Monday, 19 May 2014

Wealth Expropriation and More Major and Minor Topics

Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers
 in Occupy Wall Street,
 Zuccotti Park
     It is apparent to all reasonable observers at this point that the president and his administration are bound and determined to sabotage the American economic system by and all means and methods possible.   We can see the incessant attack upon the energy production, transport, and refining industries.  We took note of the  out-and-out theft of possession of General Motors and Chrysler by means of simply cancelling the validity and worth of the preferred stock held in those companies by investment groups on behalf of individual investors and by individual investors operating independently.

    It is apparent in the incessant increase in regulation, meddling, and arbitrary governmental whack-a-moe enforcement and oversight of legitimate economic activity.  Demagoguery is to be expected of lower class political operatives and "community organiser" agitators.   The combination of demagoguery, anarchism, and criminality is a bit more rare, but one would expect such from a person who counts Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn as close advisors and confidants.  Such an association is denied by creditable sources within the Obsolete Media such as CNN and the New York Times.   Ayres managed to beat a murder rap on a technicality and has since been involved in the indoctrination of pre-school to collegiate post-graduates in the value of communism and the worthlessness of America.  Ayers advocated that young people, back in the 1970s should ...."kill your parents, destroy their cars,  destroy their aparments....etc".   If becomes worse.    Ayers and his wife Bernadine were finally captured, being wanted on murder charges for having made and deployed various bombs that had killed and wounded several people.   Ayers also instructed in the making of a bomb that blew his first lady's head off al0ng with another communist terrorist: the bomb was intended for a USO dance for returning combat personnel that same night.   Ayers beat a possible capital murder charge because a court ruled that certain surveillance practices were inadmissible due to the lack of a properly styled warrant request.  Charges had to be dismissed due to the "fruit of the poisoned tree" rule of evidence.  Ayers's response? "Guilty as sin, Free as a bird.  America is a great country!"  he snickered.

    It is also beyond dispute by this point that Ayers wrote Barry Soetoro's "autobiographical" book "Dreams from My Father".   Considering that Barry cannot ad lib fifteen seconds when his teleprompter malfunctions, without senseless, epithet-shouting sloganeering, and fall-back gibber.    The similarity of style with Ayers's dull, predictable marxist bilge and dull predictable attempts at flourish, there is no doubt that Ayers wrote the "Dreams" book and perhaps even the other Obama ego-blast as well.

Indian Banyan, Ficus benghalensis,  Mombasa, Kenya, photo © by Michael Plagens
Relative of the Banyan Tree that jumped 
 out in front of that fine man, Barry, Sr.who was
 a great intellectual. The tree was not a relative
of Auntie Zietuni (RIP) or Uncle Omar Onyango
 Obama who lived on full  public support so far
 costing over 2,000,000 dollars in tax supported
sloth, and in Uncle Omar's case, multiple DWI
cases. More confiscation of American wealth for
 the support of parasites with no right to access
to the wealth of the working and investingclass.
    So, remembering these associations....associations that completely and on many tiers of surrounded....cocooned...Barry Soetoro with Manchurian Candidate hypno-coaches.   Daily, hourly, inculcation with Bolshevik and (oddly) National Socialist policy....spread the wealth, income equality, one-percent own everything, capitalism is greed, racism, racism, racism.  It is a communist catechism.   These "hypno-coaches, or minders were in charge of brainwashing a small brain.   The set about having him appointed to prestigious but hollow positions.  They succeeded in having him elected to parliamentary positions where he could vote "present - in training".   They were  waiting to ambush another marxist during the primary processes that would choose between two hideously narcissistic, anti-American slugs to lead the Democrat Party in the 2008 general elections, and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge - appointed communist and ACORN minders won the day.   Considerable help was, of course, rendered by the Obsolete Media.
     The perfect circle of self-contradicting hypocrisy and ignorance flowered perfectly in the whole affair.   "We must nominate a moderate who can reach across the aisle.  Romney had to work at it, but he finally got in touch with his inner-moderate and managed to lose the election.  He followed the battle plan of his predecessor Col. Sen. John McCain.  McCain did the self-sacrifice, quick-draw foot-shot much better and more quickly.   And, they elected a real live Negro who had absolutely no ancestry that had any bearing on the black experience in America.  Because it was "Time" (to elect the abandoned son of a communist, anti-colonialist terrorist, misogynist, polygamist, drug addict, alcohol addict who did at least hate America at least as much as he hated women and white people before he died in a stuporous, drunken engagement with a banyan tree).

    Therefore, now we have a disaster at the Veterans' Administration unfolding.  Purposeful neglect, designed to gain bonuses for a few, and to purposely inflict pain, misery, and death upon veterans, because not too far down inside, Obama GS - 16 level and above central government employees hate America and any vestige of America's former military traditions, honour, and splendour.    Luckily, our contact with the VA has been very good to excellent.   Texas, however has a congressional delegation that is always involved in what is going on in Texas under the auspices of the central government.  There is no doubt in the mind of this writer that the abuse, to the extent that it exists, is purposeful due to an abiding hatred by the constituents of this administration and the middle and upper level appointees of this regime.
     The military has been back-burnered while more important national security issues are considered.  We must and should have greater interest in the accommodation of homosexuals and soon the reverse-re-transgendered and the ungendered. who must not be confused with the nongendered and the half-gendered and the other-than-gendered.

     There has been a budgetary disaster with Geitner who is an attempted tax-defrauder. He says that one of Barry Soetoro's top policy advisors told him (Geitner) to lie about how Social Security does not contribute to the running budget deficit.   Who really cares, and what difference does it make, when nobody in the White House, save for the service and physical plant people at the White House, give a flip about anything that has to do with Social Security, Budgets, and such matters?   The president and his "advisors'" only concern is to avail themselves of the money so long as it remains available so as to purchase votes.

     The driving of people from the workforce and into the ranks of the "disabled" under the liberal definitions now being made by the Social Security Disability programme has placed us in the position of having more employment-aged persons now out of the labour-force than there are people who are employed.  Amplification of the numbers of people loading up the grocery cart with the USDA free food for freeloaders programme indicate that 50,000,000 people are dining on the dime of the dummies who pay taxes and work or who own businesses.    "What's your  job, buddy?" one might ask.  "Well, I'm an eater," the other responds, and then asks, "Are you an eater, too?"

     "No, I guess that I am just a payer."  the Payer responds.

     "Bummer, Dude. Well, say...can you help me and my babymother with these four carts?"


Why do you have this when so many
 have none of this or much else.It is
 not fair when the whole point
 behind founding this Country
 was to make sure that nobody
 would have more than some
 other person.  No? 
     As this election-round approaches October and the November 4th election  day,  proposal after proposal will fly out of the Oval Office.   A minimum wage of 20.00/hour should be considered.  A 5,000 dollar per year direct payment to families below the poverty level will stimulate the economy.  People with M1 (cash and bank accounts), M2(treasuries, cds, other bonds, set asides for IRAs and other pensions, public and private) and M3(gold, silver, properties, and structures) will have to consider that they owe part of that wealth to the people who made that wealth happen.  A tax of the M1 and M2 of  3% per year, and no more, should be fair and tolerable for someone who has so much while the vast majority of the rest of us have so little. Gold and silver being held in private hands is a useless exercise and leads to hording and speculation that injures the overall economy.  Therefore, under pain of confiscation all people holding more than 50 dollars of gold in the form of bullion, coins, jewellery, dust, or in any form, as with silver, will be required to turn such metals over to the Internal Revenue Service.   Said Service is authorised now to enter the citizen's business, abode, or any place deemed necessary at any time day or night for the purpose of making an on-property assessment of gold and silver's presence on that property.   Unreported metals will be confiscated without recompensation and criminal charges can be made against whomsoever was holding such Gold and or Silver.

Cristy and Barry during better times
     Attention all OROGs!

Nicolas Maduro Moros.jpg
Nicolas Maduro
The first crooked thug to
serve as President of
Venezuela since the
last president died.
     The above proposals that start just below the little red line above, is what the ruling gnomes of Buenos Aires has been pushing, in one form or another, under the regimen of Sra. Presidente Cristina Fernandez Vda. de Kirchner and her gnomes, all clones of Hugo Chavez and his clone, Nicolas Maduro, present tin-horn thug, pseudo-marxist-populist who is busy saving, feeding, nurturing, attending to, giving of himself, and loving the poor.  Just like Cristina and just like Barry Soetoro, (Sir Edmund) Hillary, and Nancy, the little old winemaker over there in the hood.....the Napa-Samona-Mendicinohood .   All these slugs want your gold and silver and pensions and life insurance.   It is coming.

Nancy and her hubby's place is rather much like this one.

Poor Nancy.  Thank the little people. she does.   I remember her being a better Catholic than the Pope, when she gave thanks for the meal that her servants had prepared and served to the two or three hundred millionaires and billionaires who had gathered to fight the War on Women.  She prayed, so eloquently, "Thank You for the dirty dishes, They have a tale to tell.  Some folks are going hungry, While we're eating mighty well!  Amen!" 
    We all appreciated the setting with the Pelosi's vineyards, the landscapes, the little people who got to wash the dishes and serve all that Thunderbird she had  them put into the fancy French labelled wine bottles.
     We did the limbo that night until somebody's pants ripped, or so we thought.  It just turned out to be Nancy's face giving way again, and ripping from cheek to cheek and then right up over the top of her head, just like last time.   The lady who takes care of her, and keeps her medicines like the President with the nuclear football, she found Nancy's eye, but this time it was the left eye.  The Doctors came and essentially just packed her face with another semi-permanent papier-mâché surface shell, and the makeup artist came and painted on that wild-eyed, insane-madwoman look that is so becoming for her.

Whew,  That was quite an evening.   Maybe next time I'll be able to wrangle a invitation for one of you OROGs.   Did I just say Rangle?   I meant to say Barney....or was it Jesse....or Billy Jeff....All those names start to sound the same after a few score years.
El Gringo Viejo