Monday, 14 October 2013

Medley of the Absurd and of Dispair

   One does not take particular glee in the following material, but it must be entered in case the world ends and there needs to be a record that such things ever occurred.
     The number of "navigators" who will help the hapless move through those things best voted for and not read who are presently awaiting arrest, trial, or who have served time recently?  Priceless.   I mean, numerous.  And, glory be, they will be working within the precincts of the Internal Revenue Service and will have access to any and all Americans private data. 
      These ACORN field-worker types, and perhaps veterans with said august community organising fame, are numerous within the ranks of those who will be standing by to help people select the right enrollment for their free medical services.  They will, ostensibly, show those who are so stupid that they cannot "navigate" an insurance alternative that 86% of the American populace seemed to be able to do, without assistance a long time ago.   Like maybe a few weeks ago.
     But take faith.   Fear not.  I bring to you glad tidings. For unto you this day is born a system of free medical services that will reduce your medical bills by over 2,500 USD per year.   And, if you want to keep your doctor you can keep him/her.
     The thing is, however, that your doctor does not want to keep you  if you choose to be an Obamacararasite.   The money is there, it is just that the simple record keeping for each Obamacarasite will require almost two hours of processing per visit.  Each patient visit and set of actions must be recorded in very precise, computer-entered, backed-up, ready for armed IRS agents to come in and review without warrants or even suspicion of nefarious activity on the part of the doctor.
     Fifty patients in the office per day?   One hundred hours of meticulous data entry and specific analysis along with diagnosis,  prescription, and condition updates.   For an office seeing that number of patients per day it will require at  $22.50 / hour a total of 2,250 USD per day in salaries, not for medical service but for government-style records keeping.   It will require 12 - 14 new employees in each office....and not part-time employees.
     It simply cannot be done.  And Obama does not give a bucket of warm spit.  If anything, he revels in the destruction.  It is a nightmare.  There will come a time, if the elitists have their way, that all Americans will be forced into the single payer system, and only Hillary will have private medical service.
      While negotiating my way around the discarded and ubiquitous disposable diapers that populate the parking lot of the United States Postal Service installation in our little idyllic village on the Rio Grande, it brought to mind the number of disposable diapers that I had managed to miss the last time we had to make a run to the grocery store.   Normally El Gringo Viejo drives about four miles to a HEB Deluxe in another nearby village so as to avoid the necessity of having to do a Texas version of the Bolshoi in order to make it to the front door of the store.
    It is the same folk who cheerfully take out their "Lone Star Card" when it comes time to pay for their bounteously endowed grocery carts...filled with things that should not be eaten by people who obviously have no "need to feed" and who have 3rd grader children who weigh more than El Gringo Viejo who is 6'2" tall.

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Grocery Carts
 are suddenly abandoned when service
to card accountable computers was suddenly
restored.  Carts like this, by the thousands,
are, each one, prima facie evidence of a
theft in progress.  Given the least chance
to pillage and steal, food stampers cannot
resist the temptation to steal what they
are already stealing from the producing
sector.   No self-respect...?  Criminality
always follows.
     A "burn down the bakery" moment occurred this last week in various places throughout the United States.   For a few minutes or hours,  a "computer glitch" affected food stamp "credit cards" in such a way that the limits could not be determined.  So, not wanting to start a "food fight" so to speak, and knowing the nature of the clientele in terms of things such as reason and temperament, many stores just elected to allow the parasites to "buy" as much as they wished.   Many decided to allow the people to buy anything....most tried to limit the indulgence to comestibles.
     A few stores...not just on Drudge....have been reported to have been stripped.   Others lost almost everything on the shelves and meat departments.   When suddenly accounting services were restored, people began running for the door with or without their carts,  carts were strewn some completely laden, others overturned, some were left in the aisles of the stores piled higher than the "pusher" could see to navigate.
    It was a string of scenes that would give joy to the heart and warm the cockles of that heart of any self-respecting community organiser.
The split tiles are very
 evident on the"Castillo"
(gate post), and the roof
of the Quinta Tesoro de la
Sierra Madre.   They can
also be seen as d├ęcor for
the top of our rock fence.
The phone rang yesterday and it was Alvaro calling up from the Quinta.  We have been repairing the roof of our little hideaway after the massive rains of the past month.   We knew that we had chaff blockage of the run-off that is channelled over the split tiles that one commonly finds on older homes in Mexico...a bit of Spain and Italy that will probably never die.   When we built the place, it was something we wanted for the effect and the simplicity of repair.
    Repairs were necessary, but Alvaro said that we only lost "about 60".  Sixty is a "pretty cool hand" when the roof has about 10,000 Spanish split tiles.
Almost all the repairs have been made, although we shall have to begin to replace a lot of the cane "fronting" of the ceiling.  Some of the cane just gave up the ghost after being saturated over and over again during the six week period.   But, we shall finish what needs to be done, and accept the things we cannot change, as in the gardens down below towards the Rio Corona's banks, and "get on with la vida no tan loca". 
More later.   We really appreciate your attention, and we are hoping that the recent rains in the  Central and North parts of the Republic of Texas were only beneficial and not damaging in any way.
El Gringo Viejo