Friday, 6 September 2013

A Brief Note Concerning the Mexican Teachers' Union

     The hideous thuggery represented by public employee unions was demonstrated in full force, once again, in Mexico City.   Various unions, student groups, trade union groups, veterans and their widows (of the Revolucion de 1910), and even environmentalists have freely imposed the rule of the Left upon the people of Mexico for generations.
     The first rule of the Left in public discourse, wherever such discourse takes place is, "What is mine is mine, and what is yours is negotiable."   This rule gives rise to the postulate, "....and when necessary or whenever we wish, we shall disturb your coming and going, take over your public spaces, take over your private spaces if it pleases our wants, and maintain our disturbance until we tire of it."
     The next postulate is,  "....and should it behove the exploited, who in the legal protest of their undeniable mistreatment at the hands of the (political entity)(elected official)(police and/or military)(corporation and/or business and/or executives) we shall disturb or destroy the effects, processes, and procedures of those precincts that pertain to the exploiters.   Such damages essentially are to property that belongs to the exploited, since we have paid for all such properties with our sweat, blood, tears, and broken bones."


This entire plaza can hold right at a million people, incredibly enough.  Try to see it
instead, with nothing but plastic sheets, and the teeming of 20,000 marxist beggars
 busily denying Mexico and the world access, egress, and process essentially because
 they want to be paid without reference to quality of work or even if they do not work.
It is the perfect arrogance of the marxist mindset, perfectly demonstrated. 

     The Heroico Senado de la Republica Mexicana was somewhat heroic in the past days.  In spite of the excesses of the marches and blockades and occupations of the commons throughout the inner third of this metropolitan area that exceeds 23,000,000 souls, the Heroic Senate voted 102 - 22 to pass the Educational Reforms Act that essentially stripped the largest teachers' union in the New World of much relevance in the pedagogic activities that fall into the realm of "public education".    Teachers will be evaluated and they will have standards to achieve.
     Their pension funds are to be taken directly to and under the supervision of the Secretaria de Hacienda.  This is because the previous head of the union Esther Gordillo essentially used the pension fund, a staggeringly huge reserve of ready cash, as her personal checking account, literally.  She had set up, along with a small cadre of accountants, an ingenious labyrinth of barriers and bunnyholes that allowed her to obfuscate and misdirect investigators in several countries for 12 years.  Those were the final twelve years of her twenty-five years as CEO of the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores en la Educacion de la Republica.   She also managed, early on in her term as head of the union,  to run and win election to the Lower House in the Heroico Congresso, where she forced her way onto the Educational Affairs Committee. She looked like a madwoman and her behaviour was erratic, haughty, and  frequently threatening.   But, she grabbed and relished power, and used it as a battering ram, a terror tool, and as a path to wealth.   Sounded and looked a lot like Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer.
     Not long ago the teachers of Mexico were celebrating her arrest and her imprisonment for 30 years for several hundred findings of guilt relating to her machinations as union chief.   But, other demagogues came to the fore to carry on at least the victimology and Marxism message typical of the older labour unions in Mexico.   But, to reiterate, it was a good day to see that the Senate in Mexico, unifying the government party (PRI) and the rightwing opposition party (PAN) against the marxist Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) did vote 102 - 22 to crush the union and bring a new day to the Mexican educational system.   If they can take it back to 1955 it would be a victory for all, because back then we were always stunned at how much more they accomplished in nine years than we did in twelve.
Thank you all as ever for your kind attention and interest.
El Gringo Viejo