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Tired of It! If you dish it out...see if you can take this, Obsolete, Politically Correct Media!


Ku Klux Klan members march down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. in 1928.   They are marching behind an American Flag.
  Should that emblem be cast away as well,
 as a nostalgic remnant of identity?


     Founded in 1915 and inspired by the Reconstruction-era organization of the same name, the second Ku Klux Klan shared with its nineteenth-century namesake a deep racism, a fascination with mystical regalia, and a willingness to use violence to silence its foes. It also professed anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism as strongly as it affirmed racism. The “secret” society had 3 million members during its heyday in the early 1920s; roughly half its members lived in metropolitan areas, and although it enjoyed considerable support in the South, the Klan was strongest in the Midwest and Southwest. In this photograph, forty thousand members of the Klan march down Pennsylvania Avenue on August 8, 1925. Organized to counter reports of faltering enrollment, this “konklave“ succeeded in attracting national attention but marked the peak of Klan power in the 1920s. (Library of Congress) 

     Notice that the article points out that the Klan was strongest in the North and to a lesser extent in the Southwest.  One might note that the Stars and Stripes were the banner of choice of the Ku Klux Klan.  Its strength in the South had ebbed substantially by this time.
     The Klan genuinely was the darling of the Progressives and Elite Marxists and Social engineers like Margaret Sanger's crowd, and the friends of dear Eleanor....Roosevelt that is.  Horrid people, just like Obama.   But, like Michelle said, ".....all this over a piece of cloth?"

Published by the New York Daily News. Cute, but no banana.   If anyone would like to review the marches of the Ku Klux Klan, for instance, during its resuscitation by the Progressive movement, the Communist Party, and the Margaret Sanger crowd it will be noticed that their great march back in the 1920s on the Mall in Washington, D.C. was accompanied by strictly American Flags.   Using the logic and whatever other thought process the Daily News employs, it could be imputed that  Old Glory is the banner of the Ku Klux Klan. 

Obsolete Media Outlet continues
to equivilate un-like things and
to tell the public what can be
said and not said by the un-
washed provincial class.
      El Gringo Viejo will not impute anything.   He will simply state that the Daily News is drawing its own picture which pleases them.  It makes them feel superior.  In their ignorance of the facts and their certainty that their illogic will lead them to the Truth, no matter how false it is, they are content that they are superior to the rubes in fly-over country.  They are certainly superior to the hicks who think that governments damage their nations when they run deficits to the point that, one day, everyone wakes up in a country with more than 17,000,000,000,000 greenback, Yankee dollars worth of Central Government debt.
A series of quick truths follows.
    The States of the Confederacy, with all of its foibles and weaknesses, contributed more soldiers to the Wars against Spain, Germany, and the Axis powers than any other section of the re-established American union.   Both of the most decorated soldiers from the two World Wars came from Confederate States.   Sergeant Alvin York from a place not far from my mother's home area in Tennessee, and Lieutenant Audie Murphy (battlefield commission) from the Republic of Texas.   This statement takes nothing away from the other Regions of the American Union nor from those from those areas who served nobly and honourably.
     The ancient artistic design employed by many and diverse cultures throughout the Earth....was usually associated with the Divine or Cosmic or Natural ordering of forces affecting the Planet.   It was employed by a group of madmen and a willing Nation of incredibly intelligent and incredibly gullible and stupid people.   It was adopted by a people who seemed to be willing to vote like stupid, mentally defective, self-centred dolts who believed in undefined Hope and Change as a national industrial policy.  They fell for the seduction of free everything and the promise of the Glory of the National Socialist Democratic Workers' Party paradise.  Ah!  Socialism; under any configuration it always winds up making a one-point landing shortly after take-off.

     Abraham Lincoln chose to make a stand to keep the Union together.  In that the northern part of that Union was composed of people who had no stain upon their soul and who could judge the nature and inner beliefs and understandings of another group due to the superiority of the Northern people over any other, there was a War Between the States to settle the issue that northern people were and are better than Southern people.
     Abraham Lincoln made it clear that he " no wise would ever say that the black man is in any way equal to the white man."    He also stated and/or wrote on several occasions that if he could save the Union by maintaining slavery he would do that, and that if he could save the Union by abolishing slavery, he would do that.   He also pointed out that once the War could be terminated favourably for the Union, it would supply a good number of Negroes to work in the establishment of a Transoceanic Canal in either Nicaragua or Panama, since the Negro was better suited to that climate and the kind of work that would have to be done.
     Abraham Lincoln knew that that within a generation or a generation and a half, mechanisation would render the "peculiar institution" in the Southern States obsolete.  He also had to have known that manumission was certainly a better path to social and cultural solidity of the Negro race in America.   Manumission always meant that that some stuffy old White man/woman had well determined that that particular Black man....who was actually owned by that White man / woman....had been established as a true person and worthy of acceptance as a sovereign in a Republic.  It showed that there was very reasonable probability that the Black man being manumitted was skilled and probably literate to some degree, and that he had a Faith in Providence and had proven responsibility and truthfulness in his dealings.   Such process of manumission also pertained to Black women, depending upon the White owners' discretion.  It was a cumbersome, subjective procedure but manumission was valued much more than emancipation, because the process of emancipation was impersonal and guaranteed by no one.  It was guaranteed by no process that could be readily understood by White man or Black at the time that emancipation was imposed.
     True it should be better to be a free man than a slave, but what if the Black man really, really, really were not ready to face the slippery situations in Southern AND Northern society that were presented by White folks of low degree or ill motive?   In the metropoli of the South, fully one-third of all the skilled tradesmen in 1860....shortly before the outbreak of the War Between the States.....were Black.   Literacy in many areas of the Black folks was at or near the levels of the White folks.  Laws against the teaching of reading, writing, and ciphering to Negro children were simply disregarded in most places, as were laws requiring a manumitted Negro to evacuate the State of his residence at the time of manumission.   It was a stupid law, because the manumitted Negro was, by definition, some kind of yeoman and/or gentleman and a positive feature within the community where he/she was manumitted.

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Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe
Harriet Beecher Stowe
as Pocahontas playing
Elizabeth "Fibbing
 Fawn" Warren
     Revisiting the issue of tradesmen, it is well to point out that the status of such individuals was enhanced because of the fact that they were frequently free-standing small businesses, with an employee or perhaps even several.   The normal Yankee is frequently surprised to learn that the fourth biggest owner of slaves in the late 1850s was, in fact, a black man.

     One of the great ironies of the period that marked the beginning of hostilities between the North and the South was that episode in Lower Manhattan wherein a Negro preacher was on a street-corner delivering a soap-box speech.   He was exhorting the gathering to oppose the coming War, and to understand that the Negro situation in the South was not fairly depicted in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin.   He was essentially saying that the Simple Truth was not, at times, the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.
    The fine points of his argument were lost when the Irish immigrants who were being conscripted hand-over-fist to go fight a War for a Union about which they knew nothing,  decided to silence the Preacher Man by taking him to a lamp-post and hanging him.  So much for racial tolerance north of the Mason - Dixon.   And yes, he died there in Manhattan that day.  Among the many ironies that day was that he was preaching in favour of what the Irish themselves were supporting during those dark hours.

     To this writer, the Confederate it banners, flags, tombstones, genealogies, stories/tales/lore about the War or just life in the something that fascinates and entertains.   It also instructs, because this Writer knows what and who is good and what and who is bad.  We know that the entire ill of the present American Union, especially the ills suffered by Black people and White people and all the other sorts of people, was imposed upon us by Urban, White liberals and Marxists, frequently people of the Social Register who like to run our lives and "provide free things" for us.

Weary Willy
 made famous by Emmett
Kelly, America's most
recognised and beloved
clown.  He represented
the pathos of and a bit
of what little humour
could be made of the
'Hobos of the
    On the side-bar of this same blog, one of the things this writer lists as bad and disliked is the Ku Klux Klan.   Nathan Bedford Forrest, the most defamed Southern field commander (major general) was also, according to no less an authority than Robert Edward Lee, the best strategist and tactician of the War.   He established the Ku Klux Klan after the War as a Southern Veterans' Fraternity.  When carpetbaggers and scallywags began to use it to frighten and abuse well as white people who just wanted order.....he ordered it closed down.   He famously said, "There is no need to deal with the Black Man in this manner".   The only ones who gained, of course, from the excesses of the early Klan were the Reconstruction politicians....many of whom were recently arrived from the North. 

     If it comforts the effete and conceited self-endowed liberals in New York to somehow equivilate the ill-presented Confederate battle flag (it was square, not rectangular) or the image of a Red Man as a business trademark with the National Socialist emblem, that is fine.   It is also inaccurate.  Red Man with a red skin called the White Man with pale skin....paleface, white-eyes, gold hair, and several other things that cannot be mentioned here.  No offense taken.  There is nothing pejorative or insulting per se about using the term Red Skin, unless some pinky-pants liberal with conscience problems decides one day to deign it so.   Mon Dieu!   Do we have to apologise for calling a Cop something like ''Copper" .   Has the population become so narcissistic that each can demand that the entirety of the rest of the population not say "Hebe" for Hebrew, or Tex for a guy from Texas, or Brit for a guy from Great Britian, or Aussie.....and all that Mick ever meant was that the Irish were Mc while the Scot were generally you had Mick and Mack.   And then, imagine the Brooklyn Dodgers, easily the most beloved team in Baseball...the Yankees being the most admire (Imagine that I was 16 years old before I learned that damnedyankees was two words)....but going back to the Dodgers, their nickname was "Da Bums" and their anthropomorphic emblem was Emmett Kelley.....America's favourite Clown for many decades.
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