Friday, 22 August 2014

A special note to newcomers: first of all, welcome!

     We forget, at times, to do a bit of self-promotion, especially if it benefits our clients and readership, loosely known as the OROG community.   The Order of the Readers of the Old Gringo is a growing group of grumpily pleasant people.  There are even a few who think they are liberals of some sort or another.
     We have had the comment from one lady who indicated that she happened upon our blog and it made her so furious that she wanted to call her congressgirlyman.   But, she did not, and was strangely drawn back to the long, winding sentences with two dependent clauses and perhaps three independent clauses, silly pictures, and silly music....anger, humour, British spelling, Mexican-inflected commentary....historical orientations...and social analysis....and she decided that it was one of her favourite stops on the cyber-highway into the cloud after all.
Have Gun - Will Travel
     We appreciate the open mind.  We also urge that the reader landing here for the first or early times to-day check back for a couple of weeks or maybe twenty or thirty entries as time permits to understand this blog.   It is both constant....riding along the right rail of the track, relying upon traditionalist guideposts for life....and somewhat eclectic, such as when we analyse by 360 degrees the issues surrounding Battle of the Alamo, or the Cinco de Mayo.   We also jump on the bones of Mexico and the Mexicans and can be one of  Mexico's and the Mexicans' best defenders, depending of course upon whether El Gringo Viejo believes them to be in error or correct.   El Gringo Viejo is the quintessential Texian.

     We have a posse, each a Paladin with his own path, and all of whom have similar although not identical viewpoints who intermittently contribute writing that, alas, is as good to much better than my own.   While they might not be either gunfighters or one of the Twelve Knights of the Court of Charlemagne, of them all they all be qualified for either title.   So the reader is not doomed to the same source forever.
     We even take our own to task, at times.  And, finally we draw liberally from source material that is used, with due credits, to augment understanding.   Once again....meander through our recent and ancient writings on the blog....communicate, preferably by e-mail, and feel at home here.

El Gringo Viejo