Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fifth Amendment begins its march to the Constitutional Convention - The first shoe drops in Georgia

     This is our last effort to try to post this.   It has strangely been taken down twice now.  Click onto the linkage to review what El Zorro and Mark Levin and others have been proposing for considerable time now.
     That proposal is a Constitutional Convention designed to limit the powers of the Central government to those matters previously designated in the Constitution, and the distribution of the powers mentioned in 10th Amendment back to people or the Several States as described in said Amendment.   This proposal also calls for limits on the terms of service for people serving in the legislative precincts of the Central government's congress.
      The movement has started to take concrete form with the passage of this act in the Georgia legislature.   My understanding is that these matters, according to the 5th Amendment, are affairs of each State's legislature, House of Burgesses, or the legislative authority as composed in that State.  It is not to be an affair of the judiciary or the executive of those States.
     There will be a fairly quick following of suit by the Southern States, and probably even a majority of the Mid-Western States.  From there it will be up to the remainder to determine if they wish to be people in control of their own destinies or if they genuinely want to continue on the path to national socialism, with its attendant welfare-state dependency, crony capitalism, and labour union thuggery.

    That said, please check onto the link.  We need to understand that if the Republicans take over the Senate during the coming November elections, and then take office in January of 2015 and begin talking about "fixing" and "improving" the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) there will be an explosion of ire equivalent to the period just before the outbreak of the War Between the States.  At that point there will be massive movement, reinforcing an already growing disposition among large numbers of mostly sane Texas favouring withdrawal from the present Union.
     This was an original thought by El Zorro several years ago, and the action has begun.  There are undoubtedly several score thousands of cousins of El Zorro and Mark Levin.  The path that they point out is one of very few correct paths remaining to us, and El Gringo Viejo endorses it, equally as the re-establishment of the Republic of Texas.  Study and commit.
El Gringo Viejo