Saturday, 19 July 2014

Experience and Ghostly Voices from the Past


Look, there goes Transparency! And there's
 Line-in-the-Sand.  They're all here.  Now
 I understand. All the promises, all of them.
  They're all dead.  Look!!  There's Youcan
Keepyourdoctor!!!   They're all here!!
    We are given things, at times, by this army of knaves that has been foisted upon the hapless by the Obsolete Press and the Fabian Elitists that are juicy, sweet/sour, with salsa and that just plain taste good.  The Obsolete Press sometimes lets its guard down, thinking that they have won the final battle of the final war, when in fact they are fixing to have to punt on third down.....third down and 52 yards to go for a first down.
     Shovel-ready jobs, about which Barry snickers and jokes that ".....there weren't quite as many shovel ready jobs as we thought...heh heh."  What is a trillion or so dollars flushed down to the infrastructurally-challenged sewer treatment plant?   But there are so many low-hanging avocadoes to pick.   Let's try.......


    The video features the clip of Obama and Medvedev holding a private conversation at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea. During their talk, which was caught on camera and on microphone, Obama asked his Russian counterpart for some "space" on the U.S.-led NATO missile defense system in Europe.
   "This is my last election," Obama told Medvedev. "After my election I have more flexibility."   While Obama put his hand on Medvedev's arm, the Russian president responded saying he would transmit the information to the incoming president, current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
     But Republicans seized on Obama's request as an opportunity to frame the president as a politician primarily focused on re-election.  "It's amazing what we find out about this president's policies when he thinks no one is listening and it begs the question: What else doesn't Obama want us to know about before he's reelected?" Kirsten Kukowski, RNC spokeswoman, said.
(video - abc news, embed permitted via Youtube.  Text - CNN, reproduced by 26 March 2012)

Glamour: Some of Colonel Gaddafi's guards. Others were horribly attacked by the Libyan dictator
Qaddafi's  famous Pretorian Guards
    Now we know much of what Obama did not want anyone to know, especially Jews, Christians, conservatives, common and natural law people, traditionalists, and other such dull folk.   One notices that Barry went out of his way to follow the instructions of his Teleprompter Programmers concerning leading from behind in Libya, so as to depose an innocuous dictator.   The hapless Qaddafi had been neutered, de-toothed, and de-fanged in large part by Reagan and the two Bushes.  He had even suffered the self-imposed humiliation of turning over some considerable nuclear work and other already weaponised WMDs when Saddam Hussein was deposed.   He had become a kinder and gentler tyrant whose amalgamated physical problems and age had made him pretty much like the Old Lion in the Zoo.
    So, Barry co-ordinating apparently with revolutionaries that turned out to be affiliated with al Qaeda managed to allow the French to destabilise things sufficiently to arrange to ship most of Qaddafi's small arms, automatic weapons, and ammunition to the "Freedom Fighters" in Syria via Turkish freighters.   That is when Barry Soetoro laid down the law to Bashir Assad, that...."Either you leave town, Bashir, or I'm going to go right out and draw a line in the sand."

     The Obsolete Press was full of awe and admiration due to Barry's stabbing of Egypt's fair-to-Israel Hozni Mubarek in the back, and front, and elsewhere and the imposition of the enlightened Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt.   Then followed Barry's brilliant overthrow of another essentially neutral party in the Israel - Hamas / Hezbollah / Iran against the USA and Israel,  issue  Muamar Qaddafi.   They knew that before long the horrid scum of the Assad Dynasty would be thrown into the dust-bin of history.   No one, nothing, could stand in the way of the Man Who Shot Liberty Bin Valance.  

     Face it, no one could ever have created as many shovel ready jobs as Barry Onyango Hussein bin Soetoro.....not all the Pharaohs of Egypt put together with all the pyramids, totems, and statues, and golden sarcophagi....not no one, not no how.  And then, to have destroyed almost all the Arab dictators and Kings and potentates who surrounded Israel without bothering (or even trading and being friendly with) Israel....a person just has to admire anyone who can hate Jews that much and stab that many stabilising influences in a volatile region in the back so quickly.
     There was one, or two, or maybe ten or twenty problems on the way to the fundraiser for poor Barry, however.  It all started with the most trusted institution in Egypt, that pesky holdover from Neanderthal times, the Egyptian Army decided to throw the "legally elected" Muslim Brotherhood thug out into the cold and to re-instate common-sense governance.
     Barry and Hillary made it clear that the people had voted for beheadings of infidels and stoning of adulteresses, and that was what the people should have.  They deserved something better than predictable order and a modicum of respect for strange people like Jews, Christians, tourists, homosexuals and the left-handed.   Who wanted to take a Nile Tour or go out and look at a bunch of dumb pyramids anyway?

     One can only imagine how betrayed Barry must have felt when the present government of Egypt offered to broker a cease fire and potential peace arrangement between Jamas and Israel.   Worse yet, imagine how Valerie Jerrod and the Teleprompter Programmers Foundation for Hope, Change, and Revenge must have felt.   And then, when Jamas turned down the deal, the antacids must have been flying off the shelf (and in Hillary's case, the ash-trays flying through the air) when the Egyptians said, "Well, okay, the Hebes have the right to defend themselves the best they see fit then. Ciao!"

     Then, all the while, scores of thousands of illegal aliens are being placed throughout the Republic to await their turn to report for an immigration hearing.   They are receiving more attention, in many cases, than the veterans are receiving in some of our Veterans' Administration facilities.  Although it would cost about 50,000,000 USD to send everybody back home, with a goody bag of Michael Jackson CDs, singing "We Are the World" and a cookbook written by Michelle Robinson, and Klaus Nomi's "You Don't Own Me" recording.
     Barry also had to briefly interrupt his fund-raising vacay for 38 seconds to observe that somebody shooting down a 777 airliner with 300 dead might be a tragedy.  But, worryeth not.  He was back to his ill-timed, poorly placed insipid jokes well before the second hand had crossed the number 12.   By nightfall, his 40-SUV cortege was blocking up streets in the fashionable section of Manhattan so that he could tell a few more jokes, pat himself on the back for being a victim, and blaming the Republicans for the Chicago Fire and the heartbreak of psoriasis.  

     It's really a tough job, but someone has to screw it up.  We chose a winner for that one.  Next General Ham will receive a Purple Heart for changing his story after brainwashing in the Naval Hospital outside of Seattle, and the Deserting "Sergeant"  will receive a Medal of Honour for having enlisted in the wrong Army.

Hoping for better soon, and thanking you all for your time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo