Monday, 21 April 2014

Luxury of Being a Geezer - Belief in the impossible


Almost all OROGs are pretty much dull and boring (wink, wink).   Like me.  But dark thoughts and shadowy attitudes can be found among us, sometimes because of our "feelings" and sometimes because what we have actually seen and experienced.
     Here is something that has undergone considerable interest in other places around the world.

This is one among many that I ran across, usually in town, (in Ciudad Victoria near our little hideaway bed and breakfast place) and no one was laughing.  There are others that are obviously fake, but this was well-narrated and coherent....and there is no foreign language overlay to confuse matters.  Because of the frequent peculiar celestial vehicular activity in that area, the material in the video was taken more seriously, although still with a bit of reasonable scepticism.  If one follows the narrative carefully, it helps to understand what is actually happening.

Just a thought.....
El Gringo Viejo