Sunday, 17 August 2014

Orientation and Placement

    We hear and see the acronym ISIS and ISIL and other variations.    This is because of slightly different interpretations between ISIS commanders and/or spokesmen, each of whom is identifying what he thinks the geographic scope of their jihad is.
     ISIS is ''the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria".   ISIL is "the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant".  The "Levant" is simply an antique, though still valid, word meaning...."land to the east of Europe, especially those pertaining to the Biblical and/or Holy Lands, and such lands associated with those extensions", (definition mine).

     This is included, although it is known that many of the OROG community either already knew that fact, or were saying, "....I'm going to look up that Levant thing before I take a shower to-night!"
     For instance, one might hear of the Christians fleeing Mosul being referred to as "Levantite Catholics", due to the fact that they have been hanging around in the same place, not far from Babylon and Damascus for 1,900 years.   In other words, they were there as Christians both before the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church and long, long before the birth of that distant, but direct, cousin, Mohammed.

The coloured area is The Levant