perpetual motion machine.

     She's one sharp cookie.  Or, do you all think Al thought all this stuff on his own?

Saints preserve the Republic.  If the Republicans do not move within six months in significant ways during the coming year, the Republic is toast.
El Gringo Viejo