Friday, 18 October 2013

Gratitude: Attention, Louis Gohmert, Dr. Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee

Ted Cruz filibuster
Ted Cruz
United States Senator
Republic of Texas

 We extend here an expression of gratitude for the efforts of these men and others not pictured who stood against the extension of debt against the interests of our children, grandchildren, and beyond.   Against all ridicule and unfair innuendo, they stood fast and demonstrated  the errors, deficiencies, and mistakes that the present administration and the Republican "stalwarts" are making while they make things convenient for themselves and disastrous for the productive sectors of American public.

Mike Lee
United States Senator

Dr, Ben Carson
Director of Pediatric
 Neurosurgery (Emeritus)
Johns Hopkins Hospital
 author and renowned

    The people who detract from the fact that there is certain national devastation awaiting those who think that we can continue to spend three and take in two in terms of the national exchequer are fools piloting a ship in the iceberg field with their eyes closed at midnight.

    The time for being "reasonable" and bi-partisan has long passed.   We are now in a debt morass that will soon bring a crisis that will mirror the Weimar Republic's experience with creative financing of national budgets.   Argentina will collapse soon, along with Venezuela in terms of the value of their currencies.  Brazil will follow.   The error?   Spending more than that which is taken in. Buying fealty of the "impoverished masses" with money that is freshly printed to be thrown at those who become accustomed to being cared for, however minimally.
     The Obama siren song of Free Medical Service brought to us by the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative will soon be recognised as an administrative debacle forced upon a gullible populace by deranged National Socialist control freaks.  Our pleasantly to cumbersome medical system will be supplanted by an "efficient system" that will be ten times more cumbersome and one hundred times more inefficient.
     We laud and congratulate these men and the other personalities who supported them.  The thinking people support them.  The people who dream of some magic system that provides "free medical" will be waking up from their trances when the Pied Piper stops playing and they feel the shackles around their souls.  For that is the issue.  To be free and a son of Divine Providence  or to be a slave and the serf beholden to one's betters, grovelling for the next crumb or favour.

File:Louie Gohmert Portrait.jpg
Louis Gohmert
 Texas Ist District
United States House of


      As stated by one more eloquent than this participant in life, we ask:   "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
      If life and liberty are granted El Gringo Viejo a little longer, it will be to aid to the degree possible in this fight, while he also persists in his support for an amicable withdrawal of thr Republic of Texas from what must be considered at this point a nation no longer capable of self-government.
     The American Union seems reconciled to the comforts of free services from the central government and to the certain knowledge that money grows inside of ugly buildings in Washington, District of Columbia.  The nation concerns itself so much with the avoidance of saying one or another word that might somehow destroy the life of the hearer, when, day by every night, the slaughter of the spawn of the dependent reveals the true human cost of self-induced bondage.   I would prefer to spend my time edifying projects of good will and prosperity, and not the bondage of political correctness and the worry about people who wish to contaminate themselves with incurable medical conditions and addictions.
     If we can stand alone, as we should, as the Republic that we are, we could certainly learn from the mistakes of the list of nations that have turned themselves grey and devoid of imagination, that are full of degeneracy, graffiti, and indolence, and devoid of thoughts of liberty.
We leave the OROG to his/her peace and now retire to the kitchen to practice my alchemy.
El Gringo Viejo