Tuesday, 15 October 2013

"Education Union" Thugs and the havoc they love

Gang of Union Thugs in Cancun supposedly protesting about the
recently imposed, and very necessary education reforms in
 Mexico.  Cancun was targeted specifically to injure the
national image.   Marxists always will destroy in
order to have their way, as in Barry's attempt
to leave the fallen soldiers in a cold-room
in Kabul, because of "GOP
          As a bit of an up-date about Mexico, please be aware that El Gringo Viejo is dedicated to the proposition of providing solid right-wing commentary and interpretation about what is going on in our sister Republic.  We hope that our perspective helps deepen and widen the OROGs understanding beyond the hopelessly inaccurate information that comes to the USA through Obsolete Media sources.
     We had thought, perhaps foolishly, that the issue of the occupation of the Zocalo in Mexico City and the various local protests (frequently quite violent) in places throughout the "provinces" would have ended with the forced removal of various of the "leaders" from the Zocalo, along with the disbanding of their followers.   Most of the followers in such deployments are generally somewhat humanoid presences who have IQs roughly approaching the level of Styrofoam packing peanuts.   They used to be known as "bullet catchers" but in these days the Army has tried to refrain from such measures except for those involved in "organised crime" (drug trafficking).
     We have been sorely disappointed.   Our main reason for discontent is sourced in our own conceit and egotism.  We just hate to be wrong.  El Gringo Viejo's analysis was wrong.
      As in the case of Obama, the slime never goes away.   The stench of true marxist evil never stops burning the nostrils.   The true marxist never stops trying to pervert natural law and impose the order of one kind of elitist or another.   So, just because nice Miss Gordillo, the immediate past president of the national educational workers' union, was thrown in prison for pilfering what appears to be something along the order of 200,000,000 USD from the union coffers for her own investment, benefit, and squandering (six face-lifts, and she's still uglier than bat-puke), it does not mean that anyone has learned his/her lesson about good order in public service.
     Almost immediately after the passing of a dull and boring, secular, modernist, homosexuals-are-better-than-normal-people, and egalitarianism is-a-national-priority teaching format....the marxists 2nd and 3rd level people in the education union went into violent, confrontational  mode.  In spite of the "liberal, progressive" thrust of the new educational plan, the Thugs were mobilised by the hundreds.  Almost all have a criminal background and/or some association with violent crime in their past.
    Although well over 90% of the people who were members of the old union are in favour of the reforms already enacted by the Congress and the President, and a similar number of those expressing a preference in the general population concur, the sliver of activists who hate good order are determined to make Mexico pay for slaughtering the Golden Calf.   Perhaps we are watching the punishment of Mexico for imprisoning the Sacred Cow as well.
     The City and State of Oaxaca are long-famous for the continuous "education protests".  Bus-burnings, bus-blockades complete with flattened tyres, incessant protest marches....to the tune of 9 or 10 a week, are all part of the "folklore" in Oaxaca.   But this has extended to several State capitals in the southern, and now Yucatecan, parts of Mexico.  Major secondary cities and towns are being involved, and teachers are being threatened in typical union thug form through the southern half of Mexico.   Any perceived scabbing or out of step performance by teachers, custodians, secretaries, teachers' aides, etc. is being dealt with by extremely tough measures.    The Army has been called into various sites and special police units deployed at Capitol buildings and Municipal Presidency buildings.   It is madness, and it is designed to express marxist strength...not just in Mexico...but throughout Latin America. 
     Much of the steam is going out of their "legitimate" electoral victories. Argentina is a basket-case, Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner was recently interned into a hospital with a serious head/brain issue and operated upon.  People did not cheer her release, because the blush is off the bloom in terms of her particular "great leap forward".   Brazil is rumbling towards a very probable disaster in the World Soccer Cup and Olympics.   Brazil's crime rates are far in excess of even Chicagoland and Detroit.....but at least it's only at its worst exactly where the worldwide events will take place.  Nicaraguans, after the re-takeover by the Ortegas, have been outnumbering Mexicans in terms of those detained by the Border Patrol here along the border.

(While re-reading this, it occurs to me that it should be pointed out that in spite of the common, leftish curriculum, it is a bit more balanced that it used to be before the 'reform measures', quite frankly)
(parenthetical inclusion)

Nicaragua Population Growth Rate:

Even though the population of Nicaragua has been growing, the growth rate has been steadily declining and is now around a 1%. This is a significant change from the early 1990's when the population growth rate of the country was 5.8%. However, the population surge in the early nineties was largely due to a large influx of people migrating into the country after the anti-Sandinista political parties defeated the incumbent Sandinistas party which had been in power since 1979.  (Source: VirtualNicaragua.com)


     The gross population of Nicaragua is a little less than 6,000,000 souls.  Mexico is obviously much closer to the United States than Nicaragua, but the number of Nicaraguans at times surpasses the number of attempted illegal entrants into the United States. Central Americans as a whole have been outnumbering Mexican illegal alien apprehensions, especially since the return to power of the Ortegas.
      Take Guatemala and El Salvador the number of people goes up to around 20,000,000 and these numbers, we state once again,  now outrank the Mexican illegal entry level, at times substantially.  And that fails to consider that Mexico's population is a little less than 110,000,000, making it the largest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth.
     The people who are holding these "protests" are 1st cousins to the Occupy Wall Street people and the "No One Is Illegal" operatives in the amnesty movement here in the United States. Those connections are not ephemeral, but rather absolute and concrete and frequently run under the "open cover" of the leftist academic community.
    We shall continue to monitor this situation.   So far is does not seem to spill far beyond the buildings and the people within said buildings.   But frustration on the part of these rabble-rousers could lead to difficulties that would be more problematic than the recently diminished drug war.  Stay tuned.
El Gringo Viejo