Monday, 2 June 2014

Every step you take, every move you make....we'll be watching you, Barry


We'll lead with a liar and a dunce...Rice and Stephanopoulos...both of whom
are leftist, marxist robotrons with deep connections to (Sir Edmund Hillary)
and her posse.  Rice managed to, and was allowed to, filibuster with pure CO2
especially with the "served with honour and distinction" bilge concerning the
deserter.   Rice could not possibly think she has any credibility.
Could either Rice or Stephie tell us who hired Craig Livingstone in 1993?
Hillary could not seem to recall.
Maybe Huma knows.

     By this point it should be neither surprising nor excusable.   Each wave of the hand, each shouting menace, every urging to "get your revenge" to the dull, low information masses, should be more than enough for any thought process to be sure that Barry Soetoro is the Manchurian Manikin.   Moreover, (Sir Edmund)Hillary may well be the Mongolian or Siberian Candidate.   The Clintons have a long affair with Red Chinese money and with doing the Red Chinese technological favours.

Obama's corner-man for the
last bout between the heroic
Barry Soetoro and the bad,
mean Mormon billionaire
racist who pays no taxes,
not a penny, for ten years.
And who does not care for
people "like us". 
     Remember that the father of the deserter, yesterday, in an internationally televised statement, advised his son to co-operate with the people in Germany because they have been chosen to help him.   This proves without any doubt that the release of the deserter was part of a surrender and humiliation deal.   To accept an American of no military value, qualified for the firing squad for having departed the field of battle during imminent hostilities, and then living without detention among the enemy and giving aid and comfort to same, for the release of five hardened war criminals and genocidal maniacs of the worst order is a crime in and of itself.

     Nothing will happen.  Susan Rice has already explained to the ever compliant Crowley that "America has the sacred duty to recover their soldiers"...a laughable, if it were not so sad, equivilation of the deserter to a true battle-grabbed prisoner of war.   To equivilate this individual to somebody like John McCain is an insult, and an insult that Barry Soetoro is well-capable of delivering.   Susan Rice is a marxist and defines truth as that which advances the cause.  Candy is a stupe and defines the truth as anything that will keep her in face-time.  Pray for the cameras.
     This issue is critical, because it does involve a breach.  The War Powers Act requires that the Commander in Chief consult closely with a broad representation of the leadership in Congress before authorising any trade for prisoners or hostages with known or declared enemies of the United States or her allies.   Not even Harry Reid nor Nancy Pelosi can say that they were advised, consulted, or in any was involved in this decision.

     The mistreatment of the veterans was a purposeful, arrogant, joke played upon the honourably infirmed.....just another way to disrespect America's armed forces in a physical and concrete way, while saying things to the ill-informed, low information people words that seem patriotic but, for this speaker, have no value.

   "If you want to keep your...."....Do We Remember?

  Any said by these people means nothing.  It is what they do that counts.  Leaving the military situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, ensures that the efforts expended by the people who fought the Wars spent their time and blood for naught.   Another kick of sand into the face of the American Armed Forces.

     The trade of five Primary Value enemies who are associated directly and indirectly with the assassination of 6,000 - 7,000 Afghani mountain people of  Mongolian background, but Muslim religion for an American deserter who has no military or social value is absurd and essentially suborning and accommodating treason.  This is what even the United Nations agreed the five set free from Guantanamo were up to in various places in Afghanistan.   TO WIT:

Taliban killed 4,000 in ethnic cleansing drive

By Ahmed Rashid in Islamabad

Electronic Telegraph, September 10,1998, Issue 1203
BETWEEN 4,000 and 6,000 Afghan Hazaras - three times more than recent Amnesty International estimates - were massacred by the Taliban when they captured areas of northern Afghanistan last month, according to diplomats.
The envoys described the killings as a deliberate campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Islamic fundamentalist militia. Diplomats, United Nations officials and aid workers say thousands of Hazaras, mostly males, were killed in front of their families in Mazar-i-Sharif, capital of the anti-Taliban alliance in northern Afghanistan, when the Taliban captured the city last month.
A senior diplomat who has interviewed dozens of Hazara families said: "Young men over 16 were brought out of their houses into the streets and had their throats slit in a ritualistic killing. Younger boys had both hands chopped off at the wrist."
An aid worker said Hazara bodies were left in the streets for days, and people trying to escape from the city were shot. The aid worker said: "They were mutilating children and telling them, 'You will never fight us again'."
The Hazaras, a Mongol people who form some 15 per cent of the country's 18 million population, have resisted Taliban offensives for the past four years from their strongholds in the Hindu Kush mountains.
The Hazaras are Shia Muslims, whom the Sunni Taliban loathe. Iran, which is predominantly Shia, has used the massacre issue as a reasons to mobilise 70,000 troops on the Iran-Afghanistan border.
Last week, Amnesty International released a report saying that thousands of Hazaras were killed in Mazar. But aid workers and diplomats who left the city after the Taliban takeover and have met Hazaras who escaped, say the number of dead could be much higher.
The Taliban have rejected the allegations, but refuse to allow aid workers, the UN or foreign journalists to return to Afghanistan. Mazar has been closed to foreigners.


    This is serious breach of faith and violation of law, and it is among America's top 100 darkest moments.  This is a deal between America-haters in the wilds of Afghanistan conspiring happily with America-haters in the White House.   There is no good to come of it, unless it is a wake up 03:00 hours for Hillary the Mendacious, and for Barry and all his anti-American cadre-ghouls at the saloon scenes in the movie Galactic Battlestars Sponge Pants.    It is now 23:59 on the American clock.

    Impeachable and Convictable has occurred and now it is overwhelmingly demonstrable.

Thanks for your attention to this urgent and troubling news.
El Gringo Viejo