Monday, 18 August 2014

Ferguson, Missouri - Pre-planned Get Out the Vote Drive

     What is transpiring at this time in that pitiable place north of Saint Louis, Missouri is a classic destabilisation procedure used by leftists and "agents of reform" for lo these many years.  The various labour movements from the 1870s through to the present, the National Socialists, the Bolsheviks, the Saul Alinsky acolytes known as "community organisers", anarchists, nihilists, and other diabolicals throughout the Planet Earth.
     It is a form of (1) community terrorism and (2) establishing who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.  It is necessary for the forces of disorder to point out that a nice young black boy was shot in back by a mean white policeman, as if for sport.  And it is necessary to demand justice, outside of the normal process of any investigation, because of the uncommonly "urgent" nature of the crime.  The provocateurs also point out that there are "civil rights" issues involved in this particularly heinous breach of the peace.
    We begin by pointing out that since this issue became an issue for the press, in the American Union there have been 30 white people murdered by black perpetrators.   There have been over 150 black people murdered or shot down by black perpetrators.  Efforts to find any black people who have been shot down by white people have turned up nothing, for this period, although we continue to comb the various news fountains.  This will be up-dated as developments warrant.
     We also point out that since the Muslim Brotherhood, the Black Panther Party, Sharpton, Jackson, and all other sorts of vermin have injected their irrational, belligerent presence into the matter, there has ceased to be any reason to be "reasonable".  One cannot be "reasonable" with the stupid, those who will not reason, and those who come already to the fray with the single-minded purpose of destruction and "winning".  The entire effort being made here is strictly for the purpose of maximising the turnout of the vote during the upcoming Congressional elections.   The issue for those of us on the side of fact, our only alternative is to establish order by the use of force.
     Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett have done nothing concerning the Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, Solyndra default, voting right abuses, and numerous other deep and wide scandals that this administration has committed.  They scoff, roaring with laughter within the confines of their palatial administrative settings.  Perhaps it is better said that they have done nothing positive, because it is true that they have obstructed and interfered quite actively, with malice aforethought, and they have covered up their interference and obstruction.
     El Gringo Viejo declares his fervent belief derived from his knowledge about how these people always have operated, that the "Administration" had "Plan A" sitting on the front burner waiting for this "opportunity".  The step- by-step progression of the breakdown of order in Ferguson has been predictable, scripted, and co-ordinated by the White House.
     Each time there has been a situation requiring the repair of society because of white abuse of the interest of the black victim, this "Administration" has walked into the door in the dark.  The Cambridge mess where the police reacted "stupidly" was a stunning overplay of a hand with no high card by Barak Soetoro.
     Follow this with the Duke University Lacrosse players rape charge.   Then the wading in, once again, with another teachable moment concerning the Treyvon Martin case.  In each of these cases the President took the moral high ground always assumed by people who have no concept of what morality is, and in each we previously state...he and his posse rode into Box Canyon.    Made fools of themselves due to the facts of the case.  Because of their intrinsic racist thump in the chest they have in lieu of a soul.  Coupled with the hatred of America.  And their need to Destroy America via race war, cultural rot by welfare, and socialist-inspired over-regulation of free economic activity.
     So "Plan A" is put into play one more time.  The President moves quickly to "nationalise" the Ferguson Affair.  He has no right, or place, or justification to do so, but he does it anyway, employing his ever-reliable lackey Eric Holder to flood in with twenty FBI agents, ordering an almost unheard-of autopsy of the "Gentle Bear" after two have already been done, demanding the confiscation of the tape of the "Gentle Bear's" activity at the convenience store and other acts of unconstitutional central government meddling in a strictly local criminal proceeding.  It is the action of a totalitarian's mindset.  It is the action of a totalitarian who is also motivated by at his core by racial hatred.
      The glory of this case was that a poor, gentle boy was on his knees with his arms high in the testified by two or three almost eloquent "witnesses" who were with the Gentle Bear when the officer cold-bloodedly shot him six times in the back. 
     Their information is not only false, but is actively contradicted now by active cellular telephone audio and video material presently in possession of local authority.  And once again, we have a situation wherein there is probably further evidence of assault against a peace officer, due to the fact that the officer was taken to the hospital due to "swellings in the head area".
     This is nothing more or less than Sound and Fury signifying nothing except the fact that the Democrat National Socialist Party is trying its very, very best to try to re-energise their disinterested base.   Anything must be done to save the Senate for the Democrat National Socialists.  Even a race war....brought on by the Community Organiser in Chief.   Period.
Signing off sadder than I am angry,
El Gringo Viejo