Tuesday, 4 March 2014

One of many friends...but these words are especially valuable to El Gringo Viejo

     This is an especially pleasant note from a fellow traveller on the Anglican Curmudgeon's blog.  She is an earnest and positive critic of A Gringo in Rural Mexico, a great-great-grand niece of William Barrett (Traverse) Travis, and a much less wordily expressed analyst of the American Condition than your humble servant.
     I have concurred or agreed with every contribution she has made both here and at the Anglican Curmudgeon's blogsite.   At this moment, she has wandered over to underscore the accuracy of our reporting and recounting here.  The failure to encounter the weapons of mass destruction by the American and Allied Forces in Iraq was a joyously reported matter that proved beyond doubt to those of low intellectual ability that "George Bush Lied, and People Died".  Of course, it also proved to be valuable ammunition to the elite, obsolete media that would rather have an anti-Republican story than the Truth anytime.
     The only problem is that during the beginning stages, just before and right at the beginning of the hostilities, there were reports, even in the Obsolete Press that convoys of very heavy transport trucks were being waved through Syrian border checkpoints.   Speculation, informed rumour, deductions made by arms specialists and military analysts, were reported for two or three days.   I recall one report that suggested that the Americans knew about the convoys from their aerial reconnaissance but it was thought that Bush wanted to avoid widening the theatre of the War by giving Syria an excuse to joins arms with Hussein.   Although Bashir Assad and  Saddam Hussein were enemies of a sort Hussein had demonstrated that he would entrust Iraqi assets with his enemies, as when he sent his feeble air force group over to Iran during the War to Liberate Kuwait.  About sixteen poorly maintained fighters made to Iran at that time.
     In any regard, our friend sent this brief note, a kind of testimony in El Gringo Viejo's defence, just to let me know that I have not been dreaming or inventing the story about the truck convoys to Syria.
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I am a TV news (and C-Span) junkie. I clearly remember, just prior to US forces invading Iraq, seeing several aerial coverage of convoys of Iraqi trucks crossing the Syrian border, and TV commentators saying the suspicions were they were moving the weapons (of mass destruction).
Strangely, when none were found within Iraq, the story changed to "they never existed", and the convoys were never mentioned again.

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          Her transmission jogged my memory, because in truth, there were fairly lengthy, very low level filmings of the convoys...some tractors pulling trailers with triple rear axles....and everything neatly canvas-covered and roped-down in a fairly orderly manner.   It was almost as if the "fly-overs" were being done by those small helicopters or fixed-wing single-propeller observation planes used for forward infantry reconnaissance.
     So.   I know the truth was being told through my good offices, but this transmission from our friend at the Anglican Curmudgeon reassures that the OROGs can have sounder faith that it was not a dream that produced those convoys to Syria.
Many thanks to our contributor!
El Gringo Viejo