Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Brief Story of Amazement .

Cristina Fernandez Vda. de Kirchner had a significant health set-back recently.   It was  something like a blood clot on the brain, and it put her down for the count of nine.   Suffice to say, her presidency of Argentina has also be something like a blood clot on the brain of Argentina.   Supposedly, at this time, Argentina's executive is a composite of sixteen to nineteen different individuals. Cristina is rolled out, as though she were a latter-day Evita, full of sawdust and formaldehyde and glowing with a golden lustre, to smile and nod and wave like Queen Elizabeth's famous un-screwing the light-bulb.

Michelle Bachelet, Sebastian Pinera, Cecilia Morel
The new president, Bachelat,
ready to raise taxes after advanced
training, running women's issues
programmes at the United Nations.
Standing at the right of the picture
and far to the left in Chilean politics
allowing Real Live Communists into
her kinder and gentler cabinet, she
also worked as a double in movies
about (Sir Edmund) Hillary
 Rodman de Benghazi.
     The Argentine peso is more shot now than ever....worse than the Mexican peso in the late 1970s in terms of the overall losses and general economic impact on the Argentine peoples.  The gnomes in the Casa Rosa (the name of the presidential palace in Buenos Aires) are still trying to stop global warmingcooling and destroy the wealthy.

     We are disappointed that the people of Chile have decided to trundle into the vacant, cold, labyrinthine halls of Satan's Nest.... called  Plantation Socialism.   The left in Chile points to Pinochet, who in fact saved Chile from a guaranteed lemming jump into the Bay of Havana, and keep plugging away to enslave the people of Chile to a group of gnomes in Santiago.  It works so well in Cuba and Venezuela, no? 

    And just look at the United States, where Obama has given everybody free medical service all the time, especially the octogenarian, reverse-transgendered namow who is desperately in need of pharmaceutical contraceptives and lactation pumps.  It is only fair.   So Chile now has a parliament of demagogues who are ready to approve an increase in the taxes levied against those horrid corporations so that the pot-smoking, indolent. collegiate-class of young Chilenos can have "free university".

We give it 30 months before the whole thing unravels when different "progressive" factions within the central government in Santiago eat each other while the Chilean economy crumbles.

El Gringo Viejo