Friday, 22 August 2014

It becomes more and more critical

    The morbid silliness of this poseur who resides, officially, in the White House has passed the redline on the tachometer for so many RPMs now that the engine will either burn up or throw a tie-rod at any time.
     Some months back, El Gringo Viejo advised that is was foolish to keep assailing against Bashir Assad, the dictator of Syria.  On top of that, he was a cad with whom we are familiar, while the fighters who assail against him are an unknown quantity.  While it seems improbable, we are dealing with the Middle East, and worse-than-Bashir was certainly not out of the question.
     To be sure, John McCain and Lindsey Graham who are both noble United States Senators, also wanted to overthrow poor Bashir know, he's just a bad guy, like his daddy.   El Gringo Viejo, on the other hand, who is a nobody and a peripheral flea in the Universe of the Mighty came to the conclusion one day that Bashir might ought to be kept right where he is, as
"President" of Syria.  True he has sheltered Hezbollah thugs on his territory since the time of the Pharaohs and Alexander the Great.  And true, he probably received the bulk of the viable weaponry of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein before the Second Gulf War, and he has been a bit heavy-handed  in governing his people during his reign.

M.M. Muhammad Morsi.jpg
Mohamed Morsi 
    But there are a couple of other points.   During his reign it is true that he has paid the necessary lip service to the anti-Israeli positions required of anyone leading a principally Muslim country.  But he has also, like various of the Arab leaders, been rather perfunctory about his anti-Israelism.  He is not quite as Israel-friendly as Mubarek and/or the Egyptian Military, but his record is closer to them than it is to Morsi the Maniac.  Actually, the Hebrews kept an eye on Bashir and his Hezbollah thugs en residence but, in typical Arab fashion, it seems the thugs remain more of a menace to Lebanon than Israel.
    The next thing was that the "Resistance" to Bashir Assad never could quite seem to coalesce into a monolithic movement.   It always seemed to disintegrate, and during the arguments one group kept holding sway, and it was the group that was based upon the remnants of the old Al Qaeda in Iraq, to-day known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.   The "moderate" elements of the resistance to Assad always seemed to fall to the wayside or be found on the road to Turkey or Kurdistan seeking refuge.   Only the old Al Qaeda in Iraq fighters seemed to stay the course.  Now noting the bloodthirsty and maniacal nature of the fervour of the ISIL group, it is probably true that they were the ones gassing their own people with captured stores of poisoned gas.  It is certain that they abused their fellow "freedom fighters" mercilessly.  The international press would easily lay the blame on poor Bashir. 
    Sadly for ISIL, the Syrian fighters were tougher than had been anticipated. The Jews took note that during their recent unpleasantness with the "Palestinians" no Syrian jets or tanks or even infantry units even looked in the direction of Israel.  ISIL has gone back into the "black hole" of Iraq (the blank northern areas), committed terrorism of inconceivable depravity against Iraqis of various types and stripes, thereby carving out an area of the Levant that ISIL can call its own.   Refugees have poured out.  Thousands have been buried alive, beheaded, raped, shot-up by spraying thousands of automatic weapons rounds onto groups of hundreds of men who are left in stinking heaps of rotting mounds of corpses in order to terrorise those remaining alive.  Nice folks.  And they say they are coming to America.


Peter O'toole saves Arabia
from the Germans, Turks, and
themselves, all at once.
     So the esteemed Solons McCain and Graham...who truly are good and accomplished men....were wrong.  The replacement for Assad was worse than Assad.  And it has become necessary now to join with Assad the Despicable, oddly enough, in order to protect Syrians and Israelis and Egyptians.  The odd man out is Hezbollah.  The Lebanese and Jordanians, and probably even the Saudis would  come on board to eliminate ISIL down to the last man.  It is in the interest of all the afore-named (minus Hezbollah) because of the oil issue.
Te lawrence.jpg
Maj. T.E. Lawrence
C. - 1918
The man who played Peter
O'Toole in real life.
      America's new-found hydrocarbiferous potency is going to rearrange the petro-geopolitical map substantially.  On a parallel, the Benghazi affair seems now to have been Obama and Hillary officially "looking the other way" while ISIL agents and affiliates sacked massive amounts of arms and ammunition under the control of the CIA to be transported to ports in southeastern Turkey.  There it was off-loaded to ISIL transport agents and deployed among those forces and only those forces.
Gamel Abdul Nasser
    ISIL thinkers are already aware of this improbable set of alliances.  They have heard of Peter O'toole and how he saved the Arabs from themselves and drew a line on a map to create British inspired Syria and Iraq as places with straight-line boundaries within the Levant.  Like magic lines in the sand...even Barry couldn't do that!

     All of this is possible because Major Lawrence and 5,000 years of intrigues among the people of the Levant prove that it is not only possible, but probable.  It was in the 1950s when President Eisenhower defied Prime Minister MacMillan and HRH Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and sided with Gamel Abdul Nasser of Egypt and actually engaged in hostilities with the French and the Brits.  It was about the right of Nasser to essentially nationalise the Suez Canal.   We wound up on Nasser's side to try to keep the Ruskies from getting their camel's nose under the tent.  Finally the Russians wound up winning, but only briefly.  Egyptians actually really do like Brits and Americans a lot better.
    The miracle of Lawrence of Arabia....and few are going to like what is stated herein...was in many ways duplicated by a guy named George W. Bush and his entire posse of Vice-President, Secretary of Defence, down to the last private no-time-in-grade arriving in Baghdad during the Second Gulf War.  It was a glorious victory for American and allied arms as well as for the Iraqi people.  Would that it had been nurtured by a better custodian.
     In this matter, Hezbollah, strangely enough, is the odd-man-out.  Hezbollah could never withstand a three way shredding by a Lebanese, Syrian, and Israeli "box-in".   They were almost annihilated in the 1980s by such a situation, until the Gringos lifted their foot off the accelerator and put in on the brake.   United Nations recommended, don't you know.
     So, combined with the Kurds and even to some small extent the Turks, the ISIL can be dealt with.  Their main enemy is they themselves.  They continue to express useless hubris which exposes them to sudden and severe and devastating reprisal and vengeance.   Our only shortcoming in the mix is the commander-in-chief who really is too busy to dirty his hands with reality.....with the correcting of a very bad reality of his own creation, almost as if by intention.   Or should we remind ourselves that Barry is actually a sock-puppet of Valerie Jarrett who is the quarterback and fullback and field coach for Team Soros-World National Socialist Union of Jew-haters?
     So, combined with the Kurds, and even to some small extent the Turks, and some pretty darned effective fighters among the Iraqi Army that finally showed up, and the French who really can fight when they put their minds to it, and the Brits who have little or no apology to make to anyone....this chicken can be boiled.
     If the Turks and the Damascans would simply solidly seal their borders, one French, one British, and two American flattops could lay down enough air power for two weeks to establish an annihilation force of 60,000 battle hardened fighters the likes of which ISIL could never imagine.  It's one thing to murder people who are un-armed and defenceless.....rape women....steal, and loot and be depraved.  But armoured cavalry, helicopter cavalry, heavy infantry, and especially the  artillery could degrade the ISIL into an unrecognisable mite in relatively short order.
    So we shall see.  The need is to essentially remove this president from the helm, as was the physically wasted Woodrow Wilson, and put in a shadow group to serve as president until the term is over.  If not...the song "Coming to America" will no longer be a pleasant song.  We must close the borders tightly, and oddly enough...due to passports abounding with the image of HRH Queen Elizabeth on them...the Canadian border as well.

The following instrumental is dedicated to Barry Soetoro, as an anthem to what he seems to have been doing since the last election, when he fooled them all one more time.   Here's to Ole Barry


More Later,
El Gringo Viejo