Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tom DeLay moves closer to full vindication

‘The Hammer’ cautiously optimistic about his freedom


     DeLay had six attorneys....incredibly enough of very high repute...honest men.   Several of them had  worked with my brother who ran the Associated Republicans of Texas (ART), a group that handled literally scores of millions of dollars over a 30 year period and never failed any audit or trumped up investigation.   The  objective of the ART was to enhance campaigns and provide some funding for local, State Representative, and State Senator positions in the Republic of Texas, only.
     I know these things as a fairly close activist in Republican affairs for many years, and because my brother was Executive Director of the Associated Republicans of Texas. Until his incapacitation due mainly to age, his honour and integrity was never challenged even by the most gutter-bound slimy Democrat, even the arch-socialist Lloyd Doggett.

     These above-mentioned attorneys advised Mr. DeLay that his procedure was honest, legal, and most of all morally correct. DeLay proceeded, reasonably, on the basis of reasonable counsel. I know  this to be true because I  was familiar with the case and the manners and methods of Mr. DeLay's defence team.
     DeLay was investigated four times and material was taken before grand jury after grand jury until finally the last grand jury moved to indict. The case made no sense. The construct was ludicrous and almost every Democrat in Travis County had done things far more questionable.
    The conviction of DeLay flabbergasted even the Democrat politicians. Everyone knew that it would be impossible to convict a man who had done everything out in the open. The evidence used against him were the legal filings that he made and kept available to public view according to the law.
     It is the same thing that happened to Scooter Libby. Innocent of everything, they had to convict of something. He was, quite literally, convicted of being innocent. I still fault George W. Bush for not having given Libby clemency.
     The only reason the DA went for the indictment on DeLay was because the Republicans in Congress had said that each would, if indicted, resign from the position. DeLay did resign as promised when indicted, much to the cheers and celebration of the reptilian Democrat Socialist Party people. I sincerely believe that even the punk, Ronnie Earl the District Attorney, was surprised at the conviction.
    Please remember that Sandy Berger rifled documents from the National Archives....by the scores...stuffed them in his...ychhhhh - underwear and socks. Each rifling was a felony. George Bush and AG Gonzalez determined not to prosecute him, because it would have seemed unseemly and partisan. Berger was stealing documents that proved that Bill Clinton lied before ethe "9-11 Commission"  about his activities concerning terrorism infiltration and his dealings concerning Usama bin Laden.  (Clinton did lie, several times)
   Double standard. Republican overparks, he is taken out to be shot. Democrat murders a girl and leaves her body in a sunken Oldsmobile in the dark, rushing waters of Chappaquiddick Sound....he receives accolades and a standing ovation for being a murderous demagogue and hypocritical, socialist slug.
And that, my esteemed OROGs, is the name of that tune.
El Gringo Viejo