Monday, 13 October 2014

It is their over substance....appearance over true accomplishment, and Oh! Blame the Nurse


     Now, there you have it.  The nurse-lady in the Texas hospital caught the Ebola, and she was obviously a hick....ill-educated, and probably only working because she had to find some money to buy food and other such tacky things.

     After all if she were any account at all she would have a Bernie Nausbaum, or a Maggie Thompson, or a Huma Weiner step and fetch-it to bring her some thing to eat...."....and it better well be something I like and that's worth eating.   I'm sick of that slop you've been dragging in here."   We have all these endearing images of (Sir Edmund) Hillary and her kind, loving, and nurturing manner.  Supposedly there was a Secret Service man who made the mistake of telling someone (a friend of Sir Edmund), "It's hard to follow her orders and thought processes.  She either cussing, complaining, or calling out for someone to do something, give her something, or wait on her hand and foot....".   Like John Kerry who had to curse the reporter who was just standing there, while Kerry veered on his snowboard and knocked both himself and the reporter to the ground.  For that offence, Mr. Kerry made sure that the reporter found out that the reporter's mother was a dog.

     In keeping with the lot of them, they all know to blame someone who is not in the room or someone far enough down on the totem who cannot fight back. It is power and the blatant, sometimes pointless use of as to make certain that the audience at the moment is impressed with the fact that this person is impressed with the extent of presumptuous, injurious jackass he/she can be....especially without fear of reprisal.

     So, we are begging, even demanding, that these people from western Africa be kept out of the United States....and France....and Italy....and Great Britain....and Japan...and Mexico....and Canada....and anywhere in the Americas.   Keep them in one area where teams that have been trained and retrained can set up locations and procedures to care for the afflicted.   Keep everyone there working to their own protection, with  our help.
    There is the certain fact that there is finally a rule of exhaustion, and those in western Africa are approaching that point, perhaps arriving within the next year or two.  At that time the resistance built up in the surviving cohort will be substantial.  The virus, not the people, but the virus will have morphed itself out and find fewer hosts that can be debilitated.   As it was with the Bubonic Plague and all plagues, they exhaust themselves.

     There, and not here, is where veterinarians will be able to use equine, bovine, canine, and feline adaptations of vaccines or anti-viral innoculations for full-blown cases to repair the populations of pets and working animals in places where such beasts are actually still needed.   The primates in the forests who can also harbour this dreaded illness can also be dealt with effectively as the preventative inoculations and post-eruption medicines can be tested and perfected. Doctors who attend to humans will be able to better study, isolate, attack, and destroy the virus.  Assets can be centralised in strategically logical locations.  Airplanes and ships can deliver medicine and other essentials to a smaller area instead of having essentially zombies spread over the face of the entire Planet.
     Here there is even less resistance to the disease.   Our hospitals are geared for large scale trauma cases....plane shooters....floods...and earthquakes.....and epidemics such as AIDs and the recurring Spanish and/or Asian influenza.   Our people come down with cancers, ulcers, heart disease, COPD, gout and arthritis, kidneys and stones.....diets for blood pressure and cholesterol problems.   It is literally two different worlds.

CDC Director Wiley Weasel
He knows better than everyone  else, and so far is
batting .000 as an authority.   Always endorses the
alternative that presents the greatest threat to the
United States general population and blames the
ones working in the mess for his failings.
Typical chief of operations of a government
with Alinskyite as its leader.
     So, what else do we have?   A sneery little weasel calling attention to the fact that if the nurse in a Texan.  So you KNOW she must have either been a hillbilly, hayseed, cracker, trailer-park redneck or a black sharecropper from the inner-city who took a two-week nursing course and was sent to Emergency Receiving by Dolly Parton's cousin, the Head Nurse, because she didn't want to get any more blood on her hairdo.  You all know how stupid, petty, and childish Texans and Southerners are....from their lack of education and their in-breeding, you know.

     Anyway that explains why the nurse contaminated herself.  It was her own stupid fault.  That is what the director of the Communicable Disease Centre sounded like to me.....and to a lot of reasonable Americans!

El Gringo Viejo