Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Commander-in-Chief of Decay and Degradation - The Whig Response

Santa Claus feeding his reindeer in LaplandMy Christmastide has been typically pleasant.  Cool to coldish (thanks AlGore) and a bit wet.  The grandchildren are on their way down, even as Santa Clause has returned to the North Pole.  He has fed and brushed down the reindeer and put them in their stalls to rest up.   In a few days they will be out frolicking and playing, including Rudolph in their form of Reindeer soccer.
   Now, however, we are greeted with the news that no religious singing in VA hospitals will be presented or allowed.  Only anthems dedicated to Father Ohamaham, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,  no more dirty old Christian Religious Songs that offend people.   No! No! No!   Only good songs about chestnuts, and solstice trees, and Jenny-Frost.   And only shows that somehow equate the word Christmas with the process of providing 243 useless toys and baubles to each child, aged 34 or under or thereabouts (depending upon the level the child's  of gender-determination stress and his/her internal conflicts resolution counselling sessions per week).
     When your ever-so-humble commentator was invited to join the United States Army back in the late 1960s, on the first Sunday after the beginning of basic training, we were ordered to go to chapel....Protestants over there and Catholics over here.   There were four Episcopalians in the cluster of 303 basic combat training company trainees,  and we were at a loss which way to go....we wound up going over to the Roman Catholic chapel.   But, now we have arrived at the point where some bull-cow can come and tell a group of soldiers who are planning a Christmas Horse Show for the base, that they must change the name of the event to "Holiday Horse Show".   At a VA hospital, carolling is prohibited unless it is confined to a recitation of the San Francisco Telephone Yellow Pages.
     Folks, we need to wake up to the fact that the military is being rotted out from the inside. It is one of Obama's signal achievements. Like grinding his jack-boot into the face of Netanyahu, making the Dahli Lama leave through the trash bin exit so as not to disconcert his communist cousins in Red China, and leaving the Pakistani doctor to rot, and siding with the Muslim Brotherhood against Mubarak and Al Qaeda against Assad, the policy of Obama and his minders is to weaken, confuse, besmirch, ridicule, and degrade the military specifically and the United States of America, generally.

Next?   Selfies with Lady GagGag and Molly?



   The American Military?   The mission of the United States Coast Guard? The Marines? the Army?  the Air Force?  The Navy?   The entire military is now the foremost social engineering agency of the National Socialist central government. The elevation of sodomy and sodomites, the induction of females into the centre of combat and into close combat support, and the steady abolition of services pertinent to traditionalist Jews and Christians are now the norm and the degradation of military objectives, all present a wall of shame, constructed wholly by the president and his minders.   The Manchurian Candidate has become the face of the eunichisation of the American military.
     Please ask any recently returned soldier, especially those who have decided not to re-enlist recently. The simple change of the rules of engagement was enough for some, but most will say that the good General Officers are being set-up and blackmailed out of command, and at times out of the service. Check on your multiple-rockered Sergeants....especially combat unit and squad mobile artillery and infantry.  Deck crew-chiefs and advanced mechanics on the flattops. 
          The military is steadily being castrated and disarmed and degraded. It has become another social experiment for the purpose of entertaining leftists, progressives, and other anti-American marxist-type elitists.

     They know that the low information and low intelligence people don't care the least whit about anything pertaining to the military.  And, they know that the American core populace has an abiding affection and respect for the military.  If we, the rightwing crazies jump on the Obamoids for driving the military into the ground, the White House Zombie Attack Group can issue press releases framing the issue of our complaints around something called 'Republicans, conservatives condemn Military".   That way, the low-lows can be told that the old, white men and the millionaires and billionaires hate the Army.   That is what the low-lows hear in their MTV 1/30th of a second impression bytes.   And of course, (Sir Edmund)Hillary can cackle and shriek about how much she and her fellow marxists dislike being told that they are not patriotic when the Republicans and Conservatives are badmouthing the "improvements" being made in the American military.

    No more!   We need to draw the line....and draw it back about 25 years.  We need to remember that the word soldier is a French word that pretty much  means " be welded..." as in solder (SOW - dehr).   In the Spanish the word is 'soldado"...which is a word that has several meanings...among them are 'welded'....and.....'soldier'.   Lots of folks do not want to be welded to a homosexual or a female in a combat situation.   We know that there will be hundred, nay...thousands who will say immediately that "I served with homosexuals and women and I'm here to tell you that you are bigotted and just plain wrong."   
     Sorry big fellow, but that's a big 10 - 10 (or 10 - 74 in some jurisdictions).  When a person talks to 10 consecutive people who have recently left the service under honourable conditions, and they all say very close variations of what El Gringo Viejo has described above....disagreement with what is being stated by El Gringo Viejo is statistically unsupportable.

This is not El Zorro's Seal Point.  It is an unreasonable
facsimile, because each Seal Point is absolutely
certain that he/she is the only perfectly
beautiful Seal Point in the entire

     Read what comfortable words are spoken by El Zorro who takes time from a busy Christmas social and family period...and who is recovering from wandering around in the dark for two hours looking for his housecat who bolted into the cold darkness of a North Texas Winter's night.   (not just any cat, but a prized Seal Point who became huffy because the house was full of friends and family, and children, and who was disgusted by the fact that he was (1) no longer in control of Mr. and Mrs.  El Zorro  and (2) he was no longer the absolute centre of the universe)

Now, the words of a combat veteran with two tours in beautiful downtown South Viet Nam, direct from El Gringo Viejo's facebook to your computer:
      "This is painful. Even the most hardened, dedicated, experienced troops we have cannot defend the country or the Constitution against this conspiracy that is desecrating and decomposing the military. The Obama regime is making it impossible for the Armed Forces to obey their oath to protect and defend. The dichotomy is that, by oath, they are to obey the orders of the President but to obey his orders they have to disobey their oath to support and defend the Constitution. Only we, the people, can defend the country and Constitution if there is the collective will. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I prefer to believe it is the Constitution to which the armed forces pledge their allegiance. The Constitution established the Presidency and therefore by logic, that would be the first allegiance of the soldier. The military is in a very difficult situation."   -    El Zorro
AND NOW FOR THE WHIGs  -  We remember the Whigs....who were a powerful, dominate conservative-leaning group of folks who led us up through the Ante Bellum period and all the way to end of the Union, as we knew it.   They managed to preside over a situation where the fool Abolitionists and high-tariff industrialists could howl and holler about doing away with Slavery once and for all, no matter what the cost.  They would grab their chests, and point to the very throne of the Creator and declare, "This Nation cannot suffer the shame of this contamination!  It is unnatural for one man to be owned by another.  We see no contradiction in the need to kill one man in order to free another.  It makes little difference that the broad mass of Southerners are not slavers, they are still complicit!"
    Then the fool Southerners, many of them Whigs, others who are Democrats who had more Whig in them than they ever had Democrat who would puff up and do one of two things or a combination of both....imagine the rooster with his collar puffed up, and demanding that the Abolitionists cease their dangerous demands, (1)  "If the slave is freed, to what is he freed if such is done by force?   Does this not advise both white man and black that an all powerful government can take any possession from anyone no matter how ill advised such an act might be.   Would it not be possible that at some later time, it might be decided that a man could not plough with ox nor mule, and remove from a Negro those possessions?   or his gun?  or a share of his crop without due process and compensation?   And further, are not these issues  better settled among those who know the parties, which man is fit for manumission, and which man cannot be yet or ever manumitted to full citizenship. And....(2) Is this not a matter of local prerogatives and States' Rights?   Are we to tell the industrial men in the North that their wages in their factories are penurious and their employees have none of the protections of the black man, who while a slave, is a valued property and a friend.   Must we fight a war a kill our neighbours so as to show him how to love the folks who labour for him?"  
     What fools we are and were.   I am and will forever be disposed to the Southern position, even knowing the stupid long-term uselessness of slavery. But, we were hung with it.   El Gringo Viejo sincerely and  actually believes things would have been better served had we been allowed to disassemble the institution calmly, especially with the on-set, already underway, of industrialisation.    There was no need for  a campaign for social justice or social democracy, but rather another path, that being  a move to common and natural law with what Robert Edward Lee called for...."the mellowing influences of Christianity" and the preparing of the Black man and the White man to live in friendship, side by side.   It was still the hope of Booker Tecumseh Washington well into the 20th Century.
     But the the RINOs....The Whigs and the RINOs are the same, stumbling towards a centre position that simply exacerbates the conditions  from which they further hide.  The Whigs presided over compromise after reasonable compromise.  The Whigs argued against arguing, and they wrote long speeches.  The did not understand that the abolitionists were conceited fools who did not care about to-morrow.  The Abolitionists, like all elitist progressives, demanded the establishment of Heaven on Earth to-day and that that Heaven would be a place of their own description.   Further, if someone had a different description of Heaven on Earth, that person was wrong and needed to be killed sooner rather than later, or we could die trying to kill those people. No philosophy beyond abolition could be tolerated (something like the abortion issue to-day), save for the establishment of a common class...each equal unto the other....but to which class the Abolitionists and Social Reformers themselves would not pertain because of their obviously higher level of cultural worth and their better understanding of the nature of things.
     Where were the men among the Whigs?  Nowhere.     What was the greater vision of the Massachusetts and other New Englander Abolitionists?  Nothing   What good would come from fighting a "woe-wah"  to defend State's prerogatives and an untenable Peculiar Institution when both would be lost along with that War.   Almost certainly the losers would be the White Southerners of all social positions, and the Black Southerner, free and slave, of all conditions and positions.
     Whigs and RINOs.  Marxists and Progressives.  What a bunch of lumps of coal.  Southerners, what a bunch of Dumboes.  And I among them. Pray for Constitutional Restoration.  Pray for the Republic of Texas.  Pray for the Good of America.
     We turn the pages of the new calendars, while hoping to live at least long enough to see the end of this horrid quagmire of conundrum, mendacity, and duplicity.  We find this entire episode to be so very sad....and humiliating.
   Finally, is it not strange that the one person to die in another inconvenient plane crash, such as in Hawai'i, is the State's chief Vital Statistics officer?  What are the odds?   Where are Steve L0rd and Tom Selleck when we need them?
El Gringo Viejo