Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Megan Kelly is right....I hope she knows why

Nicolaos, Bishop of Myra
It should be of interest that myra from
the Turkish is a perfume of rose-water
which is what we know from the King
James orginal translations as myrrh.
    During these periods that accompany preparations for the Feast of the Nativity and the attendant Christ's Mass, we would like to throw in a vote of concurrence with Megan Kelly.  The issue is a useless one, because it deals with matter of race, colour, and ethnicity.   Leftists who are addicted to causing and exacerbating racial divides have run out of any issues beyond taking money from productive people to spend on renewable lethargy, and fomentation of racial/ethnic hatred.   They really are nice people...?
     Megan is right.   There is more than one legend of a cleric who distributed gifts.  But!!!  The one that must be focused upon most carefully is the Bishop of Myra.    He dates to the last half of the Third Century and the first half of the  Fourth Century.  He was decidedly Caucasian, racially.   Although he was very active in the Christian Church as is noted by his high rank of Bishop of Myra, he was not Turkish.
     As St. Patrick was not Irish, but Anglo-Saxon, our friend of the miracle of giving was decidedly Hellenic..... Greek, born in Greece, and of Grecian ancestry.  His father was a religious man and bore the name of Theopolous.   Nicolaos was always dedicated to religiosity.  Even as a child he observed all the fasts and prayed frequently.   He was elevated to the cloth and became a Bishop at a relatively early age.
     His service to his Saviour, his congregations, and the general populace was marked with numerous very strange and powerful miracles.   Neither was he a poor man, but rather a financially well-fixed person.  It is said and it was venerated that he returned three children, sealed in a vat, from the dead.  The three young boys were slaughtered by a butcher, who then ordered his wife to seal the butchered pieces into a curing barrel marked "hams".  Nicolaos saw through the butcher's evil acts and miraculously restored the three youngsters to life.
    He intervened in the execution-by-beheading of three innocent sailors and changed the will of the ordering judge and the executioner by invoking the will of Yahweh and His Son.  He was associated with the restoration of a man's hope lost, due to the fact that he, as a father,  did not have money for his three daughter's dowries.  Various stories have that once every time a daughter came of age (15 years), a bag of gold coins...a fortune...would appear at the door.  Other explanations are that the bags arrived through a window (Gabriel's trick) at the Feast of the  Annunciation.  A third explanation is that he threw the youngest girl's bag of gold coins down the chimney and it landed in her stockings that were drying overnight by the embers of the fireplace.
  Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and the Eastern Orthodox denominations recognise Saint Nicolaos and revere him as the saint of sailors, thieves, archers, pawnbrokers, and students.  The apostolic non-Catholic denominations usually recognise Saint Nicolas, as do many Baptist congregations.
    The acts of other well-to-do clerics in western and northern Europe seemed to re-enforce the notion of magical gifting by some kind person of the cloth.   It would be reasonable to assume that after arguments and incessant questioning,  somebody said to his children, "I don't know where the heck he come from!!!  Maybe he comes from the North Pole!!  Now leave me alone."
     But, among the lesser acts that actually engendered the concept we carry as not-too-good Christians, is that Saint Nicolaos is associated with the spirit of giving.   That came from the habit Nicolaos had to take servants and a fine carriage out into the working class and poorer areas during the early morning hours, supposedly of the Feast of the Epiphany....and then go about quickly place toys and baubles at the door for the children of those houses who had them.    It was said that the rapidity by which the gifts were placed, without detection, seemed to be magical.

     The first hurdle is to understand that the words "white" and "Caucasian" are interchangeable.   That will solve a lot of problems.   One can disagree with that statement, one might not want that statement to be true, but it is.  If a person wishes to believe differently, that is fine, but it is not anthropologically correct, and following that belief pattern will restrict one's usefulness in any theatre of educated argument.
    Now, for the record, not all white men are white.  A lot of groups that folks may not think are white, really are white.   The following is not suppositional: it is fact and provable by dna and chromosome analysis and so forth.   There are a few whitish looking people who are not white...not Caucasian.  We shall address a few of them. 
     Semitic and Asemitic people are all white folks.  In the South we coined up the word Asemitic to identify the children of the seed of Hagar and Abraham.  But, academically and ethnographically, they are all Semites.  That whole batch of northern African (Mediterranean) peoples stretching well past what is now Afghanistan....are all white.   The Syrians, Armenians, all the people of the Caucasus Regions, all the Iraqi and Kurds and Turks....they also be white.  The Saudi, Yeminis, Kuwaitis, the Omanis....even unto the Moroccans, Libyans, Tunis, and most of the Egyptians and Eritreans (very dark people) are white....along with the peoples of northern Algeria.
     Next are the Pakistanis and the Indians, some of whom could make a lump of coal jealous.  But, they are white.   The Iranians are white, but not Arab.   Nor is their language based in Arabic or any form thereof.  The Iranians are Indo-Arian.  Much of their blood-line is Germanic and their language is Farsi, which is derived from several languages including one that is probably pre-historic by several thousand years.

     All the folks who can trace all sides of their ancestry into pre-World War II Europe are white.....save for one little batch that causes folks to scratch their heads a lot.  The Swedes and Nords are white, certainly, but not the Finnish.  They are a cross between Celto-nordics and Mongolian.  And their language is different from their neighbours in substantial ways.

     So, the white folks are a peculiar bunch.  Europe, divided into so many ethnic slices...just England and the British Isles....Ingle, Jute, Welsh, Irish, Scot, Norman, and others....like Manx.   Europe has the Anglo-Saxon group, the Germanic or Teutonic Group, the Slavic group which includes Serbs and Russians, Slovaks, Poles, and the like, the Scandinavian or Nordic group, the "Latin" group....which ranges by itself to include Portugal, Spain, the southern half of France, Italy, and Romania.   All white folks.

     Pure Spanish, however and for instance, is an example of the complexities of the study of race and the children of race....ethnicity.   Spain and the Iberian Peninsula has a minimum of six major ethnic entities, and variations of the language to the point that Portuguese is regarded as a separate language from Spanish....in spite of the obvious similarities.  A dialect, however, ceases to be a dialect when one or the other of two similar speech groups can no longer readily understand the other.  In this case the Spaniard and Mexican and Cuban, etc, has great difficulty understanding a Portuguese speaker, while the Portuguese speaker has no difficulty understanding the Spaniard.  Ethnically, the Portuguese tends to be a bit more Jew and less Arab than the southern Spaniard.   A native Barcelonan speaks a dialect that is difficult to understand by the Spanish speaker....called Catalonese...but almost all those northeastern Spaniards can also speak Spanish without reverting to their nationalistic Catalonese.

     My professor brother who was a great and famous cultural geographer, linguist, and anthropologist and I both arrived independently to the conclusion, however, that there is no such thing as races.  If a Japanese-type person can give blood to a Luo Tribesman from central Kenya and vica-versa, then there most certainly an overriding truth....there is only one race.

    So, Virginia, as I have always kept posted on the side-column about Santa Claus...yes, there most certainly is a Santa Claus....and he most certainly is white....and he belongs to all of us of that one race of many colours....and we belong to him, even if we do not believe in him.   El Gringo Viejo chooses to believe in him because he has seen the works of the Greek bishop in the modern era.

Keeping Vigil.