Friday, 15 August 2014

Slither, Dither, and Pose: Gimme my 9!

    Our present occupant of the White House behaved predictably during the "coming out" of the Islamic State of Iraq, Syria, and the Levant.   We are moved to point out that the formation of ISIS (or ISIL) occurred with solid, dependable intelligence being available to the White House concerning the organisation for the past three years.

     The organisation was active in more than a peripheral way during the disorders in Libya that preceded the destruction of the American diplomatic installations in Benghazi.  It is the phoenix that arose from the destruction of Al Qaeda in Iraq by the American military.  It is committed to the destruction of all dictators, royalty, sheiks, sultans, and emirs within the geographical area now being formed into a Caliphate.  They will, when all is settled, allow a few chosen to come back and serve the will of ISIS, being convenient satraps to Satan.

     The reason that the ISIS people were involved at all in the Benghazi matter was for the purpose of laying their hands on significant supplies of American military-grade small arms and ammunition.   They were also interested in any other goodies such as mortars, RPGs, and other such material.   It is known that much of this ordnance was removed by  ship to the Syrian theatre to be used in the destruction of the Bashir Assad regime.
    The success of the Obama sand-painting manoeuvre so hamstrung Assad, that Obama had poor Bashir trembling behind a MacDonald's in downtown Damascus.   Meanwhile, ISIS thugs were busy destroying the non-deranged elements of  Assad's opposition, using American war-materiel.

    The point behind this construct by this humble observer is that ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama have always been in agreement that all the strongmen and traditional aristocratic rulers needed to be taken down.  When the Egyptian military took down the Muslim Brotherhood, it seemed to deflate Obama considerably and he became almost disinterested in the whole Middle Eastern (Levant) affair.   Where are the golf clubs?

     The clock keeps running and suddenly, one fine day,  ISIS blooms forth as a force that appears powerful enough to establish a new country, occupying sixty per cent of the old Iraq and pieces of Syria.  Proof that the president of the 57 United States was either totally unprepared for the post Benghazi events or, complicit in them, can be proved by this following point:

       During the period when all order broke down in Mosul, Tikrit, much of the rest of Iraq, and ISIS began the religious and ethnic "modifications" by crucifying, burying alive, wholesale executions, and outright banishing of undesired peoples the victors made a really serious error,  through hubris and excessive exuberation.
     With their additional new toys....American tanks, personnel carriers, and other goodies....and what seemed to be an interminable supply from the  American commissary, provided extemporaneously by a cowardly Iraqi army, the ISIS people lined up on the main highway, honking, waving flags, shooting their rifles in jubilation.  Miles and miles of clusters of gloaters.
    Firm orders could have been given to pull at least one, preferably two flattops into correct position, and then low-altitude strafing and bombing of the undisciplined celebrants with unrelenting and merciless pounding.   The first casualty counts would have been devastating.   It brings to mind the scene when the Iraqi army fled Kuwait.
     In that event, American and allied forces intercepted the fleeing Iraqi Republican Guard, who had been rapacious and brutal during their occupation of Kuwait.   The head of the convoy was stopped by anti-tank mines and air power, thereby blocking the forward progress while the rear of the convoy was repeatedly bombed and strafed.   It looked like this:

     Had Obama wished to "do something" he could have done the above same operation on the murderous ISIS thugs.   Of course, by Obama, it is meant Valerie and Axelrod and Obama's minders who write his teleprompter feeds.
     This was probably too much to expect from the Man Who Killed Bin Laden and had al Qaeda "decimated" and "on the run", and who, of course, saved General Motors and Chrysler.  Answer the phone,'s 03:00.  It's something about an offensive video that's making fun of Mohammed.
More later.
El Gringo Viejo