Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Some of the Differences: Reagan, Nixon, Bush and Soetoro Hussein


     It is difficult for Rush, Glen, Mark, and company to really dig down deep and stop saying "Hispanic" as if it were a term that one can use as a cast-net catching bait-fish.   It will be stated here again and again until my cold dead fingers are pulled away from the key-board.   All the funny-looking little brown people that the Progressive Elites wish to put into one little box and shelve into the very vacant warehouses of their minds really cannot be placed into one little box.
     In Texas, for instance, sociologically and demographically speaking, the Latino block within the general population could possibly be separated into a very few sub-groups that self-identify or that can be identified by other evidential processes.

For instance:

         (1)   Illegal Alien with criminal intent -  individuals who come across the Rio Grande with premeditated intent to steal, murder, rape, or brutalise a specific or generic victim set.   Almost always a mestizo or white person, racially

         (2)   Illegal Alien with passive criminal intent -  women who come across the Rio Grande while pregnant or with the intention to become pregnant so as to deliver over Terra Sanctus Americanus, thereby causing her baby to be an American citizen.  In that the baby is an American citizen and has only his/her mother as provider and protector,   such condition permits the mother to remain in Texas and/or the United States for the duration of the minority of the child.   This can be deepened and widened by receiving visits from the stork at convenient times, usually every second or third year.
      This automatically gives the mother benefits, stamps (Lone Star Card), and other support that costs the taxpayers, starting, about 30,000 American dollars per annum.  There is no employment requirement.   The women who pull this scam off are delivered by mid-wives who have been trained by pseudo-Roman Catholic nuns from the Mary Knoll  sisters, and your friendly hospital emergency room in Anytown, Texas and other facilitating facilities.  The mothers are normally mestiza or, more normally, white racially.

     (3)    Illegal Alien who is the classic "Wetback":   This is  a person who came across the Rio Grande with or without a job offer from a Gringo...Latin or Texas.  Most frequently these are people who are semi-skilled or even high-end blue-collar people....welders, cow-hands, fence-posters, horse-trainers, construction specialists, and even heavy equipment operators.  Stone masons and mid to high-end lawn care "technicians".  These people generally cause no problems and represent the image of Mexican "visitors" with whom Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and George Bush hob-nobbed and developed strong friendships.   They were almost always clean, reserved, honest, competent, and very bonded with their families in Mexico and their employer in Texas....especially if the Gringo was civilised and fair.  Racially and ethnically, this group ranged from fully Indian, usually Tarascan or Huastec, some Totonac, and a few Otomi' and Tlaxcala group...and mestizo and, surprisingly perhaps middle to highly educated white Mexicans from Monterrey, San Luis Potosi', and other "sophisticated" parts of Mexico that are truly highly cultured in European and/or American terms.  At times these people were attitudinally mixed with the Bracero Programme people and others who were given War-time semi-permanent work permits to work in the War Industries.  These were the people around whom El Gringo Viejo grew up.

     This story is cogent:   One night the deputy sheriff had caught a Mexican walking back from one farm to another, possibly having visited a family member or a love-interest over by the Schroeder's place.   Because of the noise,  my father and mother went out, with me holding onto her skirt, into the darkness with only a large, bulky kerosene lantern to guide us.  We found the noise and the calling out, and the issue, there by a tertiary canal that ran along the edge of our property.
    The Deputy-Sheriff apologised for the disorder and while somewhat forcibly detaining the Mexican, he asked, "I caught this guy coming along the canal right-of-way.  There was a burglary over in mid-town McAllen, and so we were looking for somebody that might be suspicious."
    My father laughed and said, "That fellow is no burglar.  He's a wetback.  He's been coming up here for years, back and forth.  He works for me right now, I speak for him.  He's worked for Alpers and Niece and even Schroeder.  Felipe is no burglar.   He is a wetback.  A good man."
     The deputy immediately released the man, although he did admonish him, saying, "Next time just name your Gringos."
    And that is the way it was on the near-border farms in 1950, north of McAllen, Texas. 

     (4)    People of the Wave:   These are the people who came during the period from 1911 through 1930....a double whammy period of military and social instability and warfare.   The Revolucion de 1910 - 1917 and the Cristero War from 1923 to 1928 produced a total of almost 600,000 dead in combat or collateral, and 1,000,000 people in a milling horde of refugees.  Large numbers of those people who left Mexico came into the Republic of Texas during those days.  There were also many Border depredations in those years, frequently blamed on some ephemeral "Pancho Villa" but more commonly military regulars and irregulars and bandits supported by communists (Workers of the World and Socialist International) in the persons of Venustiano Carranza (briefly president at the end of the Revolucion) and Gen. Alvaro Obregon, his successor ...both commies, anti-Americans, endorsed by Woodrow Wilson as ''progressives"....both assassinated for various reasons good and bad.
     The common folk....poor, middle class, and wealthy....came into Texas and were accommodated to better and lesser degree.  Their work ethic, and the fact that most of the adults had a pretty darned good third grade or sixth grade education caused them to fit the round peg to the square hole fairly well.  Without welfare of any kind, they developed a sociological set of bunny trails, social accommodations, employment, and comfortability.  They were generally allowed entry into the United States due to the anarchy in Mexico and were permitted to stay so long as they maintained a clean social history.
School attendance and steady even if intermittent employment or the establishment of any business small or large usually guaranteed  a legal resident alien card to be renewed annually at the Post Office.
     World War II was the leveller.  The combat and overall service characteristic of the Latino of these days...whether long-term Americanoid or one of the recent arrivals and their first generation of babies....had a stunning performance in the War against the Axis Powers.   So these groups pretty much blended into the marble cake.   This is a complicated marble cake, made up of large numbers of gente mestiza and white Mexicans...and a few Spaniards  and Lebanese/Syrian/Jordanian Spanish-speaking whites who were/are also Christians....who seemed to trickle in during the Revolucion all the way through the Depression.

      (5)    The post-Amnesty group:   In 1986 - 1987, we had the Amnesty enacted by Congress and signed, lamentably, into law by Ronald Reagan.   Because of the sluffy wording in the law (intentional ?) that amnesty pretty much allowed that  anyone who was the third cousin of the grandmother of the mistress of the grandfather of the aunt of his brother-in-law was to be given a permission to "join the family" in America.  This was the worst of the worst of the gravy-train people.  Lazy, stupid, mean, and criminal....perhaps thirty per cent.   This is not so much for the ones who qualified for amnesty, but the ones who rode the horse that that amnesty saddled for them.   From that time on, there began the gradual deterioration of the quality of life in idyllic places like McAllen, Texas.   Just when the "Great Society" vote-buying scheme was put into place with the "War on Poverty" dreamed up by a murderous, perverted dolt by the name of Lyndon Baines Johnson, is where the quality of life began a steady downward helix into the Hell that we face now.   It is much worse than where I live in Mexico.
     Those of us who are among The Ancient Ones  can tell the difference of these gradations of folks.   Among the differences is the wholesale notion they have that everyone in Hidalgo County uses food stamps to buy their Cheetos and Red Soda.   They constitute about 30 per cent of the population of Hidalgo County and significant...large...portions of El Paso, Webb, Bexar, Dallas, Harris, and various other  counties in Texas.  They live by tricking the system and have become expert in developing Section 8, AFDC, Lone Star Card, and other qualifications from two or more "abandoned wives with children".   Lamentably, and perhaps this makes El Gringo some type of racist, most of these people are primarily white to essentially totally white. 

(6)     The Colonial and pre-Republic of Texas Group:   These are people who had ancestry who went into the abyss of Coahuila in the middle of the 1500s.  Many had large tracts, many had small tracts.  Many had title, as second or third pretender, all had multiple talents, as required to join any colonisation caravan.  In the mid-1700s more of the same, with a larger sprinkling of Canary and Azorean hidalgos (sequential pretenders to lower-level property and title rights....low to medium blue-bloods, in other words),,,,came into this area.   These people would join with the others who came in during the 1500s in Holy Matrimony and in other ways to produce the people of this area that the American military encountered during their advance to Monterrey in the Mexican - American War.
     These people were primordially Christians...more Catholic than the Pope.  They had no imagination whatsoever.  The Angloid group who came in during and after the War with Mexico to that Borderland known as the Rio Grande or Rio Bravo in Mexico....were very surprise, even stunned, at these people who were, even in appearance, very similar to the upper elements of the Angloid group.  The Colonials made up for their lack of imagination with a very advanced intelligence.  Something of a contradiction....but a condition that makes for a very, very conservative cultural cohort in the population.
     As an aside, my father's cavalry squadron would always look forward to riding River Patrol back in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  Why?  Because the people of those ancient homesteads always welcomed them with gratitude as the peace-keepers.  These "colonials" would prepare special Mexican-Spanish foods to serve and trade for oysters and Gulf Trout filets that came up from Brownsville with the quarter-master's unit.  The soldiers would, under full escort, allow the children to "ride'' the less skittish warhorses, and with the permission of the commander, they would put on shows of equestrian ability to the delight of the country folk who lived along the Rio Grande and felt strongly that they, too, were Americans.....Gringos of a same and separate sort....but Americans, Texans of the most primordial sense.   (Ist Cavalry (mounted), 12th Regiment, HQ Squadron)
     These people, the Colonial and Pre-Republican Texian folks are 15/16ths white up to 16/16ths Caucasian.

Siren Song seduces the sailors
 to the Rocks
     (7)    The next grouping is the  positive and negative melding of all of the above.  It is weakened by the new arrivals now, when before it was strengthened.  That is because the vast majority of the earlier Latinos had already demonstrated compliance with reality.  They had shown a willingness to be successfully self-provident.
     This is where the war is.  In the bulk of Texas, the Latin cohort to the Universe of population in the Republic of Texas is highly dispersed. The greatest concentration of those who willingly succumb...volunteer for the subjugation of ones own honour,  pride,  and self-respect for a Lone Star Card is found right along the border.   While there are other the inner city....and in other areas of the Republic, almost 50 per cent of the Lone Star Card holders and AFDC Professionals, are along the first two tiers of Counties from the Rio Grande.  The remainder of the Latin cohort, perhaps 70 per cent is in a purgatorial  float....and those provide most of the votes.  About 80 per cent of those folks  are  disposed to consider and vote by their conservative instincts. 
    Among the intermarried, almost all are Elephants.  There are Texas liberals among them...avant garde types....but most are centre-right to hard right people.  They are not seen on the network news hours or Sixty Minutes or on The Vew.   The are working.  They are welding pipe of 72 inches that require hermetic seal.  They are doing old Mrs. Jackson's blue hair for the wedding to-morrow night...and letting the girl with only 3 months of training,  on real live cranky old Jewish-lady who is going to her grandson's Bar Mitzvah,  stomach turning....fingers crossed.
       They are teachers,  standing in front of classes of profane, procto-urologically obsessed 18 year-old sophomores whose every third word is something that 40 years ago would have resulted in 3o days in jail.
   They are the dental assistants and dentists, the pharmacists, the MacDonald's night manager, the hotelier and restaurateur  with his CIA and twenty year's experience and 3,000,000 American dollars on the line opening his other words...Texians.   They tend to want to vote Republican but they do not like in the least being lumped into the group "Hispanic" like a dog-breed.
     And, excuse me, let me wave:  there goes my children's first his Department of Public Safety Cruiser....chasing down another 1st level offender.
Too much has been said, but yet not enough.  We leave this to the OROGs and we shall return, celebrating the restoration of our old beat-up PC. It really is a noble machine.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo