Saturday, 19 July 2014

Woman-problems? Impeachment? El Zorro cleans his Girand while he opines....

El Zorro wonders aloud about the comparative values of the Islamic extremists as opposed to the moral and/or ethical precepts governing people who have a Judeo-Christianic and/or common/natural law set of guideposts.

A woman to follow Barry?
     It occurs to me that his probable errr, uhhh possible successor has a plethora of problems of her own.  One of the most problematic is that she is a woman.  Our largest international conflict is with the Muslim world, more specifically Islam and Sharia.  If she or any woman were to become Commander in Chief there would be no solution other than full blown cultural war.  Americans do not have any idea the Islamic ideology concerning women as less than human.  The radicals as in ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. fundamentalist Islamists all subjugate all women to the status of animals or something less than human.


     The “El Gringo Viejo” blog of 7/19/2014 does accurate justice to the unbelievable mess perpetrated by the dysfunctional, selfish, average IQ, soulless puppet that has found a place to sit in the White House not once but two times due to some "misunderestimation" of the man’s ability to snatch enough votes from low information saps who would pull the chair back for him.  Unfortunately, there is not enough virtual space in the universe to document all of his deviousness.
On impeachment of Obama:
      Many supposedly politically savvy people say impeachment cannot work because there is not enough support for it.  We (we know who “we” are) say to the Republicans in the House “grow some manly characteristics and let’s see how much support there is.  We would like to see him impeached and then indicted and convicted, if for nothing more, just so he doesn’t get government retirement benefits and all that goes with them.  We might take the Senate and hold the House in November which will give conservatives a stronger hand to slow the damage Obama can foist until 2016.  The wishy-washy Republican elite say “We can’t waste our time with impeachment with so many other issues to deal with and we should wait until we take the Senate… then we will show them.”  My questions is, "Can’t they do more than one thing at a time?"
    Time is wasting.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We need to be on offense and put pressure everywhere all the time to keep Obama and Co. from their tyrannical rampage.  It doesn’t matter anymore.  Impeach him whether he gets convicted or not.  Stop this train!
Where are real Americans?  I don’t see many.
Just some thoughts.
JRH (aka El Zorro)
El Gringo Viejo agrees that a full court press would have been much better.  It still is the best alternative.  And when the "kinder and gentler, more adult, reasonable, able-to-reach-across-the aisle, moderate Republican" say..."Why can't you hot-heads just sit down and shut up?!?!".....I respond, "...because you people preside over the crony capitalist, unbalanced budgets, correct speech as required by deranged National Socialists, their lunacy, and take the crumbs the madmen give you as bribes to approve their National Socialist Imperatives!"
     Does the famous expression, "....We'll have to vote for it to find out what's inside of it,'' ring a bell?
     And this is for you sophisticated, country club Republicans who are members of all the right cliques  and groups.   You  people tell us to be reasonable?   We tell you to go to Hell and get out of the way.   National Socialists, Bolsheviks, and people who hate Jews and Christians because they exist....the time is long past to drive the tax collectors from the temples and from the moralillos  (coin purses) de la gente productiva.
     You people needn't fear those of us who are small business people, who are skilled tradesmen, the free-standing professionals.  We do not want to be in your snooty, snotty clubs.  We like having grease under our fingernails.  We like being eccentric...because it comes naturally.   Many if not most of us have as much or more blue blood than any Haley Barbour or Mitch McConnell and certainly Peter King.  While we might have some pride in having that blue blood, red blood, Indian blood, pioneer background or whatever,  it is nothing if the nation falls under the rot of collapsing culture and the coming financial debt disaster.
    And any wife of any Republican ex-President who can say that she regards William Jefferson Blyth just like one of her sons, pretty much sums up what I mean.   And any President who resigns from the National Rifle Association because the president of that organisation refers to the ATF and E as jack-booted thugs because they assaulted a religious compound of dullards like a bunch of jack-booted thugs ..... does not deserve my last full measure of devotion.
The ire among us is deep and wide.  Lectures from Boehner and McConnell about our lack of refinement and our rustic manners genuinely fall on increasingly deaf ears.   The slimy election trick pulled by Thad Cochran's handlers shows the rot inside the "correct class" of moderate, reasonable Republicans.   There is little, perhaps no, health left in them.
El Gringo Viejo