Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Little Boxes, Little Boxes....and then he was gone....a long time passing



The nightmare of psoriasis
and cul-de-sacs
Left-think requires that we not just know...but confess, admit, and believe...that the picture on the OROG's left represents a great evil.   Simultaneously, we are demanded by the left-thinkers that we must also admit the picture on the right represents a higher form of human achievement.  The popular "folk-song" of the counter-cultural movement of the 1960s and 1970s was a sneering impeachment of the bourgeois decadence and materialistic orientation of the "artificial non-existent American Culture".  It was necessary to tear down anything that bespoke of comfort, treasure, individual sovereignty, and of course, the silly pursuit of the "American Dream".    It was always a source of humour to El Gringo Viejo to note that the marxists condemned America and Americans for materialism, when in fact, Marxism was and remains pseudo-philosophy based entirely upon materialism and envy.
Somehow, little boxes really don't
seem that attractive in the Brave
 New World of central planning.
     At worst the Gringos practiced a form of idiotic "keeping up with the Joneses", but the Bolshies practiced "let's slaughter a few hundred thousand royals and aristocrats and a few million traditionalist, prosperous peasants in the Ukraine and Georgia so that Uncle Joe can have his dacha on the shores of the Black Sea.''  And the Bolshies also practiced the art of requiring, from each citizen, that which his abilities permitted and, of course, giving to each citizen what the government determined to be his needs. 
     The OROG certainly understands the perfect yin-yang, the finest balance of karmic resolution, taking only what could be given and giving only what would be needed.   Wow!  One might wish he could have thought that up all by himself.  Except...were we to "balance" things that way, then it might possibly turn out to look like the picture on the right....Leningrad, 1989.

     So Malvina Reynolds writes the song that Pete Seeger sings, ridiculing America and the Americans and the American way of life.   The audience laughs and snickers....feels superior for a moment....without remembering what happens when pinkoes and elitist social engineers can do for a city...even in America.  Just drive by any public housing project in any of America's 100 largest cities.  Right, Pete....little boxes, really.   The government should do something about it.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo