Thursday, 20 November 2014

Sneaky Barry Weasel


     We are enthralled by the brilliance of King Barry I.   His adept manoeuvre in appearing only upon UNIVISION to-night in order to inform America about his immigration reforms and amnesty programmes deserves the disgust that it will merit.
     First -  his Spanish is nil.  His understanding of the sociological complex of the people he calls "Hispanic" is nil.
     Second  -  it is obvious that he does not want to go up against Thursday night football.
       Third  -   it is equally obvious that he wants to limit his audience as much as possible away from the colonial descendants, the immigrant people of the 19th and 20th Centuries, and those people of Mexican and other origin who went through the labyrinth of the citizenship process.
  Each member of the latter group has a huge parchment with fancy writing, seals, and signatures of important people, along with patriotic back-imaging.   It is a document titled Certificate of Naturalisation.
    Some even gained that document in war....on the battlefield and/or in close combat support or in continuous loyal service.   Members of  this particular group each have "HONOURABLE DISCHARGE" certificates somewhere in their important papers....or hanging on the living room wall.   The numbers of Medals of Honour, silver stars, and bronze stars are almost too numerous to count.
      Fourth  -   King Barry I does not particularly concern himself with the fact that in the Republic of Texas a majority of citizens of Latino background are opposed to any accommodation of illegal entrants.
    The last Amnesty occurred in 1986.   It was an unqualified disaster.   The communitarian nature of our civilisation here was torn apart, starting with the deepening and widening of the public welfare system, as impulsed by the Great Society vote-buying schemes of the late 1960s.  That was when the "Mommies in Muumuus" programme, aka "Head Start".   This allowed mommies to flump around watching telenovelas all day, while the children were given a "Dead Start" that had no impact whatsoever.  The old immersion system was much, much more effective for non-English speaking children.   But Dead Start was also a good place to give other women jobs waiting on toddlers and feeding them.

Historical population
Est. 2013
U.S. Decennial Census[10]
2012 Estimate[
5th largest county of
254 in Texas

     The horde of people who came over as "family members" of the individual who received amnesty, by a 2 X 1 margin, came to glob onto the public assistance programmes.  There is plenty of anecdotal example of people who did not glob on, but the overwhelming majority did.   The gang activity, wantonness, AFDC, fifteen year old mommies who found a baby, drug use, increased exponentially.  The population of Hidalgo County, for instance, increased by almost 110 per cent from the 1990 census to the 2010 census.   Murders, DWI w/casualties, aggravated assault, child abuse and neglect, perversions with very young children  (ages 2 - 9), drug addiction and trafficking, litter, graffiti, school violence, and gang violence have all increased ten-fold.      So that the OROG will note, the data derived and posted to the right is official from the United States Decennial Census, with whom El Gringo Viejo's mother worked in 1940, 1950, and in the quality control re-analysis in 1952.  She worked as a door to door enumerator, and we went into the outback quite a bit.  My mom was a very thorough and compliant type.  Most of the time she left me with her mom, and that was like being with a fairy grand-Godmother.  She would even let me pluck chicken feathers so we could fry up a big batch of Southern fried chicken in good'n hot lard-grease with lots of bacon drippings.     One might notice that the march of population growth slowed between 1960 and 1970.  That phenomena was not brought on by a plague, but rather by the closure of Moore Air Field (Mission - McAllen area ) and the Harlingen Air Force Base (Cameron County to the east).
     Now, that there is a labour shortage in Mexico, we notice that the gnomes of the Democrat Party....the social and political engineers....have hitched their star to a richer mine of unqualified "immigrants" , which means Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.  All the people in those three countries who could possibly navigate a life in the United States, Canada, or Texas are actually pretty well set where they are.  There is another penumbric group that thinks it would be good to go to a place where the Government gives a single mom money so she can rest and where everything is free.   (And yes, that is how the thought process works.)   Food, housing, school, everything is free.   It's  It is sad, pitiable, and depressing...not any source for humour.  But it is true.
     One might consider that these people are not really wanted to work in Mexico.  One reason is obvious, but not the most important.  That reason is that the Mexican working class does not really need new immigrants to over-supply the labour-market. Wages have appreciated in real terms in recent years in Mexico, and a couple of million Central Americans would wreak havoc on those small but significant gains.
     The most important reason is that the Mexicans are afraid of the deteriorating social conditions that would accompany the entrance of larges groups of Central Americans, especially El Salvadorans and Honduren~os.  They have suffered and fought through six or seven years trying, with some considerable success, to take their country back from being a total playground for the caertels.  Backsliding will not and would not be tolerated at this point.
   Most Mexicans, while they wish no ill towards their southern neighbours, greatly prefer that they stay in Central America, or move quickly through Mexico if they are heading elsewhere.   The Mexican central government is actually putting up a pretty fair detention and return operation on the southern frontier during the past year.....where once the Mexican immigration officers simply shook down the Centroamericanos for the 100 American dollar "tip" that was "voluntarily" given at the turnoff to the Palenque archaeological site....on the highway connecting Villahermosa, Tabasco and Campeche, Campeche.   We witnessed this with frequency during our days operating the Grand Excursion to various points in Mexico.

     To-night Barry Soetoro will be breaking the bonds that hold this country together as a democratic republic.  As a great experiment.
It becomes  now something much more like Venezuela of Chavez and Maduro, and Cuba of the ghoulish Castro Brothers.  Hours and days of demagoguing the "counter-revolutionaries"  who want children to go hungry and be sick, and who want only the rich to have health services, perhaps that will be our fare.
     This writer sees the ghosts of ships attempting to re-supply the menaced Fort Sumpter, while Southern diplomats were hoping that Lincoln would not re-supply.   Lincoln did that act as a means of provoking the South to "fire the first shot".  We see a little guy with a toothbrush moustache damning the Jews and Judaism....pretty much like yesterday when our president wanted to remind the world of the equivalency between Hamas and  Hezbollah, and the Jewish state.    This reminder was made when the blood was still damp in that site of work-place violence, a synagogue.
     There are people who are pro-Mexican and very comfortable in a Latino environment who are going to have apoplexy at this throwing of the Constitution under the massive human transport device.   We shall see who watches, who cares, and who is going to stand and fight, door to door, block to block.

The OROGs see through the smoky field of battle why we are really convinced that Texas will be forced to remove itself from the Union at some date coming ever closer.
El Gringo Viejo