Monday, 9 December 2013

MLK, Michael Jackson, and now the Magical Madiba Mess - Saints Preserve Us

   We invent sacred cows, bulls, heifers, and toadstools.  We are fed a diet of how so-and-so is the greatest person in history and such-and-such is the unassailable truth....this bar of metal is .999 fine silver and this bar of metal is 24k me.   When it turns out to the false, then it is time to shoot the messenger. 
    The time arrives when morality becomes false and the worship of false gods living or dead, becomes true.   The glorious raiment of the Emperor, no matter how hideous or non-existent must be described, and believed to be, glorious raiment.  Or else.
     With a few changes, two of America's icons and their estates, can be folded into the story published in the Canadian press, quite openly, as they analyse the developments coming down the road concerning the reality of the Mandela phenomena.  To wit:

  Following his death on Thursday at the age of 95, the scramble for control of the Mandela legacy - both financial and moral - will involve his family, the ruling African National Congress (ANC), and the Nelson Mandela Foundation he set up to protect his broader message.


      At stake is the inheritance that will go to Mandela's more than 30 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, some of whom already use the Mandela name and image to market everything from clothing to reality TV.

      There are also the Mandela brands and trademarks that help fund the Foundation. And for the ANC, Mandela's reputation as an anti-apartheid hero is worth votes for years to come.
      There are no available public figures of Mandela's wealth, making it difficult to put an exact value on his estate, which includes an upscale house in Johannesburg, a modest dwelling in his rural Eastern Cape home province, and royalties from book sales including his autobiography "Long Walk to Freedom".
     Several South African branding experts have declined to estimate the annual value of Mandela's trademark and brands.
    Maintaining control over the copyrights is already a difficult business; protecting the Mandela brand may be even harder now that he is gone.
    "The beauty of the Nelson Mandela brand is that it has been lived by him exactly as it has been presented by him. His behaviour is his brand," said Jeremy Sampson, the executive chairman of Interbrand Sampson de Villiers.
    "In the rush to commercialize it, we run the risk of watering down or destroying the good that the brand stood for purely with the crassness of finance," he added. "GOOD LORD"
     Mandela divided the management of his legacy between a series of trusts to handle his finances and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, which serves as custodian of his wider moral legacy.
    In total, he set up about two dozen trusts, mostly to pay for the education of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.
    It hasn't all been straight forward.
   A legal tussle between Mandela's long-time friend, lawyer George Bizos, and two of Mandela's daughters became public this year as the daughters sought to have Bizos and other Mandela associates ousted from companies set up to sell his handprint for use in art and memorabilia.
   According to an affidavit filed by Bizos and the others, the two daughters, Makaziwe Mandela and Zenani Dlamini, had been trying to gain control of the main Mandela Trust since 2005 and eventually became trustees without Mandela's knowledge.
   Mandela became angry when he found out what the daughters had done, Bizos and the other associates said in the affidavit.   "Mr Mandela was shocked and used a common expression 'Good Lord!' He was most infuriated and wanted to know what had happened."
A portion of the revenue from the Foundation's 46664 clothing line - named after Mandela's prisoner number on Robben Island - and the artworks also goes to pay for family members' education, according to Bizos.
     "The trust has adopted the procedure of requiring the applicant for money to furnish an invoice," Bizos said, adding that every request accompanied by proper paperwork has been granted.
      But some family members have asked for a lump sum payment of 12 million rand, he added.    Such demands fuel the notion, widely held in South Africa, that some of Mandela's children have exploited their father.    Makaziwe, Mandela's eldest daughter, bristles at that.    "This is what we are, in a sense, entitled to, that my father worked for, and he did it with his own hands to create something for the welfare and upkeep of himself and his children," she told the Financial Times in April (emphatic graphics added by El Gringo Viejo) .
      "If everybody wants a little bit of the Madiba magic, why is it so sacrilegious for the rightful owners ... to use the Madiba magic?" she said, referring to her father by his clan name.
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    Another of the great magical majestic magicians are people like Madame Mitterand, wife of the famous Mitterand of Vichy Communist, one-time Nazi, one-time Socialist, one-time wannebe Conservative.... one-time bon vivant.... one-time Riviera Barnacle.... one-time Villa connoisseur. His  widow ran funds and estate monies and all nature of public monies funnelled into the control of poor, old Francois...used later for the Sendero Luminoso, the Frente Armada y Revolucionaria Colombiana (FARC), Frente Sandinista para la Liberacion Nacional (FSLN -  sub-Comandante Marcos / Chiapas) among other major financial backings of hot-pink and red organisations.
    Then that personality of great fame, like Hillary and her concern for women's and children's issues, we name the now long forgotten parasite, Yassir Arafat with the wife of the net-stockings....whose estate is thought to have approximated something like 600,000,000 USD.   The wife has been on a spending spree in Paris since 10 years before the death of the man who appeared to be the union of tubercular maggots and dung beetle larvae.  Mrs. Shearhfat's Olympic Shopping Team training efforts continue to this day.
    And of course we give due recognition, lauding and magnifying the name of that greatest of all democratic, agrarian reformers, a people-type person, a really nice guy and his brother, Fidel and Raul Castro Ruz.....who control something like 2,000,000,000 USD. That's two billion dollars....stolen from the people of Cuba....and anyone else. That money is on deposit in various institutions in Europe.  Everyone knows it so that's why it has to be kept secret by Barbara Walters, who still thinks she is the only one who knows it.
    And sadly, most folks know about the horrid, narcissistic arguments between family members that began at the very instant after the burial of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Only one niece is known to have carried herself in a dignified and respectful manner since that interment.  She is a FOX News commentator and is seen on that network at times.
    We shan't even elaborate on the Michael Jackson mess.
Failing in my desire to want a little of that Madiba Magic, I remain