Saturday, 21 December 2013

Immaculate Cuncussion Anniversary


     Several months after the disasters of Egypt and Libya there were still no answers worthy of the name.   The Obama administration seems to think that the entire issue is a game of "tag", and that the game ends on 20 January 2015.  The disasters of Egypt and Libya have now degenerated further, including the thorough muddying of issues pertaining to Iran and Syria.   Another of the magnificent foreign policies accomplishments   he and (Sir Edmund) Corkscrew is the destruction of American - Israeli relations, which for Obama, is most probably a point of pride.   We now have an Israel whose best ally in matters pertaining to Iran is Saudi Arabia.

     And to-day?   Still no solid answers or explanations about any of the firings of General Officers from command posts, or the failure to respond to Benghazi-burning, or what side games were being played between Turkey and militant groups in north Africa, or why some Coptic Christian's relatively mild and pointless YouTube video with 4.000 hits (before the free advertising by {Sir Edmund} Corkscrew) had to be trotted out as something that had anything to do with anything.   The major questions, once the enumeration begins, could make a 198 page book of simple sentences in interrogative form.   And none of those questions have be addressed in any reasonable way.


 This linkage should be reviewed at least once per week by all OROGs.    It shows that the entirety of Obama's "political maturation" was completely involved with crooks, lunatics, and marxists.


Friday, 21 December 2012

Immaculate Concussion, indeed!

In the Complete Guide to the Commandments, Canons, and Orders of the Church of Be'elzebub (the original grandfather of Be'elzebubba bin Blythe), one is required as follows....."Being certain that no good lie be left untold, all confirmed must be dedicated to the mastery and practise of the Holy Whopperistical Mysteries."
     We have signed the White House Petition urging immediate re-canonisation, beatification, and embalming, and spraying of gobs of gold upon the person of Queen of the Universe (Sir Edmund) Hillaryabubba.
        To one lower order we give Susan Riceabubba dishonourable mention for her perfectly miserable holy grovelling,  transparent mendacity, race-baiting, and generally despicable deportment, which brought us much pride and pleasure.

Que  intervengan los Santos!
The field was planted but there has been no harvest.   We need answers to the many questions left behind by this debacle.
El Gringo Viejo