Thursday, 26 December 2013

All the news that makes you sick!


     This glowing article represents the left at its best and worst.   The Reportina writes glowingly about how Father Obamaham arbitrarily amends legislation, which was Nixon's first offense...the repatriation to the Treasury of unspent Tax Money, authorised to the Executive Branch by the Congress.   Nixon decided to send that money in question to the United States Treasury, and the press began immediately to point out that Nixon was beginning to treat black people like fools, dolts, and was disrespecting the intent of Congress, in violation of the Constitution.  The Democrats of that time, always bi-partisan and kinder and gentler, howled to high Hell that Nixon was committing "genocide" and "intentionally starving minority children" by not re-programming the money that had not been spent into the affected agencies' next budget.   For having done these things, Nixon was the Grinch, and a very evil person.
    And yes, Virginia, reporters for the then-Mainstream Media said things like that back in the 1970s, about presidents who had been elected a few months earlier with two-thirds of the popular vote and essentially all of the electoral college vote.
   Fast forward to the present, and we learn that Carla K. Johnson is fully capable of literally gushing about how the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) is really hitting its stride.   "It's just non-stop now!  Everybody knows about it!  Everybody wants it" declares Madeleine Siegal.   Without much trepidation, El Gringo Viejo suspects that Miss Madeleine is a battle-hardened ACORN-type, totally adept at shouting meaningless socialist slogans and registering Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to vote in the upcoming elections.
     Of course, this data being found in a dispatch dated the 24th of December 2013 was probably invented in a coffee shop on the 15th of December 2013, to be deployed in a news release at the later time.  Why?   So as to give the impression that finally Father Obamaham  had  parted the Waters and freed the slaves again.  Only this time, unlike stupid Moses with the speech impediment, Father Obamaham had given everyone free medical.
    Just imagine.  Good ole' Ronald Bellingeri went down and, in just 90 minutes, signed up and was given a health care plan by his health care counsellor.   And good ole' Ralph, a real live small business type had waited  'til the last minute' t'cause he jist didn't know where to go or what to do.   He was just like the rest of us dumbasses who jist cain't do nuthin' nohow on our'n own.  But Father Obamaham gave us a counsellor to find our way through the desert created by the Republicans and Global Warming so that Ralph could keep on a'contractin'.   And Father Obamaham gave Ralph a free medical programme.
    As we read this gall-bladder warming Winter Solsticetide story from the 3rd Chapter, 14th Verse of the Gospel according to Saint Lucifer, we also learn that Ralph's free medical will only cost Ralph a total of 156 USD in yankee greenbacks per month.   Ralph decided to choose the "Gold Plan" because he was too good for the frankincense and myrrh plan....because he has allergies to those things.    He also seemed to like the idea that El Gringo Viejo and his wife, and almost all the OROGs will have the pleasure in helping good ole' Ralph with his Gold the tune of 472 USD in yankee greenbacks per month.   So, there we have it.  Obama lets Ralph keep our doctor and our hospital for free (just pay 156 USD for separate shipping and handling), and the millionaires and billionaires get to pay for the rest.   Ralph will go on disability in a little while when he finds out that he is going to have to fork over 9,000 dollars in cash on his deductible for the broken ankle he has set, after the drunk with no auto insurance rear ends him at the stop light next week.  His disability payments will be about 2,200/mo. USD,,,,,all free.
    Please remember axiom number 6 of the Socialist Golden Rule.  Anyone who receives an income tax refund that is less than the amount that has been withheld by the Internal Revenue Service is a billionaire and a millionaire.    Axiom number 9 is as follows:  Any free money paid by the central government to anyone will first be taken from the millionaires and billionaires.
You're welcome, Ralph.  Hope you choke on the  lottery tickets, and a happy Kwanza to all, especially Miss Flukie and Carla K. Johnson!
El Gringo Viejo