Monday, 1 December 2014

Leaving To-Morrow: Question for El Gringo Viejo - In the morn we depart for the Quinta - Difficult Sounding Questions left un-answered - Safety net and Anchor Babies

     Yes, we leave for the Quinta to-morrow morning in the grey and misty dawn.  We should return before the end of the third week in Advent.   We have a very few screeders who think that El Gringo Viejo is psychologically out of balance because he does not perfectly follow the templates of thought of any known political group or cause.   As a certifiably confirmed eccentric, I shall suggest that the persons who try to put me and / or my kind into a "proper box", are attempting the impossible.   If we say that we are conservative, Confederate ruralists, Texians to the point of withdrawal from the American Union....many conjure images of the poor cousins of the Dukes of Hazard looking for dark persons to drag behind pickups.   Such reactions speak more loudly about the reactor than the person being judged as a hayseed bigot.
     As we depart, we point to the fact that the extreme left of North America and Europe is lunatic to the extreme.  Lack of balance in results due to  race, the use of incorrect words and  terminology, and smoking is not permitted, The 'we set the rules for meanings of words' mentality, are all heaved into the Expressway of Life by people who have a bit of training in Alinsky tactics, two or three "seminars" with wild-eyed marxist professors at "the college" and then become "reporters" and/or school teachers. They are almost perfectly ignorant of the realities of providing, nurturing, and actually performing in a social / cultural setting that is not projected onto a movie screen.  These acolytes of the Church of the Secular Humanist are perfectly wise....knowing nothing, understanding less, they are experts and authorities on all matters.  For them not knowing the difference between Pygmalion and Pig Sty is more a qualification than a dis-qualification to testify before Mrs. Pelosi.
     It is such minds that brought us the destruction of the Negro race in America.  The hard bigotry, not soft, of AFDC, food stamps, Section 8, Medicaid, electricity subsidies, disability payments - no questions asked, quotas and affirmative action, Planned Parenthood and other group giving "sex information" classes to abate the arrival of so many storks to places where there are no fathers, and the abolition of any reasonable notion about immigration enforcement.....have brought us to this secular humanist heaven of the Grotto of the Holy Safety Net, nestled as it is to one side of the Basilica of the Immaculate King's-X against natural law.
    Sharpton and Obama say, "You dark coloured people are here to take, because you are owed, and you can break into any store opened or closed at take what you want.  Then you can burn it down, because the horrid white people who have that store are probably 'Hymie-Joos' and they need to be taught a lesson!!!   Especially burn down the stores and effects of any coloured folks who are at all friendly with white folks or with Republicans or conservatives.   Call them any name you wish.  Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin earned that right for you!!!!!!!
    "Do not be swayed by facts.  There is no natural law or truth proven by science and observation.   Anything they say that you do not wish to hear, Al Sharpton....a court proven you permission to disregard probative facts totally, no matter how absolutely true they are, and how absolutely falsely the "Gentle Giant" marchers, vandalists, destroyers, thieves, thugs,  and bullies are thinking and believing.
    Obama and Holder give you the right to contradict anything that you think justifies the reparations that you are owed.  Don't even let them touch you....take your revenge!!!!"
     Some people we encounter in the out-of-doors or on the cyber super-highway of information suggest that El Gringo Viejo is not a good patriot because he says that the Mexicans were right and we were wrong about the Marine Sergeant detained in Mexico for seven months.  That, of course, was never said by this writer, nor does he believe that such a statement about the Mexicans being right is accurate.
    Quickly and carefully, we shall repeat our basic position and observation.  We have many, many years reading, listening, and studying the intonations of the guts of Los Pinos  (the residence and militarily guarded 900 acre compound in southcentral Mexico City where the President of Mexico hangs around and works) and the sometimes tortuous...labyrinthine verbiage and logic and construction of Mexican official Presidential statements and pronunciamientos.   The fact is that Mexico foists off on the Gringos untold tonnes of humanity that is not worthy of the term.  They cover that up by pointing out that many Mexicans make positive contributions to the fabric of Gringolandia.  That is true.  The problem is that in 1959, of all contacts with the United States by Mexicans, the results were 98% positive for both parties.
    Now with the lack of immigration enforcement and the period when anyone was considered a "close relative" of those who were Amnestied in 1986, we have seen a crime wave, and gang activity, and horrid, unimaginable crimes that never existed even in the minds of the most depraved a half century ago.
    That said, the Mexicans still bitterly resent the idea that, if Bush could correctly co-ordinate a programme like Wide Reciever...with the Mexican Army to some considerable success, and then close it down once it was figured out by the cartel people, why did Holder and Obama not co-ordinate their Fast and Furious Programme in the same manner.  So many people were killed and wounded....strictly as Mexico.  And not a peep.  Just lies.  Who is corrupt?
     Now, this takes us into the matter of anchor babies.  With anchorbabymothers and Central American monster criminals (MS - 13 etc.) coming across as child refugees, and padrotes (men to serve as butlers and chauffeurs to illegal females who dedicate themselves to prostitution, bar-maiding, and anchorbabying) lining up the 10 or 12 anchorbabymothers necessary to make a good living, the story is substantially different.  The more or less "honest" padrotes (big-daddies) only filch 30% of the welfare checks and food stamp card remissions for providing transportation, advice, and "protections".
     Up until 1967, the vast majority, well over 90%, of the Latin cohort in Texas was a positive producing force.  They were colonials, native born, real refugees from war and naturalised, veterans with incredible war records through WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, and other service.  Their work ethic seemed almost Jocobin, Mormon, or German.   After 1967 and then the First Amnesty, the two or three bad apples in the barrel suddenly became 50% of the barrel of new arrivals.   Over half were looking for the "safety net" and the quickest way to the "safety net" was to plop a baby out in the emergency room, or in one of the many "Parteras" operated by pseudo-nuns and people dedicated to mid-wifing and latching on to the money the anchorbabymother is soon going to have, and will have to share with a large number of fellow parasites.
   That is the new reality, and we stand behind it every time we go to the grocery store and watch some large woman, who arrived as a lithe, recently pregnant 16 year old, manipulating 3 - 7 stairstep children, while she also looks for any of several Lone Star Cards ..."que todavia sirve (that still works)" .     At times they have cards from girls who have died, gone home, gotten married and moved on, or from her own multiple registrations under variations of her name.   This is not a joke, but rather a constancy.  The Latins who do not participate  in the safety net have to be restrained at times in their rage.  This is also not a joke or an embellishment upon an already hideous state of the modern anthropology of South Texas as opposed to....the way we were:

     It is critically necessary to prohibit the process and custom of declaring that the baby of a cold-blooded parasite woman looking for welfare ad infinitum, is an American citizen.   If this is not done, the republic is lost.  In England, the moslems of the Commonwealth pour in and declare four wives and put them all on the dole.  That puts the average bloke on the cutting board to fork over 100,000 pound sterling from the dole, on average, for every Mohammed with four wives.

    We are having a significant bit of activity in the area of folks coming back down to look for birds and butterflies and to just wind down.   Perhaps the corner has been fully turned.   It is time.
We shall be back at the end of the third week of Advent, the Lord willing and the Devil not objecting.   Keep the faith.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
El Gringo Viejo