Saturday, 7 September 2013

Standby for FlameThrowers and 105 Howitzers at Point Blank Range

    As the weekend grows old and we await the return of our President to the Helm of the Ship of State, please be aware that the grist mills are milling and the ranks are preparing for their all-out offensive on behalf of the worst President in America's history.
     The softening up of the beach front was the word going out to the Democrat Negro strike force.   The orders?   Keep your mouths shut.   If you think that you have some intellectual and/or moral objection to the idea of initiating of hostilities with the Republic of Syria, you are under orders to maintain active support for Obama.   Minority solidarity is especially mandatory at this time due to the racist plot to depict the President's vacillation and mendacity as signs of incompetence and deception.  Any negative observations or comments concerning the President at this time, as they pertain to Syria or any other matter will result in your FBI raw data files being released to appropriate mainstream media outlets.
     Next was the calling back to the front-line service of the most willing fabricators and engineers of combat mendacity, led by David Axelrod.  We have Anita Dunn and Robert Gibbs, two highly trained whopper technicians, and David Plough from the 2008 campaign and others, including speech writers (teleprompter programmers).  Obama (Valerie Jarrett) pulled his actual campaign team together in order to advance a foreign policy matter.
    No better sign can be given that Obama is either a robot or a Manchurian Candidate or a complete puppet incapable of even playing a role, but rather requiring strings to pulled and people to pull them.   In any of the previous identifiers or any combination of them, the man is a danger to the Republic, greater than any that has been faced in its history.   Not the British Armies and Navies, not the militarily and GNP superior Mexico in 1846, not our own insanity in trying to maintain a Union against the will of major parts of its whole, not the wars of the 20th century and the steady advance of the welfare dependency state brought so much precarity to the existence of this nation.

     At these very moments, middle and upper members of the Obsolete Press are preparing their "messaging" to the "women" and to the "low information" members of the body politic.   They are programming their wordology so as to depict Obama as having "turned the corner" and as "beginning to put the finishing touches on a yes-vote in Congress."   Christ Matthews has already done touch-ups on his first draft of Obama's Tuesday speech referring to it as perhaps Obama's finest moment.  Chris will especially laud the part of Obama's speech where he draws a red line in the sand against the millionaires and billionaires who have never endorsed any of his vision for America, because " .....I do not look like them".    On Monday the Obsolete Press will point out that most of the people complaining to their congressmen about any authorisation of bellicosity in Syria are older, white men associated with extreme right wing groups like the Tea Party.   There will be the association of racism with opposition to Obama's war plans, and that drumbeat will go on so long as Harry Reid and the chorus of Democrats can keep it up.


Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi, and of course, the police behaved stupidly.

       We must defend the President's authority to effect a military response in order to show that the President has credibility, right?   This credibility has been destroyed by him telling us that the Benghazi event was provoked by a home-made amateur video that was uncomplimentary towards Mohammed.  This is a video that had 9,000 hits, until the administration ballyhooed  its existence.    Hillary, Susan Rice, and the entire White House chorus established the credibility of the president.  His credibility was established as nil.
     While American personnel was under attack in a new theatre of his choosing....and exposed in facilities that had not been up-graded to face probable attack and mortal danger....this president slept and then arose and then flew on Air Force I to attend a fund-raiser in Las Vegas, Nevada.   While there he continued his racist and demagogic rant about millionaires and billionaires and how people should get their "revenge" by voting against those who have more things than the average low information voter.

      We must defend the president who will not lift a finger against his satraps in the Internal Revenue Service who committed wholesale legal terrorism against common, work-a-day Americans who were trying to set up innocent and legal non-profit organisations that were semi-political and semi-educational.   Hundreds were earmarked for harassment, official bullying, and capricious, unwarranted investigation.   This president....this attorney general are very concerned...they are looking into the matter....they oppose any abuse....every effort is being made to ....blah, blah, blah.
      We knew that the words were lies the second they disappeared from the  screen of the teleprompter, and two months after the promises were made the head of the FBI had no idea if anything had been done and could not name the person in charge of the investigation or any personnel associated with such an investigation.   No In-charge person had been named, not one finger had been lifted to sort through this hideous case of KGB - Gestapo like excess.

       As in the case of the absurd attempt to shut down private gun shops and the sales/purchases of legal firearms by means of establishing a straw-man programme, call Fast and Furious;  that programme  allowed Mexican cartel members to obtain guns from Arizona firearms stores, then to be "traced" into Mexico.  Ostensibly this was done to "follow" the firearms to destinations in Mexico;  but the reality was that the plan was to wait and actually hope for the guns to finally return and be used in the killings of American police or notable civilians.  The plan then called for a ready-and-waiting set of legislative instruments would have been introduced essentially closing down the sale of guns by anyone other than the central government.
    Further it would have required the immediate registration of all firearms along with the immediate confiscation of all automatic weapons, and all "mean" looking "assault-style" weapons.  All persons wishing to have a firearm on their private premises would have been required to have a license, and a permit for ammunition with an arbitrary annual limit.   The ultimate objective of all of this, of course, was the disarmament of the American public.
     This is not a wild night-mare.    This scenario is drawn from actual working documents of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Department and has long been an objective of the control freak statists who gravitate to bully-boy jobs.   These are the folks who presently work in command positions at the ATF and E.
     We do not forget that over 500 Mexicans composed of soldiers, naval infantrymen, semi-honest cops, honest cops, civilian men, women, and children have been directly killed and/or grievously and permanently wounded by these "Fast and Furious" weapons.   We note that the numbers may well be much higher, but the new analysis does not come out for a few months yet.

      And on and on ...."You can keep your insurance if you want to....You will be able to see any doctor you want....Insurance premiums will fall...."

      So many lies.  Not mistaken statements believed to have been true, but out and out lies meant to deceive and give the president and his verminous facilitators cause for laughter after the re-reading of the teleprompters in the Oval Office at night over a few beers.   What a miserable cast so well destined for a dark corner of a rendering of Dante's Inferno oil on canvas.

Later and more.  All OROGs, please, Gird thine loins for the tsunami of mendacious septic backup that will come our way starting on Monday.
El Gringo Viejo