Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Back Again, a few notes and observations

Rio Corona
rising quite quickly
     We arrived yesterday, early-afternoon,  without event, and only a minimal amount of wait at the bridge....perhaps 90 seconds.    You all can see the effects of about 26 inches of rains that fell right on us at the Quinta over the 3 week period, and what was probably 90 - 100 inches in the nearby mountains.
BeBe (l) and Prieto
      The Rio Corona rose, and was flowing vigorously, roaring with laughter so to speak, for my entire stay.  BeBe took advantage, and  did laugh to see such sport, but instead of jumping over the moon with the cow, he just decided to do some body-rafting in the 20 mph current.
     Behind BeBe is his 6 month old son, Prieto (Darkie).....whose mother is one-half Rhodesian Lion Hound.   Just love dogs....they are so....smelly and hungry and loud....and clumsy.   But at least they only require 40 hours a day care, feeding, medical services, and grief counselling.
     It is truly a great time to be a dog during these days with their chilly mornings and warm afternoons.   There is not a lot more to report about such things, beyond a bit of repair work and redecorating.
     The boss wanted a nice, but very heavily framed print to hang in the guest room.   It proved to be a bit of a challenge, but one must always remember the rule:   In Mexico they can foul up any easy job, but the impossible things they seem to accomplish quite easily.  It's almost not a joke.   Diana found this item at a nearby estate sale.  The children had taken things that had interest and meaning to them, and sold the rest to friends and other folks who came by to give new life to the possessions in another home-setting.   Perhaps, if they happen across this page, they will see how nice their mother's print looks in its fancy, rustic adobe room overlooking  the Rio Corona, and that opens onto a magnificent view of the mountains of the Sierra Madre.
Our avocado tree produced a medium harvest
of very high quality.  The dogs would eat the
fallen fruit by preference.  The lure of protein
and the famous oils seems to please them, and
they are adept at peeling the skins with their teeth.

     Things come to mind when one wanders through a daily routine of un-planned urgencies, semi-postponed minor projects, moving pictures around on walls to have a different "look" for the rooms, and the like.   The things that come to mind have been a bit burdensome, quite frankly.   For instance, there is this mess brought on by dolts who could fall for a platform clarion of "hope and change" in 2008, and "get your revenge by voting" in 2012.

     It becomes increasingly clear that the process of returning to the well full of salty water each time there is some kind of social or economic thirst, real or imagined.... the thirst is never quenched.  We have cobbled together, from what was once a Republic, what is now a drab, grey portrait of the ruins that come from the  muddy puddles of leftist thought:   Fabian Socialism, German National Socialism, Bolshevik Socialism, American Progressivism, atheism, nihilism, Latin American social democracy projects, liberation theology, and assorted other income and property re-distribution plans and causes.
    The willingness of pseudo-conservatives to be "reasonable" in the face of ridiculous compromises is what has brought us repeatedly to that oasis of salty water.   Shovel ready jobs, a form of "Let them eat cake" and other Roosevelt Depression recovery disasters-cum-institutions, and government-funded research and discovery funding always fails.  Even when there are a few positive results, the cost effectiveness is wildly out of line with any reasonable measure of  return on investment.   While the NASA projects have much nobility and accomplishment, please do not tell this writer, "It was all worth it!  Just think, we got Tang and Corningware!".

     Return on investment by the willingness to compromise by conservatives and pseudo-conservatives has brought us Head Start, food stamps, Medicaid,  and Solyndra.  Windmills making electricity save the planet by killing all the raptors who fly with their gazes fixed on the ground, not on the flight-path ahead.  

Galveston, 1900
Category V - between 7,000 and
13,000 killed
     Conservatives willing to be reasonable have to compromise with people who point out that Hurricane Sandy is proof of "Global Warming and Cooling and Climate Change" when, in truth, it was a relatively dull little storm (Category I) whose strength was maximised by the sloth of a fire department that failed to shut down electrical transmission in an area of very concentrated, closely situated frame homes.  That juxtaposition of contributing agents fuelled one another due to live wires and exploding "pots" (transformers).  The "Mrs. O'Grady's Cow" effect took place, valiant firemen served in miserable conditions, and both the New York and Chicago situations, in their own time and place, were disasters.

     The fact is that "global climate change" had nothing to do with the damage caused by a minimal hurricane.  The fact is that Christie - Obama huggy-wuggy moments do not hasten, but in fact, delay recovery.   And for this we seek compromise, reasonable bi-partisanship, a role for government as the supply source for the solution to every problem no matter how small or large.   And now the number is $18,000,000,000,000 (and counting) that we pass on to our grandchildren and beyond.
     It is quite evident that big business, big labour, big government, and big dull academia have willingly and stupidly stumbled us down a path to totalitarian, humanist egalitarianism that will replace certainly and soon any vestige of republican democracy.  In its place we shall be given a Brave New World of social democracy wherein (Sir Edmund) Hillary will dispense to us that which we need, and exact from us that which she deigns we must render.
More later.   Thanks for tuning in again.
El Gringo Viejo