Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hey! O'Reilly! Brother's Keeper? Really? Plus other Socially Insensitive Observations

    We were recently treated to the pleasure of watching The Great Interrupter, Bill O'Reilly, being called to the Inner Sanctum in order to hobnob with the  Great Fundamental Transformer.   The White House confab had to do with another assembly of gibberish and gush about establishing Utopia while employing rules that require the complete disregard of Natural and Common Law.
     The blessed event was called something like "My Brother's Keeper".   The host for the event was a fellow who has accomplished the following:

                 (a)    Disregarded his own ill and pitiable, impoverished brother in Kenya.   That brother lives in what can only be described as grinding poverty.  The Great Fundamental Transformer has also managed to disregard the plight of his Uncle Omar Onyango Obama and his Auntie Zietuni by foisting them off onto complete public assistance provided by the people of Massachusetts and the United States of America.
                (b)     The destruction of the medical provision system of the United States of America as it was known, and forcing the replacement of said system with some absurdity forged from the cellars of various ash-bins of History and some place where Alice wound up by falling through a rabbit hole.
     By performing this amazing hare-brained feat of Magic, His Transformership has managed to at least 265,000,000 people either in a position of having lost medical insurance coverage or being in profound danger of losing said coverage sooner rather than later.
             (c)     With the Great Transformer enlightened approach, we are told that his desire to be his "Brothers' Keeper" he has deigned to subsidise medical insurance for the proles, dregs, and parasites who see themselves entitled to have other people pay for their insurance.   The Great Transformer declares that he is giving these people....not free money....but something even better;   Subsidies.
         Since the 50% of the adult population that pays all the taxes anyway has always paid for the proles, dregs, and parasites via  public health departments (free shots, anyone?) and Medicaid....perhaps nothing much has changed.   Perhaps there is a bit of a shift at least in style due to the fact that middle-income people are being globbed onto the Medicaid roles so as to further facilitate the notion that being a blood-sucking, Draculene parasite is now equated with ".....doing God's work".
     So in this case, the Fundamental Transformer and lecturer concerning the need to be our brothers' keepers, we are told to keep on doing the heavy lifting while he struts about telling people to keep doing the heavy lifting.   Novel notion.
     We are then treated to an interview with Valerie Jerrod shortly after the soiree at the White House with the swells.   That interview and O'Reilly's restatements about the nobility of the President's new-found realistic approach to Midnight Basketball 252.2 gives El Gringo Viejo even further cause to doubt O'Reilly's pertinence to anything remotely remotely reasonable thinking and/or Constitutional, conservative philosophy.   O'Reilly was, is, and will forever be one of the "reasonable" players on the political scene.
     Therefore, although it will certainly fall on deaf ears, we transfer this message from the Galaxy Reality.   "Dear O'Reilly, the deal is done.  Public assistance programmes have generated a population of several million people born with no souls.  There is no recovery for these poeple.  Nothing can be 'done' for them.  The only ones who will be saved are the ones who can save themselves and they are few. Very few."
    The AFDC  and Food Stamp Poisoning syndrome was inoculated into the "victim group" with the sole intention of destroying the United States.   Oddly, it plays well into the desire by Margaret Sanger and her posse to destroy the Negro race, at least in North America.   Progressives and their "reasonable Republican" useful idiots have given us the National Deficit that was sure to occur with the practice of crony capitalism, along with subsidised sloth and harlotry.   Those seeds have long since replaced the "waving fields of grain" with the reaping of the whirlwind produced by Godlessness and secular humanistic hubris.
     My Brother's Keeper.   Sheesh.  Do we spell this type of hypocrisy and hubris "chutzpah" or "hutzpah"?    As for O'Reilly, we really think he should be commended for being reasonable and open minded.  What with Barry Soetoro's fine record for veracity and positive accomplishment in improving quality of life issues for oppressed minorities, as well as his numerous foreign policy victories....we think that Billy O'  really, really is reasonable and open minded.    Right?
El Gringo Viejo