Friday, 3 January 2014

This too will pass....this too is passing. We shall strike the tent and cross the River.

     Some quick notes about the events in Puerto Pen~asco, Sonora, Mexico.  The place is in that strange area between Sonora and Baja California, right on the Sea of Cortez, and not at all old, like we think of colonial Mexico.  Puerto Penasco (Port Rocky Point) was a place of renegade Indians, pirates, and skulduggerous American smugglers during the Prohibition.   In the 1930s the Railway of the Occident was completed, finally linking the Republic of Mexico to itself in terms of a connection between the main body of the nation with its peculiar, nation-sized peninsula....Baja California....also with almost no population at that time.
    Like the Baja, Puerto Pen~asco is a playground for well-to-do and young-at-heart geezers and geezerettes who live most of the time in and around southern Arizona and California.   Many Gringos live permanently to somewhat permanently in "Rocky Point" they do all along the Baja on the other side of the Sea of Cortez from Sonora State of Mexico.
     Finally, due to the dissolution of the rigid control once exercised by cartel bosses, "juniors"....pretentious younger, unqualified members of the cartel fight over territories and usually wind up killing each killing another fellow member, from six weeks ago...six months ago, or killing bunches of one-time fellow lower-ranking cartel member(s).   These people are especially dangerous and out of control.
     Thankfully, almost all of their killing and shoot-'em-up escapades result in casualties for their own previous friends and/or small cells of degraded cartels' sub-divisions.   Such an event occurred recently in "Port Rocky Point", leaving 5 dead after a fairly lengthy shoot-out on the edge of the downtown area of this really nice little city.
File:Malecon puerto peƱasco.jpg
Nice area around the downtown to beach and yachting
 and restaurant/bar district in the south of town.
Things are back to being safer in "Rocky Point":
than in Central City, USA again.

    With five cartel gunmen dead, and in spite of the fawning admiration the foreign press has for the noble cartel people who "always recover their dead and wounded" five mortally wounded and dead cartel members were found in the area of combat.   As usual, the cartel gunmen had sprayed everything, everywhere, without investing the least concern about other people or their property.   Luckily, no civilian, police, or military people were wounded.
    Now the point.   Not one, but two rifles pertaining to "Fast and Furious" were found.   This time there was no adding to the list of the Honoured, Lamented, and Heroic.   There were no children, women, semi-honest /honest police,  no Mexican Army soldiers, nor Naval Infantrymen wounded or killed in this encounter.   Military units did considerable engagement and rendering of casualties out west of town shortly after the original firefight.
     It seems now that the idea that we can kill five and only four replace those, seems to have been coming true.   These events slowly, steadily retreat from the daily and weekly scene.  Compass drawn circles demarcating zones of intense conflict and drawn with  shorter and shorter radii.
     Thank you so much for these events, Mr. Holder and Mr. Obama.  You are both treacherous liars whose lack of concern about the "rough edges" of the "phoney scandals" you cause with considerable regularity will earn you a well deserved place in Hell as accessories to murder before, during, and after the fact.

     We also notice that (Sir Edmund)Hillary did nothing to explain, ameliorate, or repair this situation...although she was the chief officer in terms of foreign relations.   Holder, Clinton, and Obama....just think of all the miles they flew....for women, minorities, and all the dead innocents left behind by "Fast and Furious".

Maybe some day soon, we can leave this damned old Rodeo behind.
El Gringo Viejo