Monday, 27 January 2014

If, then. If not, why not? Why this and not that?


Enslave Women, Beat Them Up, Disorder the Social Order.   Democrat National Socialist War on Women is alive and well, and, of course, un-reported.    

To any reasonable observer, the contradictions are massive....huge....even gargantuan.   Somehow the record of victimised women, frequently beaten and/or abused women left behind by Billy Jeff Blythe is phenomenal.  Or the disdain Theodore (Lion of the Senate) Kennedy had for your daughter, his wife, his children male and female, can also inspire future degenerates for years and generations to come.
    The Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party has performed phenomenally in the process of enslaving women throughout the United States of America to the notion that Aid to Families with Dependent Children is some kind of calling or a right or a way-of-life.  With each program to "help" women, domestic violence has risen to ever higher levels of per capita numbers and severity of abuse.
Anthony Wiener is a big
 supporter of the War
 on Women.
     Children are born into fatherless homes, sent to rudderless schools, fed, food banked and stamped, and suddenly decide to become gang members.  Later, when they are around 16 to 22...they beat up their mothers and grandmothers and girlfriends.   It is the product produced by the Brave New World Social Organisation.    Mayhem, violence, degeneracy, profligacy are the end product of  government programmes that are "helping women".

       And, in keeping with the Leftist Rule of always accusing your opponents of doing (when they are not) precisely what the Left really is doing, they point vigorously at George Bush or Ted Cruz or Rush Limbaugh, when in fact the greatest enemy of womankind is that famous serpent, whispering, "You don't need to follow no stinkin'  natural law,  you gots the Government."

     To these remarks it will be responded perhaps that we are accusing all women involved in multigenerational welfare dependency are guilty of something.   We are.    We also point at those welfare dependency workers, the companies and industries that promote participation in slugism and welfare dependency.  

     It is called .... a purposeful War on Women...designed to enslave people to a form of dependency that is much greater than a life-style;   it is an addiction.
The Wondrous Dinesh D'Souza Evaporation Machine:

America's most dangerous is now being readied for death by defamation via the active measures being taken by the United States Department of Justice,
Dinesh D'Souza
Public Enemy
with direction by Attorney General Eric (the Red) Holder, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and  the Internal Revenue Service.
     He is being prosecuted for campaign contribution violations.   No one has ever been prosecuted for his particular way and amount of contribution.   The Clintons, the Gores, and all Democrats and leftists are absolved of any "criminal intent"....remember Al Gore being unaware of what was happening at the Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles on that pleasant afternoon when he carried off several hundred thousand dollars in illegal campaign contributions.   Red Chinese campaign contributions were legendary.   Selling pardons for Bill and Hillary became a cottage industry for both Bill's and Hillary's brothers.
     But, it is the price one pays for helping the president's little brother. Dinesh must be punished!!!   Documentary movies that say bad things about bad people are bad....especially for the people who make the movie.
     But now, Eric the Red Holder, who cannot "get to the bottom" of the Fast and Furious matter with hundreds of dead people resulting from a botched plan that he, the anti-private gun ownership cabal, and career bureaucrats dreamed up.   Those are the ones who have dreams about that wonderful time when only the bureaucrats and the elites will have guns and the little people will be allowed to dial 911 for the body pick-up service.   Obama's National Health Service will pass out necklaces with transmitting devices that the people can press that say, "Help me, I've been shot.  I'm dead.  Please come and pick me up".
This Dinesh D'Souza  thing is reminiscent of the Tom DeLay mess that turned out badly, finally, for the over-zealous, leftist, Travis County, Texas district attorney.

Oy vey iz mir!
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