Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Another Advisory from Extreme Central Texas

While this was sent from Extreme Central Texas,
 this actual firearms dispensary is in Katy, Texas
 not far from Houston, out west on the IH - 10.

    Houston is a funny place, and not my favourite choice
as hometown, but we can point out that Houston has
 three times as many Black people as Detroit  Houston,
 however has many fewer homicides per capita, and
 in gross numbersthan does Detroit.   Statistically,
Houston 212 in 2012, and then Detroit - 333 in 2013.
Houston population is 2.500,000 in round figures,
 not including adjacent incorporated cities.  It is
the fourth largest city in the United States.
   Detroit in the adjusted census has a little over
700,000 inhabitants according to
 the adjusted census for 2013
To be more concise:
                                                        Houston  -  population 2,300,000  - 212 murders
                                                        Detroit    -  population    700,000  - 333 murders

However, Detroit is the safer of the two cities, according to the Progressives and National Socialists, because it has more reasonable and stringent firearms prohibitions and controls.