Monday, 3 March 2014

A Couple of Necessary Observations - Arizona and El Chapo

Various topics that need a bit of comment are included in this transmission.
(1)    There is a little specialty shop operated by a Negro fellow who converted to Buddhism during a stay in Japan, while serving in the United States Air Force back during the 1960s.  He also became a dedicated vegetarian.   He specialised in "meaty" vegetarian cooking and preparations that appealed to men and people who really weren't "crazy-oes"  about being vegetablistic type people.   Asparagus, artichoke, cactus, capers, avocados, and the like, along with a few fudgies like sauces with creams and cheese ingredients, eggs and anchovy ingredients....these were his preparations.
     Some friends came over and asked him to cater a small wedding reception, and that he would need to co-ordinate with the "Wild and Crazy Wild Game Purveyors", a noted caterer in the area that specialised in deer, moose, fish, and other game preparations.   Smoking and pit-barbeque was their forte.
     The old Sergeant-Major, a true and practicing vegetarian/Buddhist, advised his friends that he did not want to adjunct with a meal presentation that would  integrate and complement with animal tissue being an integral part of the presentation.    "It's just against my religion," he informed those asking for the service.
     The people who were  putting together the reception said, "Damn!  We weren't thinking.  Of course.   The thing is your preparations are really 'meaty' so-to-speak, and we thought that since everybody likes your stuff so much that it would go together well.  Oh, well.   We'll just whip up some beans and Mexican rice and call it a meal.  Please forgive our self-centred thoughtlessness."
     The Sergeant Major then says, "Does this mean I can't go to the wedding and reception? "
     The client/friends responded, "What are you talking about?  The envelope on the counter  is yours.   If you're not there we'll come and drag you over there."
     The difference?   The people who have chosen to totally identify themselves as perpetual victims....seeking to be offended....demand that they be approbated, fully accepted, endorsed, and literally yielded to on all fronts and issues.   Because of their own sense of self-loathing, they demand to be "accepted'' and "approved" as a inalienable right so as to offset that inner sense of self-hatred.  That sense of self-hatred is further exposed by the need to rename their problem, so as to be "gay" in lieu of homosexual. 
     The first scenario, the one about the Sergeant Major, is the correct solution to being denied service due to the provider's religious positions.   It is also a very slight variation of a true story that took place not too many years ago in Central Texas.   The story was "reconstituted" a bit so as to make certain that there would be no association with specific and known people.
      The "Arizona Law" concerning religious exclusion prerogatives pertains to the events described concerning the issue with the Sergeant Major and his potential clients.   The easily offended and people without the sense of propriety and driven to prove how "tolerant'' they are, will leave no crystal or china in the antique store unbroken in their zeal to prove their "moral superiority".   They will always consider their proclivities to be unassailable law, and other peoples' deep religious and philosophical understandings and beliefs invalid, stupid, and evil.
     Another slide into shortstop by the secular progressives and anti-traditionalists.  Morally devoid, intellectually defective, legally inert, but oh! so arrogantly superior.
(2)     "El Chapo" Guzman, and his capture, represent just one more step in the gradual, steady degradation of the cartel business.  El Gringo Viejo was pleased to see the effective and efficient take-down by the Mexican Naval Infantry of this horrid, cancerous scab on the skin of the human race.
     The press immediately began to denigrate the effort by declaring that Guzman would pay his way out in a week, and further the only way he was taken down was due to the DEA and Homeland Security and the DOJ on the American side being in charge of the action.   Such was not the case.   And Guzman has not "paid his way out" as of yet.  It is doubtful he ever will, and it is also doubtful that he will be extradited because the "bureaucratic class" within the American "public service community" really does not want the American public to know how many Democrat operatives and office-holders, along with unionised constabulary in the United States have been co-opted by Guzman's tentacular organisation.
     The immediate example of Caro Quintero, recently released from detention by a panel of three federal judges in Mexico, was repeatedly cited.  The thing is, that action was immediately contested officially and politically across the broad spectrum of the Mexican body politic, save, of course, for the leftist (marxist) Partido de la Revolucion Democratico (PRD). 
      Also, even though the press reports that Caro Quintero disappeared into a fog and his whereabouts will never be known again, his position is known by Mexican police and military individuals, Interpol, French and American police agencies, and other interested parties.    He has been effectively tailed since his release, and he seems unconcerned about and/or unable to consider issues about his secrecy or hiding out.   It is generally assumed that Caro Quintero is terminally ill, and perhaps even providing ensights with Interpol and/or Mexican military intelligence about what little left he knows that might be relevant to to-day's cartel activities.
     It is necessary to point out that in Mexico City,  elements of the PRD immediately impulsed hundreds of cannon-fodder "professional marching protesters" with appropriate T-shirts, banners, and placards to demand "Income equality now! Free 'El Chapo Guzman'!!"   Amazing. 
     Finally, Guzman...the most recent thug take-down...had his problems begin when the citizenry of the area around Choix, Sinaloa began to, essentially, rebel against the slugs and thugs comprising "El Chapo's" organisation.  The tales about the natives' love for "El Chapo" and about how much "good work" he had done for the poor and oppressed were written by people who are disposed to think of Ernesto Guevara as an "agrarian reformer".

(this note:   the video indicates that Guzman was able to avoid the Naval Infantry in Mazatlan because of an intricate system of tunnels, etc. etc,  That event was actually in Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa State of Mexico, several weeks before.   There are other incorrect details in the reading by the announcer, but nothing that takes away from the most important facts of the capture)

  It was a little less than a year ago when major units of the Mexican Army penetrated and disorganised  the area and the personnel that had longed pertained to El Chapo and his father before him.  He was  flushed out....went not too Culiacan....was flushed out again fairly rapidly....and then finally was re-located in Mazatlan, pretty much abandoned by his Pretorian Guard and unprotected by the supposedly totally compromised civilian authority.
     Like another of his ilk...who the people loved because of all he gave them, Sadam Hussein al Tikriti...he was taken without a shot being fired.
It was a good day for Mexico.   And humanity.
More Later.
El Gringo Viejo