Sunday, 1 June 2014

Two Points


The first point:

    It is true  that, yes, we are being serious about suggesting the campaign strategy and tactics for Hillary Rodham.  There is an angle or two about that point that might be argued.   The OROG might say, "Why give Our Lady of the Immaculate Concussion any advice?   She obviously has the world by the tale and you are stuck, sitting there writing vitriolic condemnations of Her Holiness, putting your life and soul in jeopardy?   And what if she actually does what you are saying to do, and then wins the stupid election?''

     Her Holiness has too much ego to avoid the trap of trying to become kinder and gentler.  The clumsy roll-out about how the Republicans are using the dead heroes to hide behind in order to score political points is such an arcane and ridiculous argument that even the higher end of the low  information and intelligence voters can be troubled with it.   Like, Dude!  You'd think that just because we trotted out the arrogant dunce, Susan Rice, to affirm, confirm, and dudfirm that the Benghazi attack was the result of a spontaneous group of dolts taking offence at an insulting-to-Mohammed video on YouTube with something like 7,000 hits over the three months it was out before the incident.  I mean, even people who liked to make fun of Mohammed were not really invested in this opus magnus eclesiasticus  by Gerald (The Magic Coptic) Dungbunkers, (actually Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, using the pseudonym of "Sam Bacile".)[

     If people think that we are muckrakers because we think that, as right-wing crazies, there is something more than what meets the eye about this Benghazi thing...(about almost anything Hillary Rodham does)...there are other nutters who have well-reasoned arguments that the issue is much, much blacker than it even appears to us, here, and now. 
     There are those who are quite convinced that Obama is absolutely dedicated to the notion of making way for the establishment of the Caliphate, at least in the areas "where it ought to be".   Obama is committed to his half-brother, who is a leading muslim imam in the Holy Land area...connected to Jamas, and the best man at Barry and Michelle's wedding...and his half-brother's stated goal to live to see the establishment of the New Caliphate.

     The very next thing that we have to consider, is "Why was it so necessary for Barry and (Sir Edmund) Hillary to make absolutely certain that the entire consul destroyed?   It was almost as if the "terrorist attackers were doing the bidding of Barry, and Valerie and (Sir Edmund) Hillary.  Not even the FBI or any investigative team, civilian or military was allowed in.  The relief flight from Tripoli was ordered to stand-down.  Something was being removed and/or something was being destroyed that incriminated our Untouchables....something so ghastly that not even Candy Crowley would have been able to keep the lie alive.   It is the only thing that truly makes sense.

A female student stands in a burnt classroom at a school in Maiduguri, Nigeria, on 12 May 2012
Sorry, no school to-day.  Boko Haram has decided to kill
a few of your classmates and start a renovation project on
your old "new school".  The old one already had almost a
whole semester after all. 

 The Second Point:

      We are not so certain in the total workability of this particular conspiracy notion, but the pieces seem to fall fairly close together.   Some kind of hanky - panky was going on in Benghazi that required no living American presence left on the scene, no Spookys, no F-16s, no Spectres, no Tripoli relief contingent, no FBI, no US special forces deployments, nothing except for Greg Palkot walking unescorted through the smoking ruins 36 hours later, where apparently Susan Rice, (Sir Edmund) Hillary, Panetta, Barry, Biden, Petraeus, and later Ham (after a stay in the Navy facility at the Navy Hospital Bremerton...for a bit of ...."rest".   After that rest, he was allowed to go out and parrot anything that Hillary said.  Before that rest, he had ordered a response in force against the activities in Benghazi while they were still on-going.

     It is very much in keeping with that establishment to rid the Middle East of all the dictators.   Dictators are offensive to Mohammed.  The deposition of the governments of Mubarek, Qaddafi, and the House of Saudi which is not approved by the New Caliphate supporters, and all Christian and/or Judaic "misplaced peoples"....Copts, Israelis, the Sub-Saharan Black Africans who are Naturists, Ancestor worshippers, and Christians, and at times all of those things mixed together....are an anathema to the New Caliphate people.
     Imagine the stupidity of Obama, Hillary, and Kerry not helping the Nigerians and the Kenyans in their disputes with various nut-case Islamist terrorist groups, because the Nigerians and the Kenyans with a very traditional Anglican background.     A plurality are, if you will, fundamentalist Catholic so to speak... and are opposed to marriage of homosexuals, one to another and the extension of specified rights to homosexuals over an above that which a normal citizen has.   So, another three hundred Nigerian girls are kidnapped, and another village is razed two days later, leaving hundreds dead due to the nice muslim boys who just want t0 free people from Christianity, Pagan/Naturism, combinational Religious thinking and free providing Islam....or death.
     And Kerry goes over to Kenya and Nigeria to instruct them about how to be nice to homosexuals.  It was the Kenyan and Nigerian political/religious intransigence concerning homosexuals, AIDs, and depravity in general that the State Department under Obama would not really assist the Nigerians nor the Kenyans with self-defence systems or training in counter-insurgency.  Even American support for the fairly effective Kenyan anti-poaching efforts has been curtailed by the Obama administration because of the anti-homosexual nature of the people and their governments.

     The joke?   The roaring laughing and crying, fall on the floor with convulsions about the stupidity.... joke of an administration that these past six years has been???   When and if the Muslim liberators come in and free the nations of Kenya and Nigeria from the bonds of Christianity, openly homosexual people will be hanged or placed before a wall of many tonnes of bricks and buried alive by pushing said wall upon them.  They will be slaughtered.   Hillary, Kerry, and Obama cannot be so stupid.  They are, in fact,  banking on the ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills of the American body politic.
     The reason that Kenya and Nigeria are being tinkered with is not for oil, it is to destroy the small vestige of a Christian stronghold in Black Africa.  In this, American Progressives share common truck with the Communists, the Ishmaelites, and the atheist progressives.

   Every move they make, every breathe they take, is a move to dividing the world into two, three, or four broad areas of rule by elitists....normally marxist market speculators and certain intellectuals some of whom have garnered sizeable amounts of shekels while involved in capitalist pursuits.

    The diabolical nexus between the White House and the leaking of names of people involved in highly classified activities, in allowing al Qaeda and its numerous affiliates to strengthen, establish, re-establish, to morph and re-constitute, always encroaching to establish The New Caliphate continues.  With each purposeful misstep by the United States Government, now under the temporary but total control of the Manchurians who placed Barry Soetoro amidst us...the world moves closer to being controlled by seriously mentally disturbed, obsessive - compulsive control monsters.

     These facts are demonstrable.  The Obama Administration, essentially under the complete control of Valerie Jarrett, has steadily worked to weaken the government and the country from the inside out.  The Department of Justice has served primarily to blacklist, harass, abuse, and obstaculate the productive sector and the conservative political element since arriving in Washington, D.C.
      The EPA, the HHS, the NLRB, the BLM, the FEMA, ad infinitum have done pretty much what the right-wing crazies said they were going to do under a Jarrett administration, essentially run by the "new, improved" Annenberg Foundation.  The AF working in collusion with Soros, Steyer, and the Service Employees International Union (mother of ACORN), the UAW, the IRS the National Education Association (gag), and the entire RBIofA (race-baiting industry of America), has pretty much danced to the tune the right-wing crazies said was scripted and so here we are.

     How many lines in the sand can be drawn, before you run out of sand?  A new song for the post-modern, post-American era.
     And the new national anthem, written by the Bureau of Land Management,
"This land is our land, this land's not your land."

Maybe the right-wing crazies had it right all along.
El Gringo Viejo

PS - Watch for one weakness in the suit of mail...that being the tenacity of the Egyptian Generals and the newly "elected" General Sissi.  Jews and Egyptians get along on the long-wave relationship-metre.  One dreams of the day when the Egyptian Army...which is not a terribly bad lot o' blokes....and the Israli Army, after due diligence, take out 90% of the Hezbollah and Jamas fighters in 72 hours....dismantling the government, their mafias, their informant cells of hellish and suicidal murderers....and place the refugees into a commonwealth administered by Israeli and Egyptian military process.
    But then we would have to hope for an answer to this question first:  When will the pseudo-Palestinian mothers begin to love their children more than they are jealous of and hate the Israeli mothers and children.
    They are an abominable, morally and culturally defective people with a false religion.