Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Update on Texas withdrawal activity



   Please understand that we do not equate the Scottish events with those in Texas.  Scotland has steadily devolved into a somewhat brutish, parasitic entity, drawing much from England and contributing back less.   It is consumed with notions of labour "rights" and the need for the "dole" and the glories of "free medical services".   While we laud, certainly, good wool and whiskey, the hauntingly pleasant sound of the pipes and the dragons in the lochs, Scotland is no longer a Refuge of Bravehearts.  It is now pretty much a dull, cold place full of Andy Capp-hearts waiting for the pub to open and the dole-check to come.

     Texas on the other hand,  even with the inundation of the First Amnesty people from the 1987 period, is still a producer nation.  Even, or perhaps even especially, the native and legal and documented people of Latin origin in our political subdivision are in the producer column by a wide percentage.   Their military participation is, quite frankly, stunning.

The following is an article from the most recent communique' coming out of the Texas re-independence cauldron.  The porridge continues to thicken.


 Secession Poll Headlines Misleading Says TNM
(As readers of this blog know, El Gringo Viejo is an
advocate of as pacific a separation as possible.
   He uses the term, "amicable withdrawal" in lieu of

A recent widely-disseminated poll on the issue of state secession has captured headlines around Texas and the United States. But those headlines are leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the Texas Nationalist Movement.
The recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, taken in the wake of the Scottish secession vote, asked one simple question - "Support or oppose the idea of your state peacefully withdrawing from the USA and the federal government?"
The results showed that 23.9% of the respondents supported independence for their state. This result spawned attention grabbing headlines.
"1 in 4 Americans Support Secession For Their State"
But this headline and the way that the results are being reported is misleading according to President of the Texas Nationalist Movement Daniel Miller.
"While the realization the a full quarter of 'Americans' believe in independence for their state is earth shattering, the real bombshell is hidden beneath that number."
Miller says this poll has one serious issue and believes the real story exists in how the respondents in each separate state answered the question.
"When Texas makes a decision on independence for their state, it will be up to the people of Texas alone to decide." (emphasis by El Gringo Viejo)
The raw data, obtained from Reuters seems to tell a different story for Texas than the rest of America. When data from the respondents in Texas is tallied, the real "bombshell" drops.
In a state where Republicans and Independents make up the vast majority of the electorate, 51% of those groups support the independence of Texas. Even 25% of Democrats support Texas independence. There is also an additional 20% undecided.  (emphasis by El Gringo Viejo)
Much like Research 2000 poll on the same issue took liberties with the breakdowns by political affiliation, this poll does likewise. Miller believes that the pundits are to blame.
"The numbers available to the TNM are available to the media. I cannot imagine that the media and the pundits missed this. Rather, they cannot accept that the people of Texas are supporting the TNM and Texas independence in growing numbers. They are hitting the panic button."