Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat ,


     Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was perhaps the greatest orator in the English Language during the 20th Century.   Not a bad accolade for a half-breed American with more Indian blood than Pocahontas Warren, who declares herself qualified for privilege by taking advantage of Indian ancestry that she can neither prove, nor has.   We might throw in another great orator by the name of Billy Graham, who could literally hold a stadium of 100,000 spell-bound and silent for an hour.    There were and are many other great speakers, but the two aforenamed are in a distinct class.   Churchill's message for those times, now speaks to these times.  Sad, but true, avarice and  wanton drives are found throughout individuals and groups within the somewhat human race.  Would that such things did not exist, but they do.  I cannot guarantee your safety, even as you sit in your living room during the early evening.
     Barry Soetoro, whose minders declared him to be a foreign-born exchange
"Yes, my pretty, just show this apple
to the girl at the reception in the
Hospital.  Then everything will
be FREE!"
student in order to gain special consideration at a university he says he attended, and does in fact hold a diploma from said university (nobody remembers him) has always been a "protected commodity". He was said to be so great an orator that grown men had tingles up and down their legs just listening to him.   To the discerning, Barry's speeches were toned down little rants against the unfairness of fate, the lack of caring by the State lottery, and institutional meanness on the part of the "haves", the style a form of literary boiler-plating drawn from focus group phrases. 

     The people who were not addicts to the rusted-out Cuba-think of to-day's Democrat Party could easily see through the charlatan's call for "New lamps for Old!  New Lamps for Old".   The old hag's insistent offer of the  shiny apple to the pretty girl at the door was seen-through readily by children in the theatre.   What a shame to have a Republic whose electorate has been degraded to the point that critical thinking is almost a disqualifier for eligibility as an elector.
     Or put another way, why would Snow White take a bite from an apple from someone who looks like (Sir Edmund)Hillary?   Why would William Tell take an arrow from a shyster-looking dunce like Barry Soetoro, the nephew of Uncle Omar and Auntie Zietuni (RIP)?  "Here, Bill.  Try this new arrow.  If you want your arrow, you can keep your arrow, but this one here is better."
     Why, Bill would you change your type of arrow, when you have shot 1,000 straight times, the apple right of the head of your son, without fail, and with absolute accuracy?

Mohammed scores a 9.6.  Very good for a
 desert dweller, don't you think, Valerie?
     Now comes Barry, after heeding naught of the advisories of the various intelligence agencies.   Also, his heralds sound their horns, while we remember that Barry has sacked more general officers than Abraham Lincoln.  Many more.   We especially remember General Petraeus, and Ham, and Admiral Gaouett.  This is a real feat for a person who knows absolutely nothing about military procedures, tactics, or strategies. 

"Oh!  King Barry, thank you for my lobotomy!
 And after I presented my apple, it was all free!!
  The millionaires and billionaires were forced to
 pay. Thank you, Glorious One!!
  We worship you."
  Lie after lie -  a spontaneous riot in Benghazi brought on by a video that nobody had ever seen - wallowing in the caress of a slavish, servile, totally ideologically and psychologically compliant press corps.   (Not Corpse, King Barry the Artificial, it's corps. One must pronounce it kohr...your teleprompter did not school you on that well as a million other points of grammar.).   But!  At least we managed to sacrifice our Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, so as to provide swimming opportunities to Islamist terrorists.  Another victory in the Building Understanding War Against America's Past Abuses.


     We leave now, with deference to the actual president of the United States...or what is left of said Union.  That is, of course, Valerie Jarrett who is the only person in the White House who has any testosterone poisoning.   It is strange that, when all was said and done, a non-native born foreigner did become President after just was not Barry Soetoro.   Valerie has the typical communist record of ripping off public monies to her own benefit.  She also has a record of service at high positions while condemning the highly placed and wealthy.  She was, after all, a member of the Board of Governors of the Chicago Federal Reserve.   Her daddy was a communist who had to flee Iran (Persia) during the regimen of the Shah....when there was SO MUCH Totalitarianism, before it was made into a bastion of freedom under the ayatollahs.

     Valerie, who has held various high public positions, always decorated her walls with pictures of favourite communist personalities, including Ernesto (Che) Guevara.   Of course, we all know she was the match-maker for that match made in Gulag Heaven....Miss Alfalfa Sprouts for Everybody Else...Michelle Robinson, the girl who reported to work at least 4 times during her two year,  $314,000 per annum salary, do-nothing job.  Michelle's job, remember, was primarily to divert Negroes, especially the "wrong kind" of Negroes to seek medical services at the Cook County Training and Veterinarian Clinic.   HER hospital was for the "important people".    Such hypocritical frauds:   Two 747s to every gotta' love it.

El Gringo Viejo