Tuesday, 14 October 2014

International Occupy Wall Street - WhackaMoe - Ferguson, Saint Louis - Chilpancingo/Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico...It's all the same Hammer and Sickle.

     It is all the same.  The protests of the uselessly involved OWS filth and garbage factories.  Because they are so, so smart, they have learned that they are the first people to find out that there is inequality in the distribution of goods and services and remuneration.
   They have also learned that the solution is to take away from the people who have too much and give the takings to the people who have too little.  They are so smart.   And to think that they were the first ones to ever come up with that idea.
     Is it not a wondrous thing that our greatest universities and colleges can turn out such great thinkers?  Just think how much simpler things will be now that they have discovered one of those heretofore unknown Laws of the Universal Truth.
     In Mexico, once again down near Chilpancingo, the capital of the State of Guerrero, wherein is found the wondrous place, Acapulco the Pearl of the Pacific, we are witnessing the resuscitation of the never-ending protest movement conducted by the "professors" of the State Normal Schools.   Those professors have also informed their charges of that newly discovered anthropological rule of wealth re-distribution.   They have been pushing the concept now for about 90 years, all day every day, to convince the young Indians from the hinterland that there is a natural law that demands that the people with more must give what they have to the people with less, OR ELSE.

     It is a form of reparations because of the fact that before Hernan Cortez came to Mexico all the Indians got along fine and shared everything and sang the original Kumbaya song every morning, every night, and at their frequent and abundant banquets of turkey, rabbit, mango, chocolate, corn, beans and chile and fish of every known variety....and then the Spanish took everything away and ruined everything.   By the

time this blog-entry is posted and read, the picture of the burning building will be a little dated.  It was a little less than seven hours old when posted.  It is the common form of "freedom of speech" in the Chilpancingo - Iguala area of Guerrero State.   It is presently a story about the "disappearance" of as many as 60 "students'' who were carried off by 22 municipal policemen.   There were  several bodies found not far from Iguala and the scene of the beginning of this latest insurrection....perhaps as many as 24 individuals, presumably males save for one.   They had been burned, dismembered and buried in deep holes and burned again.  That is usually what drug gangs do to each other.

    Police in Guerrero State, corrupt or otherwise, normally do not have the energy to do what is above described.   And, it is known that the "leaders" of the students have been more than willing in the past to sacrifice significant numbers of their members to establish a martyr class.   Such measures have always been a fundamental tactic for both Nazis and communists. 

This is a view of the Ayotzinapa Normal, near Chilpancingo, but part way to Iquala, and the epicentre of the entire perpetually bubbling cauldron of unrest that has typified Guerrero State for so long as it has been peopled since Eden.
   It should be pointed out that Ernesto (Che') Guevara wrote and spoke much about how he despised Mexicans of any race, Negroes, and Indians of any tribe.  Che' was not the warm and fuzzy liberator of the oppressed.  Every one of these buildings has the headwall painted with the likeness of Lenin, Stalin, Fidel, Hugo Chavez, Engels, Marx, and Ho Chi Minh...the "agrarian".  The slogan by Che's  face states, "I shall return and I shall be millions." 
    We expect too much, perhaps, of the reporters, because I would doubt were it not for your humble servant that you would not know the root, trunk, major limbs, most twigs and almost all the leaves of this story.   What is also certain, is that the matter before us in Ferguson and Saint Louis is the same.  Never ending, pointless confrontation, contradictive to good order, demagogic, illogical, menacing, threatening, violent, self-consumed people posturing to no purpose save for an unseen nihilist, anarchical pleasure of just being mean and worthless.  They are all the same.

Police and protestors stand off in Ferguson, Mo.

     This is the harvest of the whirlwind that comes from the seed of discontent.  the problem is that those who continue to receive the largess from the central government's coffers are the ones who are burning down the bakery...to mix a metaphor or two.   The "students" in Guerrero State are receiving essentially a free two-year course that they have to pay for by teaching in some outback place for a couple of years, while receiving a fairly hefty stipend for the area.  The central government also recently took-down the horribly corrupt hag who had ruled the Mexican Public School Teachers' Union for 26 years.
     It is thought that she embezzled as much as 100,000,000 dollars, American,.   She also accommodated the communists in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Guerrero who controlled  Secretary of Education facilities, by filing suit against central government officials who tried to clean up and re-establish the real Normal Colleges that had been intended for the area years and years before.

More on these matters later.
El Gringo Viejo