Monday, 21 April 2014

Friends and Family

During the mid-afternoon period to-day, there was a peculiar, very brief power outage.  It was enough to reset the digital clocks to 12:00 and such.   But the biggest thing was that El Gringo Viejo was prepping an old article and a new submission for this blog.  They were being "operated on" in the "operating room" when - ZAP - they were gone.  No where is where they were.  The Universe consumed them.
    Finally a call went out to the daughter and the son and to El Zorro who lives on the other side of the mountain.  "Did you see the original submission on your computer in the posted blog section? Can you advise and forward it if so?"  Or something to that effect.
     In a few minutes, all three had their "copies" entering into my email and all was saved.   Both the analysis from several years back, with the emphasis on the Mexican commandancy and other technical and battle matters, and the other more political and philosophical analysis.   OROGs deserve fresh treatment of auld topics.  And they deserve new treatment of old and interesting topics in which there will be perpetual debate and interests.

These children and this friend bespeak of what the value of such things is. 

Thank you all for your patience.
El Gringo Viejo