Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Portent of Victory - Please Republican RINOs, stay out of the way


     If El Gringo Viejo's ego is too overly large, then this request is certainly too much for the pompous, self-impressed  RINOs who think that the Republican Party is 99.90% Them and 0.10% Others, composed of the 60,000,000 small proprietors, skilled blue-collar and technical people, the professionals, the artisans, the housewives / home-schoolers, the snake-handlers and foot-washers, Paladins and saddle-tramps, curmudgeons, and cat-lovers and lovers of the lesser animals.

    Any nominal Republicans who have ever said, "Well, what we need to do is keep the good parts of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) and tweek  the bad parts so that it can be both fair and functional.".....must choose between being spayed AND neutered and sent to a "home", or the iceberg cruise remedy for old Eskimoe women.

The Good Ship Obamacare undergoes a bit of
tweaking during its lift-off, providing over
500 Billion minorities, the Children, and the
LGEBWZODH community with free health.
Kathleen Sibilius called it a
"very successful send-off....a
 real blast."
     As we have stated here 42,540 times, it is absolutely, totally mandatory that the entire OSMI be overturned, rescinded, repealed, and abolished.  Letter, word, sentence, paragraph, page, article, front cover and rear.  All of it.  One hundred (100) per cent.   It will have meant over 9,337 acres of forests in the United States and Canada were destroyed for nothing.   It will somewhat denigrate the sacrifices that (Sir Edmund) Hillary Rodham Corkscrew has made for hundreds of years,  for the women, and especially for the children, and most especially for the minorities for whom "she ain't no way tired".....and everything.  Especially everything.  Oh! The Humanity......!


      And think of everything that Barry Soetoro wanted to give to the Middle Class....for free.....and the the millionaires and billionaires have so much and will not share with the hungry, SSI, SS - disability, AFDC, Section 8, Lone Star Carded, Head Started, WIC, Medicaided....and school breakfasted, lunched, snacked, summer mealed!   Oh! the Humanity!!
      It is simply not fair.   The government really should give people things for free.  For instance, where are my birth control pills?


    But we diverge, as usual.   What the Forces of the Cosmos hath put together, please....let no RINOs rend asunder.  For every one moderate that the RINO can convince to lower himself to vote for a Republican, we can deliver three hairdressers, four teachers, two mechanics, three snake handler/foot washer mix-breeds...and about nine other motley Tea Party nutters.
    For every "Hispanic" that the country clubbers can cajole into voting Republican because we can "give" him/her "more"....we can deliver 10 Latins, powered under their own steam,  who consider themselves Americans first...or Texans first.... and do not want anything given except a clear path to his/her self-derived prosperity and spiritual fruition!!

     So, esteemed RINOs,  please stay out of the way.   Keep your official Gerald Ford "Whip Inflation Now" buttons in the back of the third drawer of the highboy....try not to pop with pride as you drive past the hundreds of empty Bob Dole ADA hankeydap parking spaces that are never used except by food stampers, who usually can leave a few pampers behind as a momento, or the Romney proposal of "fixing Obamacare" so that it can look more like the disaster in Massachusetts.  John McCain...well...he speaks for himself, and I honour his service.   Even voted for him....and Palin.  Voted for all of them actually.   Tired of anaemia as a political diet.  No more more skimmed more lite beer.    The battle is joined.   The Sumpter shots have been fired,  and the Democrat front bencher was defeated by a Republican back bencher in the Florida US House of Representatives by-election.   Why?   Because he was a better candidate with the better ground game.

More Later!
El Gringo Viejo