Sunday, 30 November 2014

Iguala and Ferguson: The Hubris of Anarchists and Marxists Perfectly Revealed


     The notion carried by the Obsolete Press into the living rooms of America's "news consumers" that the people burning down buildings and businesses are "protestors" or "demonstrators" is at best insulting.  They are vandals, criminals, and vermin, proving nothing more than that they are the stupid, dangerous sub-human organisms most reasonable people assume them to be.
     The mere existence of millions of people with Black African ancestry who are accomplished and civilised bears forceful witness to the fact that those who are destroying and vandalising are simply self-indulgent criminals who like to steal, terrorise, hurt, kill, and then blame the "greater community" for the damage.

This grainy picture shows the lunatic
compound of the "students" and "teachers"
in Ayotzinapa's "Normal College" campus,
where they now have as many as forty
busses and deliver vehicles sequestered.
That includes the drivers, of course.  They
say they must keep the drivers because the
anarchists frankly state that they do not
know how to drive or maintain the busses,
trucks, and other vehicles they have stolen.
So, as District Attorney Jorge Valdez says
the powers that be solve the problem of a
fire by pouring more gasoline on it.   It has
a certain "Gov. Nixon (D) Missouri ring".

     We have been drawing parallels between Ferguson, Missouri and the disorders in and around Ayotzinapa (near Iguala), Guerrero, Mexico.  The similarities are stunning but predictable.  In Iguala and Ferguson, we witness The burning of public and private buildings, the menacing of private business activity,  and all the destruction to "protest" either an obliquely presented and impertinent "manifesto" which can never be implemented or some preposterous legal impossibility that is stated for propaganda value and not for serious debate or discussion.
    In the case of Ayotzinapa (Iguala), among other things, the anarchists blame the central government of Mexico for their misery....the corruption thing, you know.  In the case of Ferguson, Missouri the anarchists and permanently offended class blame white people, the police, and a balance of facts that are not backed up by an exhaustive grand jury investigation.
    Rational, morally based, reasoned thinking or senseless political verbo-froth?  It is the latter obviously.
     In the above article, interestingly done with some quality reporting by the Associated is pointed out, bitterly, by a Federal District Attorney.  He states, "The police....are not taking action at this moment to avoid giving the appearance of acts of repression.   The spokesman, Jorge Valdez, then adds, "It is the concept of not trying to put out the fire by pouring more gasoline on it."   It should be noted that the drivers of all the busses and trucks are also sequestered, although they have no horse in the race, no pertinence to any issue being presented by the communistas / anarquistas.   For fear that the "students" and "professors" will commit some form of violence against the drivers, the forces of good order have not stormed the compound. 
    Valdez's resentment was based upon the press's open siding with these same nihilists and communists three years ago, in several articles published on this blog with considerable accuracy and detail.  Police then, supposedly shot two arsonists who were persistently presented by the international press as "student protestors" from the local Normal College when in fact they were arsonists, murderers in their own right, and part of an overall and continuing programme of destruction of private and public property.   OROGs may remember the manager of the deluxe PEMEX gasoline and commercial centre that had its pumps set ablaze.  The manager, a retire naval officer, was killed trying to put out the very dangerous fire.
    Ferguson?  Almost exactly the same disregard for the life and property of others.  Reasonability? none.    Concern about the communitarian imperatives of sociability?  none.   Blame?  Everybody save the perpetrators.

     These issues, Ferguson and Ayotzinapa, are clearly 1st cousins.  Complete hubris.  Total disregard for the supposedly rational, humanist dogma they spout.   Forget about morality, they spit upon such concepts....Golden Rules, Beatitudes, parables about wealthy Samaritan travellers.   We bring these two separate movements up to the attention of the OROG, combine them, so as to illustrate that these problems are not coming to America....they have arrived.
     Please also remember that in the past few months, Negro officers have shot unarmed white young people on three occasions.  As best we can determine, two of the white boys "behaved stupidly" in the face of  legitimate police orders.  In another case, it might well be that the young, inexperienced officer on lone patrol, over-reacted.  In none of the cases has there been any public, massive disorders.   With Ferguson burning, we also call to mind that those accused of being the horrid extremists, the Tea Party, always left the place in better shape than they found it, and almost always proposed such radical, dangerous things as balancing the central government's budget and bringing moral guidance back into the public school systems. 
Thanks for your continued attention and interest.  Spread the word, quietly.  Pray for the health of Jerusalem.  We, ourselves, continue to support the amicable withdrawal of the Republic of Texas from the American Union, and a continued relationship in terms of the continental defence of North America.
El Gringo Viejo