Friday, 20 December 2013

Oooops! That Billy Goat knocked down the Million Kilowatt Dam

    It has been about 200 years or so (1989) since this writer informed a highly  placed Republican operative that there was a loud-mouthed political commentator who was saying things that many thought had been banned on radio or television.  Further, he was saying such things on a live, three-hour nationally syndicated radio programme.   The highly placed political operative expressed some interest in this new conservative commentator.  I advised him that the fellow looked like a twin of my Uncle Billy, foolishly thinking that such information might further whet his interest in the issue.
     El Gringo Viejo and his boss, along with five other small businesses, gathered up 1,500 USD each, and paid local talk-radio station to engage the "Rush to Excellence Show" to come down in person to entertain the rubes in fly-over country.   Our area was then, and remains, the last area in Texas with the contamination of having a welfare-based, elected Democrat Corruption Factory totally in place.
     El Gringo Viejo was busy being a successful entrepreneur in those days, with several small businesses balanced on a razor blade.  Of course, he had his wife to do the unimportant stuff, like  most of the work and raising the children.

    The show, called "Rush to Excellence" came to town, filled the largest venue in town with well over 1,000 people...all paid, and was a great success.   The tickets my wife and I bought for the important Republican personage, who truly was a highly placed Republican activist, went for naught, because he did not appear.   My mother and my wife went to the private reception with the private tickets since we have been among the five sponsors.  Since the  important Republican personage chose not to attend, I decided to say to hell with it and remained at the helm of the businesses for the day and night. 
John Tower.jpg
John G. Tower
Senator for Texas
     This lamentation is not so much, "Poor Me" as it is to remind folks that what is considered impossible, planetarily challenged,  or ridiculous by people who are convinced of their own infallibility...can frequently wind up being a force that cannot be resisted.   The important Republican personage who had much success in his political objectives, discounted the suggestion of a person he knew to be his inferior in all matters.   That highly placed operative was an enemy of Karl Rove, especially in those days,  but a good friend and cadre-member of Jimmy Baker and King George the Ist.  He was also a member of the inner circle of John G. Tower.   Odd combination, except that Karl in those days was very abrasive in his enforcement of the will of the Country Club element of the Texas Republican Party (King George I),  Jimmy Baker was a good boy and tried to at least act like he was listening to whatever rightwing crazy might have found his way accidentally to the chair on the other side of his desk.   Baker could look interested   even as he would look furtively at his Rolex.

    This same operative also declared in 1980, during the Republican primaries, that the nomination of Ronald Reagan would result in a re-run of the Goldwater / Johnson election of 1964....and, in a way, perhaps he was right.   Sociologically, the Republican Primaries of 1976 and 1980 did more to finally establish a viable Republican Party in Texas since Reconstruction than any other impulse or influence.    Reagan won both primaries overwhelmingly.

    Another answer to, "What does this mean?   What are you trying to say?" is the following:

Official AmeriBolshie
     Tower, Baker, and King George the Ist were all highly respected and successful Republican State and national personalities.   Each conservative, each well plugged in to the "reasonable, able to reach across the aisle type Republicans".   Each was also kicked in the teeth by the Democrat National Socialist welfare-state elitists.

  We hope that it gave them pleasure to have served as useful floor-mats to the Ameribolshie cause.   Tower was denied an appointment as Secretary of defence because he drank too much???????   Because women chased him around the desk?   Sam Nunn was to judge John Tower....??????   What a bunch of slugs...when a Sam Nunn, a prissy, arrogant snip who could almost always vote left and then trundle back to South Carolina and extoll the wondrous goodness of the Conservative Philosophy.   Sam Nunn, who could  do more hand in glove games with crony capitalists looking for government subsidies than even the Chappaquiddick Kidd.   Gag.  And, please do not even get the Gringo Viejo started on all the filthy, unwashed, Occupy Wall Street Black Pots calling the shiny copper kettles of Baker and Bush names because they had a bit of tarnish.   Perhaps Jimmy and King George the Ist, being elitist progressives, prefer to be door mats to fellow elitists than to truly keep company with people who are the salt of the Earth.
    Great Ruler of the Cosmos, please close Washington, District of Columbia down and turn it into an outdoor museum of monuments and parks.   Give each man and woman who compose the  entire adult Washington, D.C, population 100,000 (USD or equivalent in lottery tickets).  This includes Miss Flukie, and the entire Congress, the bureaucracy both local and extended, and city administration.   They shall each be given family plan tickets for a plane, AMTRAK, or bus ticket to another Continent, or Detroit, New Orleans, or Chicago.   There, each might feel at home in a place where he/she can recover from his/her illness, injury, disability, or particular psychological damage from being hurt by meanie-poo words,  comfortably reposed back into a friendly natural environment.


     The following entry is drawn from the "making the rounds" electronic mail that is sent every so often by the Texas Nationalist Movement.  The word continues to circulate.   It is no longer the 7 beers and 2 margaritas fuelling the fantasy.   Sometimes it doesn't even require one beer to draw reasonable "what if's" and "We can't keep on like they are doing in Washington."
     A particular Tea-Party United States Representative recently recanted his condemnation of the movement by coming back to the same group he condemned as traitors to the United  States to ask for their support in the up-coming re-election campaign.

     We are not traitors.   So long as the Republic of Texas remains within the self-imposed condition of allowing itself to be within the union of the several sovereign States composing the United States of America, we agree to abide by those laws and regulations that seem pertinent to us.  Various of the other laws and regulations are being contested formally within both the court system of the Republic of Texas as well as the United States of America.  In several cases, recently, the Cause of the Republic of Texas has found relief and redress in significant cases related to central government injury to the people of the Republic of Texas.

    So without further ado, and referencing that Billy Goats really do knock down million kilowatt dams we submit:
Radio Host: Texas Most Likely To Secede
secede-capitolWith high schools around the nation preparing to hold graduation ceremonies soon, the state of Texas has laid claim to a class honorific: "Most Likely to Secede."
Radio host Dennis Miller and columnist Mark Steyn gave a light-hearted nod to the idea of a breakup of the United States during a discussion on Miller's radio show Thursday, with Steyn acknowledging that the independence movement in Texas is no joke.
The two were discussing what might happen if the tide of socialism washing over the United States remains the prevailing political driving force in Washington, and Miller said getting away from socialism wouldn't necessarily involve moving to Australia. He suggested instead moving to Texas, which would be "the first place to push back against it."
"If I ever do flee, don't think fleeing has to involve you going over to Alice Springs or something," Miller said. "I'm going to Texas because that'll be the first place that pushes back. They're not going down the tubes with this country if this country decides to go down the tubes. I really think I'd head for Texas."
Steyn, a columnist for the conservative National Review, said that Texas could well turn out to be the leader of a Soviet Union-style breakup because the independence movement there is a "serious" one.
"I think you're right there," Steyn said. "The idea that all 50 states are going to be content to slide off the cliff in a kind of haze and a drone of sort of soporific princess fluffy-bunny socialism is completely false. I mean, there will be — you're going to have serious secession movements if some of this stuff isn't turned around, not just in Texas."
The Texas Nationalist Movement is the primary independence organization in the state and membership in the organization has exploded in recent months. County-level TNM groups are now active in more than 100 of the state's 254 counties, and leaders of the TNM are expecting even more new members once a series of broadcast and print media ads begin reaching the public. The TNM has already indicated they will again be fielding candidates for local, county and state offices in the coming election cycle.
The subject of secession often reminds many Americans of the Civil War, and many progressives who otherwise spend much of their time denigrating the armed forces threaten that a move toward independence by Texas or other states would prompt another civil war. The Texas Nationalists pointedly embrace the belief that their movement is wholly political and that independence can be accomplished at the ballot box, not on the battlefield.
Perhaps with that in mind, the comedian Miller offered a suggestion.
"It would appear at times when civil war might be inevitable," Miller replied. "Why don't we get together right now and agree to do it by paintball so nobody gets hurt. Why don't we just have a big liberal-conservative — meet at the Mississippi and have a big paintball game so we can get this figured out?"
This is not a fair warning for what is to come.   The is an observation of that which has already arrived.
El Gringo Viejo