Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Potpourri - several topics with brief comments

     There are several issues that call out for comment and conjecture.  In lieu of rambling on for 5,000 words, we shall strive to make brief, and we hope a bit different interpretation of such issues, still with adherence to principles of non-governmental intervention, self-reliance, and liberty.

     Perhaps Barry Soetoro could retitle this as "Common Corpse" and make it all better.  The three "teachers"  who have their advertisement on various television channels are very adept at reading their scripts.  The message is easy to understand.   The opponents of Common Core are retro-Neanderthals  who are political extremists, John Birchers even, and know-nothings who resist not only change but improvement.   They point out that Common Core is not a governmental programme, but a complex of education objectives that rose up in the hinterland, and put together....wouldn't we know educational professionals.
     So, the moderate forces that pushed this idea forward, very rapidly, are those like the National Education Agency.   Like Planned Parenthood has little or nothing to do with parenthood or the planning thereof, the NEA has little or nothing to do with education.   It is a group dedicated to indoctrination of America's youth with secular humanist, anti-traditionalist ideas.  It is also totally committed to the idea that teaching is some kind of right, a profession generally immune from the vagaries of the work-place, such as having to produce or be terminated.   It is also one of those self-feeding monsters that takes from its members so as to perpetuate itself and to forward a socialist, secular humanist, egalitarian, and generally hopeless, stolid  culture.
     It is designed to denigrate the notion that there are absolute truths and moral codes.  And, it is adamant about elevating all nature of acceptance of what many people feel to be antithetical to the good of humanity and to moral codes, that if practiced, lead to rewarding and positive lives.   Common Core is based on the teaching of tolerance for everything except Judeo-Christian values classical education designed to produce people capable of critical thinking on their own.

     Common Core is certainly designed by a cabal of "experts" who have developed a bastard from Hell that is fathered by the disastrous "Teach to the Test" system of "No Child Left Behind" (proof that George Bush II was more than just a closet extreme moderate progressive) and mothered by the LGBT, progressive, and socialist secular humanist cabal.   There is no better proof than to point out that while they ridicule the "teaching-to-the-test" concept so fully relied upon by No Child Left Behind, the advocates of the new panacea double-down on the concept.   Reason?   Common Core is not an instruction system for a liberal, individual centred, general education,  but rather an indoctrination and propagandisation  protocol.  It deals exclusively in concepts of "the collective" and ridicules the concept of the "exemplary man/woman or the individual as a sovereign. 

     It is an extension of the same thing that has gone on in the churches being used as instruments to establish "liberation theology" and extreme leftist political orientation as some kind of canon.   Common Core fits, hand in glove, with the offensive by the Girl Scouts of America to become "more relevant" to  progressive goals and tolerance.   It helps pave the path into perversion as a norm and into the ridicule of traditionalism as a positive thing for America such as the opening of the Boy Scouts of America to homosexual scoutmasters and members, OR ELSE!    The progressives do not allow dissent.   They require that the traditionalists shut up, and further that they listen and comply.   The offensive is being conducted on all fronts.

     It will have, and does now have, central government endorsement and backing.  Already the central government's Department of Education is insinuating, as well as following through with, reprisals for failure to implement and implement correctly the overall intent of Common Core.
     El Gringo Viejo's godmother said, sixty years ago, that if McAllen Independent School District were to accept "free" contributions help establish the school lunch programme from the USDA the government would be in the position to blackmail the school district in all manners of policy.   As an elected member of the local school board of trustees she railed against acceptance of the programme, declaring that it would be the nose of the camel in the Bedouin's tent on a cold night.   And she predicted that,"....before that night is over the Bedouin will be sleeping under the stars in the cold and the camel will be warm and toasty, sleeping on antique Persian, Afghan, and Middle Eastern rugs and wovens."
   Considering the number of rules, regulations, demands, and conditions public schools must adhere to in these days, OR ELSE, there is only one thing that can be said of my Godmother's observation, vote, and position:   She was
    Common Core is a hand on the arm of Lucifer.



    Sasse, the Republican Nominee for the United States Senate, can win the General Election if he makes no grievous errors like saying, "There is a God." or worse, "It is self-evident that a family growing up in a home with a father and mother has a greater chance of stability and social progress".   As a side note, there are Democrats now in the United States Senate, now seeing the noose, are begging for an "altar call".   McConnell could have smoozed five or six senators into an agreement to overturn the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.
    (side note)   There have been snarly, snarky statements about the notion that the crummy Republican general plan for helping restrain pricing issues in the medical field is to abolish central government prohibitions concerning the cross - border sales of health-care coverage by insurance companies.  The socialists and central control Control Freaks almost howl with laughter about the idea.
     "Where would all these companies come from?   Who are they?  Are these smaller insurance companies even relevant in terms of assets and insurance strength?   Hahahahaahhaaa .   Dream on, One Per cent people!"

     In Texas there are many, many smaller companies that are so popular with their clients that many of their clients are fourth and fifth generation.   And we are not talking about insurance brokers and agents' sales offices.  We are talking about 100 year old life and casualty companies.

    The elites continue roaring with laughter....Hahahahahaha.  

    But suddenly, El Gringo Viejo comes in through the swinging door, quieting the rabble within.    He strides to the bar and turns to people who had been previously laughing about the idea that there are numerous small and medium-sized insurance companies who would be willing to write out-of-state policies.
      "You all seem to be pretty happy.  Are you laughing about the idea of buying  health-care insurance across State borders?" EGV questioned as he observed who might have an itchy trigger finger and some iron to scratch it on.

      "Whoever heard of such a thing?  It's just like takin' a Mexkin pin~ ata to some kid's birthday party and filling it full of shredded newspaper instead dof candy!" and once again twenty or thirty, still pretty sober, patrons broke into a hearty laughter.

      "I just came back from Texas.   I'll name a couple of companies, and if you all can prove me wrong to-morrow with a wire contradicting what I say from the companies that I shall name now, I will give each person here a one peso Mexican in silver,  and I shall write down their telegraphic address here, and leave it on this bar.   One company is Hochheim Life and Casualty in Yoakum, Texas and the other is Hermann's Sons Fraternal Order. There are probably fifty others.  These two are small and very potent.  You'll see me to-morrow at this same time.  If any of you present a telegraph saying that what I am saying is incorrect, each of you will have one Mexican silver peso in your pocket when I leave, plus another 5 dollar greenback to pay the guy who sent the telegraph," and with that EGV turned on his high-heeled boot and strod to and through the swinging doors once more.

     The next day, at the same time, El Gringo Viejo passed through those same doors for the third and next-to-last time.   The bartender looked over, smiled and shrugged his shoulders, while shaking his head in a negative gesture.  EGV tipped his hat to him, and went back outside, mounted up and headed over to the Culberson Ranch, about 4 miles south of town.

(And yes, Virginia.  There really are two companies with those names still working here.  And the people who are their customers swear by them.)


     AlGore and the Globalwarmingcoolingclimatechangewe'reallgonnadie crowd are probably not  going to be overjoyed to learn about the hail/snow storm that hit in that high area between Mexico City and Toluca, capital of the State of Mexico to the west of Mexico City about 50 miles.   Mexico City is situated at 7,300 fasl and Toluca at 8,400 fasl, connected by quite a fine six to up to ten lane toll-expressway.   But yesterday, not so much.   A hail-storm hit, something that is more or less not comment-worthy during this time of the year.   But then things became colder and colder, finally falling into the range of 30F for a considerable distance down to the relatively lower elevations.  The pass between the cities tops out at around 9,600 feet.  Peaks, including the herein pictured Nevado de Toluca (Snowed One of Toluca) go as high at 17,000 fasl.    But, I diverge....this was yesterday:

Toll-expressway halted by 9 inches of snow over 2 inches of hail

This is a fairly common Summer scene, looking to the southeast from Toluca,
the perpetually cold city in Mexico.  And yes, there is a bit of glaciation up
there.  It is snow topped year around most years.


Enough Said.
El Gringo Viejo